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Delicious cake with rich flavor, topped with beautiful red roses. Perfect!



Scrumptious truffle cake paired flawlessly with stunning red roses. Exquisite!



Winni's Hearty Vanilla Cake with Roses is a sweet symphony. Light vanilla layers paired with beautiful roses—a delightful blend of love and flavor.



Scrumptious truffle cake paired flawlessly with stunning red roses. Exquisite!



My 1st time using WINNI..I ordered these online and it was quick and easy.My order was more beautiful than the pictures. The quality of the flowers and foliage was excellent. The service delivery and communication was good. So,happy to have discovered WINNI,its a celebration. Thank you 🌹.

Mrs S.J Nair


I am happy with the quick service, although the delivery was Slightly delayed as per the selected time slot but they managed to deliver on the same day. They should be working on the quality of the addons like teddy as the ears and legs were big and small. Thanks Winni!!



Online Rose Delivery - Order & Send Fresh Roses 

Surprise your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or for that matter anyone with a rose bouquet on their birthday, on rose day, on their anniversary or any other special day. Order roses online to make your partner feel more loved and cared. At Winni, you can shop for a different colors of roses online as well as the different arrangements of red roses like heart-shape or 2-tier arrangement. Feel free to order for personalized red roses bouquet online. It is the perfect blossom for every occasion such as Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day and many more. To take special occasions to the next level, it is always the best idea to send roses online to the way of the ones you admire the most. Reach to our customer support team via call or email for personalized rose flower online delivery.

Order Roses Online That Always Helps to Spread Happiness

Bunch of roses epitomizes many different things like love, care, sympathy, friendship, beauty, and much more because of its variety. It is the most suitable gift for various events and occasions. Roses are the most commonly purchased flower for loved ones, friends and used for wedding and anniversary celebrations. Because of its luxurious beauty and eternal fragrance, it is known as “Queen of Flowers” that has been ruling over the heart for ages. Rose flower gets its name from the Latin word Rosa. The flower of roses grows in different colors from red roses to pink roses and many more colors that have a special meaning attached to every color. The cultivation of roses goes back to the ancient time of Greeks and Romans. The magical power of rose flowers conveys the emotions without saying even a single word. The beautiful bunch of rose flowers online depicts a straightforward token of eternal and mysterious feelings for us to transmit and lavish. Red roses represent a universal appreciation and power to dominate unseen energy in the universe, i.e., the phenomenon of never-ending love. Roses are for every season, and with the ease of technology, you can order & send roses online anywhere from the comfort of your couch. You can send rose bouquet online for all kinds of events and special occasions.

Order Red Roses Bouquet Online and Delight Your Special Ones

If you are hunting for red rose flowers for your special event or like to delight someone you love with the red roses bouquet? Welcome to, where our finest-quality of red roses are perfect for keeping you coming back for more! You are certain to find out the right red roses online at Winni. Red rose flower bouquets are unmatched and unparalleled in their beauty and fragrance and are used for the purpose of gifting across the world. They are also a great addition to home décor and office décor. Choose our services and set an order to enliven your place by their mesmeric fragrance. And we bet we won’t leave you disappointed. Flowers bouquet is the most demanded flower during Valentine's Week. A sudden increase in demand for rose flowers in the market is observed at this time. Lovers opt for online rose delivery to delight their partners. You can never go wrong with this flower. Winni also provides customized rose flower bouquets that you can order for your special one. 

Send red rose flowers just by signing on our website. You can do it even from your handsets. Roses tend to be the perfect choice to express your feelings owing to their grace and ultimate beauty. You can buy roses online and get delivered to your doorstep with same-day delivery. The mother nature has bestowed roses with a diverse variety, including different shades. They are available in various tints, and the most popular ones include red, yellow, cream, orange, pink, etc. There are certain times when you are not able to mark your presence on the special occasions of your near ones. In such a situation, you can simply choose rose online delivery and bring an instant smile on their faces.

Classification of Red Rose Flowers Online

 Red rose flowers are broadly divided into three classes:

1. Species Roses

Species roses are best known as wild or pure roses of natural origin. They have been originated date back to ancient history around the northern hemisphere. Species roses are the ancestors of all modern roses. The petals and leaves of species roses were found in the tomb belonging to ancient Egyptians. They were used in garlands which had worn by loved ones then these were left in the tombs with the bodies. There are many different varieties of wild roses. They usually bloom once in summer.

2. Old Garden Roses

Old garden roses have a gentle beauty and fantastic fragrance. They were popular prior to the 20th century. They are generally tough, durable shrub, and many of them are considered more fragrant than their modern counterparts. Most of them bloom once and used in the landscape similar to Hydrangea. They grow quite large, and they can tolerate pruning. There are different classes of old garden roses namely Alba, Centifolias, Moss, Bourbons, Damask, Gallicas, Hybrid Perpetual, China, Noisette, Portland, Tea Roses, Hybrid Kordesii, Hybrids, Hybrid Musks, Hybrid Rugosas, Polyantha.

3. Modern Roses

This group of roses is trendy, and they are the predecessors of modern roses. This group rose is the result of crossbreeding the hybrid tea with the polyanthus. The color of these roses is rich, vibrant, and varied. Hybrid tea roses are the most popular roses in the class of Modern Roses. Modern roses require proper care, and these roses do not adapt well to colder environments. Hybrid Tea Roses, Grandiflora Roses, and Floribunda Roses are the most popular roses found in the class of Modern Roses.

