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nice and Thank you very much. Please let me know the name of the gifted plants.

★ ★ ★ ★



it's a beautiful plant in my younger days in boarding school I was given a job in the garden to look after the plants I am happy that my son given this i will take good care of the plant.

★ ★ ★ ★



Plant received in a very good condition. Would have been better some tips for maintaining is given. Felt the drainage will be problem due to the condition of the mud.

★ ★ ★ ★

Sumedh varape


I am very happy to receive my gift n cake thanku winni for made my day very special

★ ★ ★ ★

Jaya singh


Great service and the plant was good too, i would recommend using this service

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



This is a very thoughtful gift . My mother loved it . The condition of the plant was very nice . Came in a good packaging and the embroidered Maa was very nice . Happy with the purchase .

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



Buy Plants Online For Greener Surroundings

Gone are the days when you visited a nursery to find the right plant. You can now easily buy plants online and make your surroundings greener from the comfort of your home. Plants are one of the best possible options for bringing positivity around us. We can not think of a beautiful place that does not have plants in it, can we? Not only do they purify the air but also create a warm and welcoming aura. Be it indoor plants or outdoor, they have their own charisma of uplifting the mood. If you are looking for an online website of decorative plants, Winni is your one-stop online plant nursery. We have over 500+ plants so we don’t miss something you are looking for. Do online plant shopping today to decorate your home. Order plants online today to get same day delivery.


Order Plants Online Via Plant Nursery Nearby

Looking for a way to bring your place to life? order plants online, and set them up in your living room. You can find any plant online at Winni irrespective of their nature. A little dash of greenery completely changes the aura and the vibe of the living room. Whether you are looking for a good luck plant, air-purifying plants, bonsai, or artificial plants, trendy, easy-to-grow indoor plants, the best indoor flowering plants, and tropical indoor plants like fiddle leaf figs, we got everything covered. This allows you to easily Buy plants online in India and our team will bring over the aura to your place.

Send Plants Online As Gift To Your Loved Ones

Unlike before, you can now even send plants online without any damage. As a matter of plants, plants are not only used for decoration but are also a part of gifting. They are a symbol of luck and prosperity. Order plants online through online platforms has now become easier, thanks to Winni. We have a comprehensive collection of online indoor and outdoor plants that you can send anywhere. Moreover, we suggest hanging plants as a gift that will add more value. Irrespective of the distance in terms of online plant shopping, our team can visit any doorstep to hand over the lucky charm to your loved ones. So, send plants online in India to promote happiness, youthfulness, and optimism. 

Plants And Their Beliefs

Plant name


Money plant Brings fortune and wealth
Kamini plant Pain reliever
Succulent plant Improve focus, enhances memory
Bonsai plant Develop patience, improves creativity and self-confidence
Insulin plant Lower blood glucose levels
Bamboo plant Brings good luck, attracts positive vibes
Cypress Golden Plant Strengthens the immune system, speeds wound healing
Tulsi plant Brings peace and happiness, reduces respiratory disorders
Cactus plant Cleans air, improves breathing
Rose plant Promote healthy life, prevent negative energies
Lily plant Improves sleep, attract good vibes
Areca Palm plant Brings wealth, increase oxygen
Jade plant Symbolizes fortune and good luck

Benefits Of Indoor and Outdoor Plants

There are many benefits to getting indoor and outdoor plants around your house, from cleaner air to imaginative decoration. The inclusion of plants is a fantastic addition to any interior design. You can keep many small plants inside home that help reducing stress, fatigue, and pollution, they also boost mood, productivity, alertness, and creativity. It would be best to go for live hanging plants that will beautify your room decor while purifying the air. Moreover, medical plants in your garden will also prevent insects. As the best plant nursery in India, Winni provides a wide range of beautiful indoor and outdoor flowering plants for the home, including air-purifying plants, leafy plants, fruits plants, medical plants, money plants, bonsai, succulents, and even terrariums. You can buy plants online via winni at great discounts.

