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This plant was delivered in good condition and on time. I really like this gift combo.



Very nice and good condition plant delivered to my home. I place this order for my dad he liked it very much.



what a beautiful combo!!! such a unique and thoughtful gift. gifted this to my friend. got this delivery on time. loved it.



Ordered this jade plant with a laughing budda for my friend to surprise them on their birthday. she really loves this gift idea. thank-you team.



received this plant on scheduled delivery date and was in good condition. thanks winni



I am very happy to receive my gift n cake thanku winni for made my day very special

Jaya singh


Indoor Plants Online

Where we all are confined within work walls, indoor plants provide a touch of nature without visiting outside in a harsh environment. Besides, for those who are too lazy to decorate their room or house, indoor house plants do the job in seconds. Even better, if you are looking for ‘indoor plants near me,’ stop hunting. Because the indoor plant nursery is already in your hands. Thanks to Winni, you can buy the best indoor plants online from the comfort of your home.

Order Indoor Plants Online At Best Prices | Winni

The beautiful indoor plants bring positivity, prosperity, good vibes, and of course, better air quality to the place. The indoor plant shop near you is ready to make your place greener and more lively. With your little finger dance, online indoor plant shopping is super convenient and effortless. You can create a welcoming aura and a feeling of warmth with indoor tree plants that are ready to ring your bell. The best part is they are inexpensive and their benefits are countless! Keeping this in mind, Winni has bought the indoor plant shop near you on your phone. Our store has a wide collection of indoor plants online for home delivery in India. Whether you are looking for a good luck indoor plant, air-purifying indoor plant, bonsai, artificial, natural indoor plant, natural indoor plant, long indoor plant, and even NASA-recommended indoor plant. 

Types Of Indoor Plants

There are multiple types of indoor plants available at Winni. There are indoor plants that grow in different circumstances. For Instance, some indoor plants require sunlight, while there are others that do not need sunlight at all. Besides this, there are indoor plants that need low light. Here are some best indoor plants for your home.

  • Snake Plant: It belongs to the indoor flowering plant family. The big-leaf indoor plant requires moderate sunlight. Once you’ve bought a snake plant home, it can survive for more than a decade!

  • Peace Lilly: Indoor Lilly Plant is one of the best indoor flowering plants. Its long-lasting leaves bloom in spring with no or little sunlight.

  • Spider Plant: The spider-look-like plant is one of the fastest-growing indoor plants. The bushy indoor plant requires light shade and indirect sunlight.

  • Money Plant: A money plant is one of the low-light indoor plants that are easy to take care of. However, the low-light indoor hanging plant might grow a little slowly with less sunlight. 

  • Bamboo Plant: It is an exotic indoor plant that needs a bright environment, though not directly. This small indoor plant is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

  • Jade Plant: This leafy indoor plant demands indirect bright sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. Otherwise, it might stop growing. This low-light indoor plant is known for bringing wealth.

  • Cactus Plant: The small indoor cactus plant can survive without sunlight. Surprisingly, it is an air purifier indoor plant that eliminates toxins. 

  • ZZ Plant: This flowering indoor plant with big leaves is one of the best low-light indoor plants. If provided with proper care, they can also live for over a decade.

  • Hoya Plant: It’s an indoor floor plant that requires medium to bright indirect sunlight for healthy growth. It could also act as a creeper indoor plant that could be good home decor.

  • Aloe Vera: We all are already familiar with the benefits of aloe vera plants. This big leaf indoor plant will have good growth with direct sunlight for some hours. 

Indoor Plant Placement

As said, every indoor plant has its own benefit. Therefore, it becomes imperative where it is placed. For instance, plants considered to improve productivity should be kept in the office, and so on. Likewise, here are some plants arranged according to their placement. 

  • Indoor plants for the office: The best indoor office plants are the one that filters the air, improves creativity, and brings wealth. Such indoor office plants include Spider plants, Rubber plants, English Ivy, Swiss Chinese plants, and more.

  • Indoor plants for office desks: The indoor desk plants should be ones that do not have a long growth but serve the purpose exactly the same. Some good indoor plants for office desks can be Lucky Bamboo, small cactus plant, Peace Lily, and more.

  • Indoor plants for living room: Indoor plants for home are more important than we realize. From home decor indoor plants to good luck indoor plants, all are essential to creating a welcoming aura. But make you put low-light indoor plants in your drawing room. The best living room decorative indoor plants are ZZ Plants, Jade Plant, Syngonium Plant, and more.

