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it's a beautiful plant in my younger days in boarding school I was given a job in the garden to look after the plants I am happy that my son given this i will take good care of the plant.

★ ★ ★ ★



I received a gift from family for a special occasion. Loved the fact that the plant was very healthy 😊

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Shahenaaz Shaik


gifted this plant to my friend. got this delivery on time. and the plant was in good condition. thankyou winni

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



gifted this plant to my friend. received this order on time and was in good condition.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



what a beautiful combo!!! such a unique and thoughtful gift. gifted this to my friend. got this delivery on time. loved it.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



Thank you so much Winni for making my Day. Hope you bring smiles on many more faces

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Bhavik Panchal N Sejal Panchal


Buy Unique Housewarming Plants to Enhance New Space with Greenery

You are looking for the perfect housewarming gifts? Take a look at our collection of indoor plants presents. In addition to adding an element of green for any newly renovated home these are also a great way to promote an enviable and healthy living area. Select from a wide selection of plants from our online shop. Your family members and friends would appreciate an item that is sure to flourish and grow when they move into their new house. They are not just gorgeous and attractive and attractive, they also encourage the health and happiness of your living space. 

The popularity of house plants has increased over the past few years, and it's not without reason. The ability to transform even the tiniest living area into a cozy living space, plants make ideal housewarming gifts. So think differently and get housewarming plants to your new place or as gifts to your dear ones shifting to a new house.

Send Housewarming Plants Online in India to Greet Your Loved Ones

Plants are the main reason behind the existence of life on Earth. In order to sustain the existence of life, we require plants. They supply oxygen and take in poisons from the environment. This is why their expansion must be continued. Because of high-end commercialization massive deforestation is taking place. In order to help, you could bring in more plants and then start giving them away for various occasions. The celebration of a housewarming symbolizes the beginning of a new life with a new place therefore the gift should represent luck and wealth. We have therefore put together some fantastic idea for housewarming plants to enhance your home's aesthetic appeal. The work is made easy with stunning housewarming plants which you could send to relatives or friends. 

The housewarming present plants include Jade Plant, Money Plant,  Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Areca Palm, ZZ Plant, Azalea Plant, Haworthia Plant, Aglaonema Plant, Anthurium Plant, Kalanchoe, Lucky bamboo and more. The plants that are housewarming presents will be well-loved and give the comfort of a green, cozy environment over the long run. Indeed, many species of plants, such as the jade plant, peace lily, money plant and bamboo that are lucky can bring the best luck for a person's life. Therefore, look through our stunning choices of flowers to buy in India and surprise your beloved people. If you're looking for add on gifts other than a plant to present to a host for the housewarming celebration, look into options such as personalized gifts, flowers, chocolates, wish trees, online cakes, artifacts and many other items.

Get Housewarming Plants Online and Transform your Living Space

Change your house to an inviting home by adding the lively design of unique plants for your housewarming. Instead of the usual glass of wine or arrangement of flowers, these green plants provide an enduring beauty, boost air quality and add a natural look to the living area. From easy-care options for garden beginners to flowers with symbolic meaning which promise to bring some happiness, here are some of our best-selling plants:

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)

Lucky Bamboo is much more than an attractive plant. It's thought to be a source of luck and abundance. The elegant, curly stems, and its incredibly resilient characteristics of thriving under dim lighting make Lucky Bamboo plants a great match for indoor and outdoor spaces. Its simple design and symbolic meaning make it an ideal housewarming present.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

If you're in search of an easy-care plant that cleans your air, then Snake Plant is a fantastic option. Its tall and upright leaves that are adorned with striking patterns, the plant adds elegant style to any living space. Snake Plants are popular air-purifying housewarming plants that clean the air in your house, thrive in indirect lighting and are famous for their capacity to endure lack of attention. These attributes make them ideal gifts for housewarming for people who are busy. 

Peace Lily

A different beautiful plant that has stunning flowers and isn't overly demanding in terms of care is the peace flowering lily. With glossy leaves that promise to make a brand new home into a residence, it's s also known as a great air purifier.

Money Tree (Pachira aquatica)

As the name suggests, Money Tree is associated with luck and prosperity. Its braided trunk and abundant, lush, green leaves This plant isn't simply attractive visually, but it is also easily maintained. It is able to adapt well to various environments and has been thought to provide positive energy to its environment and is a perfect housewarming plant.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera isn't just a useful garden addition due to its healing properties, but it is also an appealing and attractive succulent. The plant is renowned for its soothing liquid. Aloe Vera is easy to take care of and flourishes in indirect, bright light. Its beautiful shape and air purifying properties make it an ideal and practical housewarming gift.

Bonsai Tree

Inspire a feeling of peace and artistic flair into your new house by introducing the help of a Bonsai Tree. They are miniature trees well-groomed and carefully cut to symbolize balance and harmony. It doesn't matter if it's a traditional Ficus or an extravagant Juniper —Bonsai Tree makes for a distinctive and thoughtful gift for a housewarming and can create a feeling of tranquility and reflection.

Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

Orchids not only look stunning and have a variety of forms and colors, but can last for a long time if taken care of appropriately. Their beautiful flowers can bring a sense of class to any room. The orchids like bright indirect lighting and thrive indoors with some care. Give a plant-based orchid to commemorate the beginning of a fresh chapter in your friend's story.

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

ZZ Plant ZZ Plant can be a sturdy and durable option for an ideal housewarming present. It is a beautiful plant with glossy, dark green leaves, and its an upright appearance, it will perform well in conditions of low light. ZZ Plant ZZ Plant is renowned as a purifier of air and is a useful and attractive feature for any house.

How to Choose the Right  Housewarming Plant Gift?

If you are considering the perfect indoor plant be aware of the recipient's lifestyle and personal preferences. Do they work full-time or someone who doesn't have enough time to water frequently? Consider a low-maintenance option such as a spider plant, snake plant, or ZZ plant. Do they like bright colors and striking patterns? Perhaps a peperomia or calathea would be a great fit. Take into consideration the temperature and lighting of their house as well since some plants require greater warmth or sunlight in comparison to other varieties. If you give a bit of thought and care, you'll be able to choose the right indoor plants to celebrate any occasion.

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House - Warming Plants PRICE (RS)
Double Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant Rs. 549
Jute Wrapped Money Plant Rs. 449
Best Mom Ever Bamboo Plant Rs. 849
Areca Palm Plant Rs. 949
Tulsi Plant Rs. 499
Amazing Jade Plant Rs. 549
Adorable Peace Lily And Spider Plant Combo Rs. 799
Pleasing Peace Lily with Cute Monks Rs. 749
Lovable Jade Plant Rs. 599
Beautiful Aglaonema Rs. 649
Data last updated on 15/07/2024
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