Plants By Type

Plants by Type

Plant names

Indoor plants Lily, Syngonium, Bamboo, snake plant, Jade plant,  Green Aglaonema, etc
Outdoor plants Red rose, Tradescantia, Aleo vera, Spider plant, Philodendron, etc
Good luck plants Jade Plant, Tulsi, Money plant, Lily, Snake Plant, Eucalyptus, Rose, etc
Medicinal plants Aleo vera, Ajwain, Basil, Lavender, Mint, Bay leaves, Elaichi, etc
Air purifying plants Areca palm, Achmea, Philodendron Golden, Ficus, snake plant, Syngonium Mini, Tulsi, Golden Xanadu, etc
Flowering plants Lily, Rose, Ixora, Ornamental Pomegranate, MetroSideros, etc

Plants As Per Vastu Shastra’s Science

Plants are known to attract positive energy. However, it is still crucial to place them according to the right vastu shastra to maintain flow and balance. In fact, it is believed to affect the financial condition of the family. In case the plants are not placed as per the right vastu, it may attract bad vibes and negative energy. So don’t delay, buy plants online today and enhance positivity in your house. Order plants online from a plant nursery nearby today.

Top 10 Vastu Approved Plants For Home

  1. Lucky bamboo plant

  2. Money plant

  3. Tulsi

  4. Ashoka tree

  5. Lily

  6. Jasmine

  7. Neem

  8. Chrysanthemum

  9. Orchids

  10. Lavender

Plants That Can Enhance The Beauty Of Your Garden

  1. Rose Plant

  2. Cactus

  3. Ixora plant

  4. Hibiscus plant

  5. Cypress golden plant

  6. Areca Palm

  7. English Ivy

  8. Zeze Plant

  9. Tulsi

  10. Banyan tree

Plants And Their Positioning 



Plants for garden Rose, Ixora, Jasmine, Marigold, Fuchsia, Lily, Hibiscus, etc
Plants for lawn Ajuga, Blue, fescue, Lantana, Chamomile, Thyme, etc
Plants for balcony Aloe vera, Spider plant, Basil, Jade plant, Tulsi, Lavender, etc
Plants for kitchen Golden pothos, Lucky bamboo, Jade, Peace lily, Snake plant, etc
Plants for office desk Tulsi, Money plant, Lucky bamboo, Pachira Aquatica, etc

Online Website Of Decorative Plants

With the help of varieties of hybrid plants online, getting plants at your doorstep just became easier than ever. Thanks to the internet and Winni’s team, you can buy plants online in India. You can order plants online and get same-day delivery, fixed-time delivery, express delivery, standard delivery, and even late-night delivery of any hybrid plant you choose to buy. Hurray! Your place is going to get greener and blossoming soon. So hurry up and place your order online.

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Plants - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy plants Online?

Yes, definitely, you can buy plants online easily. There are a plethora of websites that provide home delivery of plants. For instance, Winni has a variety of plants for sale that you can easily order online at best prices.

How frequently do I need to water indoor plants?

Normally, Indoor plants should keep moist, not wet. They need water twice a week during the summer and spring seasons and once in winter.

Which plants do not require sunlight?

Chinese Evergreen, Lucky bamboo, Cast iron plant, ZZ plant, Dracaena, and Dumb Cane are examples of no-sun plants.

Which indoor plants grow faster?

Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Lucky Bamboo, Jade Plant, Wandering Jew, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Maidenhair Fern, Chinese Money Plant, Pothos, and Velvet Plant can grow faster.

Which plants should not be kept inside?

Many plants should be avoided indoors, including Oleander, Euphorbia Trigona, Boston Fern, Cyclamen, Elephant Ear, Dumb Cane, Zebra Plant, Sago Palm, ZZ Plant, Clenanthe, Jerusalem Cherry, Yucca Plant, and many others. Because they are insect builders, they require more sunlight, and these plants inhale more CO2 than they make O2.

Which plants are best for improving indoor air quality?

Aloe Vera, Spider Plants, Gerber Daisies, Snake Plants, Golden Pothos, Red-edged dracaena, and many other plants help to improve indoor air quality.

Why is ordering plants online a safe option?

Order plants online provide you hassle free delivery features. Where you don’t need to visit the best plants nursery nearby. In online plant shopping, you can explore plants online and can order plants as per your requirement. You can search for Best Places to Buy Plants Online. Here you will get a lot of information about online platforms that provide online plants delivery service.
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