  • Indoor plants for bedroom: While bedroom decor is a personal choice, we recommend putting up indoor plants to welcome good vibes and a cleaner environment, away from the air pollutants outside. The best indoor plants for the bedroom include Hoya plants, Orchids, Syngonium, and more.

  • Indoor plants for bathroom: Needless to say, indoor plants for the washroom should be of mild fragrance, but also, purifies the air. Philodendrons, English Ivy, and Spider plants are well enough to serve the purpose.

Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants

The best indoor plants for clean air and better health are money plants, Aglaonema Plants, Hoya Plants, and more. Besides, they are the best indoor plants for oxygen as well. Handpicked and well-placed plants can help relieve stress around your home or office, improving your creativity and enhancing your mood. Strengthening the environment of your immediate surroundings can boost your outlook and positively impact your life and work. Here are some benefits of indoor that can help you grow mentally and physically:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety: It is scientifically proven that your mind and body calm down around plants. Thus, reducing the feeling of stress and anxiety. Indoor plants increase the humidity inside the room which regulates temperature, creating a pleasant environment.

  • Boost mood: According to studies, plants reduce the symptoms of depression as well. They boost your mood by uplifting the feeling of positivity and happiness.

  • Increases Productivity: Besides keeping your mental health at peace, indoor plants are proven to increase concentration. Thus, improving creativity, and productivity.

  • Promotes good sleep: Indoor plants create a soothing environment by improving air quality and reducing noise levels. Therefore, promoting a good and healthy sleep cycle.

  • Faster recovery: Researchers claim that patients who have a view of plants and trees are usually calm and require less medication and short observation time at the hospital.

Vaastu For Indoor Plants

All plants have their own significance and benefits. However, to activate and keep the flow of positive energy ongoing, ancient science says to keep the indoor plants as per vaastu. Vaastu is generally a recommended direction where the maintained plant brings the best of positive vibes, peace, harmony, and prosperity. Here are the best indoor plants as per Vaastu.

  • Lucky bamboo: This plant is the best indoor plant for positive energy as it attracts peace, good luck, and prosperity. As per Vaastu, lucky bamboo should be placed at the eastern or southeast corner of the home.

  • Peace Lily: As the name says, it brings peace and good vibes by keeping away negative energies. It is one of the best indoor plants for the bedroom as per Vastu if you keep it near the window.

  • Snake plant: It absorbs toxins in the air, provides a healthy environment, and reduces stress. To avail of its maximum benefit, keep it in the south, east, or southeast part of the house/ bedroom.

  • Rubber plant: This indoor plant is all about wealth, financial stability, and success. If kept in the southeast direction of a living room, it can attract prosperity.

  • Money Plant: As the name suggests, money plants are known for wealth, financial success, fortune, and prosperity. Placing it at the north entrance of your home or southeast corners of the living room is considered lucky.

  • Jade Plant: Jade Plant represents good vibes, growth, wealth, and flourishing relationships. Vaastu experts recommend keeping it in the southeast entrance of your home.

  • Golden Syngonium: It is said to bring positive energy and wealth, and purifies air by providing quality oxygen. As per Vaastu, Golden Photos should be kept in the east or southeast direction indoors. 

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Fortunately, all indoor plants require low maintenance. Though low-maintenance indoor plants do not need much attention and care. There’s a little something you can do for a healthy and fast growth. To make sure that your plants catch every eye, nurture them the way they are supposed to. Based on their basic nature, here’s what you can do for every plant type. Even after taking all the care, make sure you do regular inspections of your indoor plant.

How to maintain Indoor Plants?

Flowering Plant

The best indoor flowering plants in India are peace lilies, orchids, Jasmine, and Indian mellow. To keep them at their best, this is what you can do.

  • Do not pour excess water. Sprinkle a little amount daily and keep the soil moist.

  • Remove dead flowers from the base so it can regrow a newly bloomed petal.

  • Keep the plant in a bright area where sunlight is not direct.

  • Use good quality fertilizer and pesticides

Water Plants

As the name suggests, indoor aquatic plants like spider plants, devil’s ivy, philodendron, etc require more water than the other house plants. 

  • Don’t keep your indoor plant in the dark. Keep it in a place where it can receive indirect sunlight. 

  • If your plant is new, change the water every week till the roots are grown, later, change it every month.

  • Do not keep on changing the location of your indoor water plant.

Garden Plants

Most of the Indoor garden plants are primarily grown for their beauty. To keep garden plants fresh maintenance is necessary. 

  • Keep your garden plant in a place where it can receive sufficient sunlight.

  • Fill your indoor garden plant pot with fertilizers.

  • Prune the plant once a week.

