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Bonsai is the art of raising small container trees. Thanks to a highly restricted root system and selective pruning, bonsai trees are kept small to retain a compact tree size. For well over a thousand years, the ancient art of bonsai, literally translated as "planting in a container," has been practiced to construct realistic miniature representations of the natural trees. Japanese and Chinese people have cultivated Bonsai plants for many years to introduce peace and nature into the home. This trend has also started recently in other parts of the world, and it is growing very popular in India. Bonsai plants are the ideal mix of beauty and art and a wonderful way to bring nature to your home. They improve your office and home's overall look, alleviate stress and help purify the air. Explore our wide range of bonsai plants to order online, and give as a gift of greenery to your loved ones in India.

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Bonsai, or the cultivation of a living tree specimen, is accomplished by using restrictive potting, purposeful pruning, and bonsai wire shaping. The main aim of growing a bonsai is to create a healthy miniature but a true, tree-shaped representation of nature. Over time, the tradition of gifting bonsai tree at festivals, housewarming events and other special occasions has become very popular. Winni provides a range of online bonsai plants such as Money Tree, Ficus Bonsai, Bonsai Pomegranate, Star Jasmine,  Juniper, and so on. The bonsai plants are aesthetically pleasing, making a great gift for every occasion and helping to nurture relationships. If you learn the fundamentals, the mini trees are easy to grow and maintain. So exercise your green fingers by taking up the hobby of growing and gifting Bonsai trees.

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Winni is a leading online gift shop that provides top-quality bonsai trees and exclusive trendy bonsai gifts, with delivery available the next day. We devote ourselves to the highest degree of customer support and are proud of the value of carefully delivering bonsai and bonsai gifts. For all occasions, we deliver a beautiful selection of indoor bonsai trees, as well as other plants such as succulents, indoor plants, outdoor plants, flowering plants, good luck plants, air purifying plants and several other quality gifts. So whatever the occasion, a birthday, engagement, welcoming new baby, new home, wedding, retirement, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or to send congratulations, you can be assured that we at Winni will deliver the perfect gift! We also deliver floral bouquets, cakes, personalized gifts, chocolates, teddy bears, plants, digital gifts, and many more items as the perfect way to striking gifts for any occasion with a distinction.

Q.What Are The Caring Tips For A Bonsai Tree?

A. Watering: Bonsai pots are small, holding little water; most bonsai trees will need regular watering, maybe every day in warm conditions, however plants are also easily over watered and this can cause problems. So not to dry and not to wet.
Shelter: Bonsai trees require defense from extreme conditions, heat and cold.
Training: Bonsai trees are encouraged to form desired shapes, and are not basically dwarf trees.
Root Pruning: Root pruning is necessary while re-potting bonsai trees; it creates a healthy tree.
Fertilizer: Bonsai trees grow in a very small amount of soil; regular fertilizer is required. A water-soluble fertilizer every 2 weeks is usually sufficient during the growing period.

Q.How To Prune A Bonsai Tree?

A. There are two main types of pruning; Maintenance- regular pruning, to keep your plant in shape and to remove any wayward shoots. The other type is the Structural- which is the major work you do to shape your tree into the form you desire. With both types of pruning, ensure to use quality, sharp, clean tools.

Q.What Are The Essential Tools For Maintaining Bonsai trees?

A. Mini tree leaf cutters keep the Bonsai trees in tip-top condition. Routine trimming preserves the clean and tidy look dictated by Bonsai art. The stainless steel scissors make excess foliage easy to cut.

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