Send Roses Online with Winni

Roses are special for all our occasions, become all the more special on valentines day. People often say that they love giving flowers as a gift to their loved ones. They speak the language of love and can express your emotions. Winni has taken the responsibility to convey love and feelings to your dear ones. With the help of Winni, you can choose the flowers online and place your order today. You can add more smiles to your loved one's face, but finding a beautiful bunch of flowers that speak your heart out is a daunting task. 

If you want to express your love to all your people, then nothing can be better than roses. As they are available in different colors and each color has a different meaning, which makes them apt for your loved ones. We have been providing our impeccable services to our close ones for years now. Therefore, you can make it special for your loved one with our bouquets of rose flowers. So, go ahead and order flowers online from our portal with a single click.

Different Colors of Rose Flowers Reflects Different Meaning

Presenting a bouquet of Valentine's Day Roses as a gift shows deep emotions and appreciation for the receiver. The different color resembles different meanings. Have a look at these colors of roses.

  • Red Roses - Red roses are the symbol of love and romance that always speaks “I Love You” from your side. It also reflects beauty and perfection. A bunch of red roses is the best gift that you can give it to your special one on birthday, anniversary, Valentine's day roses, and many more occasions. Get Valentine's rose delivery from Winni.
  • Pink Roses - Pink roses symbolize grace, admiration, gentleness, joy, admiration. These roses are best for every occasion. It also conveys gracefulness and happiness.
  • Yellow Roses - Yellow roses are the epitome of eternal friendship. Cheerful, elegant, and bright are some of the words that trigger our mind when we think of yellow roses.
  • White Roses - White color represents purity and innocence. The beauty attached to white roses can make anyone’s day brighter. White roses signify pure love and beauty.
  • Orange Roses - The orange color evokes energy and indicates enthusiasm, wishes, and cheerfulness. Gifting orange roses can symbolize your passionate romance.
Roses By Color Flowers By Type Flowers By Price
Red Rose Flowers All Flowers Flowers Under 600
Yellow Rose Flowers Rose Flowers Flowers 600 to 999
Purple Rose Flowers Carnations Flower Flowers 1000 to 1999
Pink Rose Flowers Orchids Flower Flowers 2000 to 2999
White Rose Flowers Lilies Flower Flowers Above 3000

Interesting Facts About Red Rose Flowers

  1. The fossils of roses have been found in Colorado around more than 35 million years ago.

  2. Red roses were the most sacred flowers and were used as offerings to Goddess Isis in ancient Egypt. The evidence of roses was found in the Egyptian tombs.

  3. Red roses have medicinal value. It rejuvenates the skin and gives a brighter glow. It improves the immune system.

  4. Red roses are the natural stress busters. It is one of the essential ingredients in the perfume industry.

  5. Roses are also used in songs. According to research, around 4000 songs are dedicated to roses.

  6. Certain species of roses can reach 23 feet in length.

Why Choose Winni for Online Red Rose Flowers Bouquet Delivery?

While we think of gifting flowers to someone very close to us, there are so many flowers to choose from, with so many colors and flower arrangements, and it becomes hard to find where to begin. In order to present the best floral delight send flowers simply. You can explore different varieties of roses for every occasion and celebration. You can go for a single rose delivery in case you do not want to purchase a bouquet of roses. To enhance the love in your life, this time surprise your special someone by gifting roses from Winni. Rose bouquet has served many hearts. You can never go wrong with a bouquet or bunch of roses. As red roses are known as the symbol of love, you can always prefer rose online delivery to leave someone close to your heart amazed. So, what are you thinking about now? Step ahead, order flowers in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, or any other city where you want the flowers to get delivered. Apart from delivering regular native flowers and bouquets, we also have an assortment of other beautiful, exotic varieties of flowers available at our online store. In fact, flowers are the essentials to add glamour and elegance to special days of our lives.

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Mixed Flowers

Send Birthday Wishes With Roses Online To The Ones You Admire The Most

Each one of us enjoys the sight of beautiful flowers. For those who are absolute lovers of these beautiful creations of mother nature, you can candidly offer gifts in the form of lovely flowers. On their birthday the best idea is to present the happy birthday bouquet of flowers they admire the most. With lovely flowers wish them a beautiful birthday that marks the beginning of a spectacular year filled with happiness and success. There could be no better way to wish someone than with a stunning bouquet. Send their way birthday wishes with flowers and turn their special day to a lasting memory. For the special souls who bring joy to your life and the best version of yours, buy flowers to best mark their presence in your life. The stunning flowers are bound to bring a smile to anyone's face, and it's a great way to let them know how much they mean in your life. 

Order Roses Online for Every Celebration and Occasion

Every season brings along a different emotion. The spring draws new hope and weather change, whereas the summer comes with cheer. The fall and winter set the mood for holidays. Buying and gifting roses is a pattern that is followed all year long. Roses are gifted as anniversary flowers, birthday flowers, an expression of love between lovers, Get well soon flowers plus many more.  Gifting someone roses especially to your loved one is a very special thing that one can think of. The best thing is that roses never go out of vogue. Whether it is a birthday, Women's Day, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day everyone loves to receive roses.

Roses - Frequently Asked Questions

What color rose is good enough to say that I am sorry?

While each color rose has its own meaning, a white rose represents a fresh start and is perfect to express your apology.

What do different roses symbolize?

We all know that a red rose is for love. On the other hand, the pink rose expresses affection. The yellow and white ones convey friendship and loyalty, respectively.

Can I ask for midnight delivery of roses on the same day?

For a successful midnight delivery, you have to let us know at least 24 hours prior.

What else can I give along with roses?

To show your love and compassion, you can couple up a rose bouquet with chocolates and a personalized gift item.

How can I track my order?

You can keep an eye on your order status via your phone, winni account, and our customer care services.
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