  • Don’t put tea, coffee, or any other drink on your plant.

Hanging Plants

The best indoor hanging plants include money plants, Ivy, petunia, spider plant, etc. These  plants enhance the beauty of your house. Proper maintenance is required to keep them fresh. Assuming that you are actually hanging these plants, you can do the following.

  • If your indoor hanging plant is in a container, water them more often.

  • Fertilize the plant as much as you can.

  • Cut back the length that seems irregularly scattered.

Indoor Plants Pots

A good indoor plant pot is important for the healthy growth of plants. Before purchasing an indoor plant pot stand, make sure it has a good drainage system. To be more precise, take care of the hole at the button of the indoor plant stand. One big hole at the center or multiple small holes at the base will take care of your plant. Here are some types of planters for indoor plants.

  • Ceramic plant pots: Indoor ceramic plant pots are good for both indoor and outdoor plants. In this category, you get more color and design options that are less likely to fade. Most importantly, they restrain water for healthy plant growth.

  • Wooden plant stand: Wooden planters for indoor plants is a natural choice that will keep your plants cool and safe from fluctuating temperatures. You can also paint or DIY them to get a designer plant pot.

  • Glass pots for indoor plants: An indoor plant can do better photosynthesis in a clear plant stand. They enhance insulation that can result in fast growth. Besides, indoor glass plant pots are said to be chemically stable as well.

  • Brass pots for indoor plants: Brass contains copper which is an important micronutrient for indoor plants. However, make sure that you do not put soil directly into the brass pot. Put the soil in a plastic plant pot first as the direct contact can be toxic.

  • Metal plant stands: The indoor metal plant stand will undoubtedly make your plant look the best. You can get multiple designs and colors. Also, they are one of the most durable options.

You can buy indoor plants pots online from Winni at the best prices along with your plant. In case you are gifting, we have some fancy pots for indoor plants as per the occasion. For instance, you can give away a customized cute indoor plant pot on birthdays and anniversaries. Alternatively, give away the Buddha plant pot at the housewarming ceremony, and so on.

Why Shop For Indoor Plants From Winni?

Winni’s online indoor plant nursery has a variety of options to choose from. If you are confused, we have a catalog of indoor plants and extra information on the plants' backgrounds and benefits. Moreover, you will get a manual on how to maintain indoor plants with every order. These small tokens of greenery act as a perfect gift for those who love to surround themselves with plants. Indoor plants are very thoughtful gifts; they can be easily gifted to everyone on any occasion. Shopping for plants online in India has become much easier now with Winni.

Moreover, every indoor plant we offer is utterly unique, a remarkable defining aspect of beauty, and will continue to thrive in your home. They are perfect to build a centerpiece, adding life to a room, and energizing any dull space. If you're searching for unusual or unique plants to make your room brighter, Winni is sure to inspire.

Indoor Plants - Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to water the indoor plants?

The frequency of watering your indoor plants depends on the specific type of plant, the pot size, and the environmental conditions in your home or office. In Genuine, you should water your plants when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

Which Indoor plants do not require sunlight?

Chinese Evergreen, Dracaena, and Dumb Cane are some plants that are okay without sunlight.

What is the Best Indoor Plant for a House?

Pothos and Snake Plants are two of the most significant indoor plants to choose from as they are air friendly and bring luck and prosperity.

Which plants shouldn't be Kept in the house?

Plants like Oleander, Euphorbia Trigona, Boston Fern, Cyclamen, Elephant Ear, Dumb Cane, Zebra Plant, Sago Palm, ZZ Plant, Clenanthe, Jerusalem Cherry, Yucca Plant, and many others should not be kept inside your space. They are insect builders, require more sunlight, and inhale more CO2 than they make O2.

Which indoor plants are easy to care for?

Aloe Vera, Pothos, Spider Plant, English Ivy, Barrelhead Cactus, Snake Plant, and Peace Lily are some of the best indoor plants to choose from.

Which indoor plants are recommended by NASA?

Areca Palm, Peace Lily, Golden Pothos, Syngonium, Heart-Leaf Philodendron, Snake Plant and Spider Plant.

Can indoor plants thrive in direct sunlight?

No, most indoor plants will turn yellow when exposed to direct sunlight. Whereas, some indoor plants like aloe vera can bear the natural light.

Do you deliver the pot along with the plant?

Yes, our maximum plants are available along with pots. Moreover, you can read the description of the product for more information about it or you can contact our customer support team. They will assist you for this query.

How do I know if my indoor plants are healthy?

Pale roots, greener leaves, and bright flowers are a sign that your indoor plants are healthy.
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