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Birthday Cake | Order/Send Birthday Cake Online | Same Day Delivery - Winni

Birthday is marked as new beginning and celebrating birthday with cake has become a kind of new way. Birthday celebration is incomplete without cake. Hence, Winni brings the service where you can order birthday cake online and Winni will ensure the delivery of best birthday cake at home during the day or night as per your choice. Even you can send birthday cake to your dear one if you are away from your dear one and can make your presence felt.

Order Happy Birthday Cake Online From Winni

Birthday is the celebration of the beginning of one more fantastic year of your life. Any birthday is incomplete without a delicious birthday cake and the lovely birthday song, sung while cutting the birthday cake! And yes, birthday calls for a grand celebration. Everyone’s family, relatives, and friends love to be part of the birthday celebration. Just like every occasion, birthday gifts make the birthday celebration more cheering and memorable. As time passes, people become older, and some start keeping their birthday celebrations quite subtle, but many still keep the spark of birthday celebrations alive with their friends, families and near and dear ones. Birthday cake as a birthday gift, not only make the recipient feel a sense of immense excitement but also brings a huge smile to their face. At the birthday celebration, birthday cake forms the centerpiece of the occasion. Birthday cake is the cake that is known to make or break your special day, so it is essential to be careful while selecting the birthday cake. Over the last few years, sending gifts online has been more convenient and hassle-free due to the advancement of technologies. You can purchase anything from online gifting portals this day only with just a few clicks. Talking about online portals, Winni is the best and the most reputed online gifting portal in India. We provide the best birthday cake at a very reasonable price. You can now order a birthday cake online from us at any time. No more worrying about anything and head on to Winni to get the best birthday cake asap!

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Birthday Cake Are Undoubtedly The Best Birthday Gift

Whenever we think of gifting the first birthday gift to a kid, there is one aspect about it that is an epitome of happiness, and enduring joy and that simple aspect is the birthday cake. A cake is similar to entering into a new journey of desires, cherishing moments, and happy moments, and hence, the most special ingredient of your plan should be an exotic birthday cake. As the birthday of your near and dear ones around the corner order a special cake for him/her and send him using a birthday cake delivery service. Winni assures you to convert every moment close to your heart into an occasion with timely and quality-based birthday cake and flowers delivery. Along with the birthday cake, you can also send your personalized message that will be sent along with the birthday cake. Avail of hassle-free online birthday cake delivery with just a click and let your wishes and blessing reached in the box containing a mouth-watering birthday cake. So, go ahead and don’t think too much as the time you have is right now.

A birthday cake is a soft and spongy dessert that melts in the mouth and gives pleasure to our taste buds. Birthday cakes are spreading their magic for ages. In ancient times, butter and honey were used to spread over the bread on special occasions. This was the beginning of the cake. With the change in time, the birthday cake has gone through several changes. Nowadays, you can have a birthday cake of any variety, size, shape as well as flavor too. Some of the primary ingredients of the birthday cake are flour, egg, sugar, baking powder, butter, and milk. Some of the premium birthday cakes that we offer are 2 tier cake, 3 tier cake, photo cake, jungle cake, birthday alphabet cake, single-digit cake, and many more are available to make the birthday celebration at cloud nine. The most important part of the birthday cake is the creamy layer of the cakes that are covered with different flavors and make every cake luscious. The birthday cakes are the most refreshing gift that has the capability to tantalize the foodie soul of your near and dear ones. Some designs of birthday cakes look so beautiful that it leaves the viewer spellbound! The delicious taste of spongy birthday cake layers surely triggers the foodie within your special one and gets their mouth watery.

Get Amazing Birthday Cake Online at Winni for your Special Relations

You can now order the most delicious birthday cake online from Winni and we bet that these will certainly amaze you. Go through our range of birthday cakes online which we have for your people.

  • Birthday Cake for Father - Your father is one of the most important persons in your life and hence you can now order the most delicious birthday cake for the day from Winni. Commemorate your father's big day with a perfect birthday cake for Father if you care for him. Offer it as a birthday surprise to leave a lasting impression on a special day. It's like expressing your true feelings about your day and reminiscing about memorable moments.
  • Birthday Cake for Mother - Mommies are the most special people whom we can be dependent on for our entire lives. Buy a spectacular birthday cake for Mother and show her how much you care. You will honor her parenthood by having a fun birthday celebration for her. Give her the exclusive dessert on her lucky day to make her smile a lot.
  • Birthday Cake for Brother - If you adore your dearest brother, make a birthday cake for brother to commemorate his special day. He'll be grateful to you for selecting such an amazing cake.
  • Birthday Cake for Sister - Make your sister feel special by ordering a beautiful cake from our website. A birthday cake for sister will bring back fond memories for her.
  • Birthday Cake for Wife -  On her birthday, ambush your true love with an incredible gift. Your wife and someone who will be by your side for the rest of your life. As a result, it's necessary to show her how very much you care and love her. A birthday cake for wife will express your true feelings for her and bring joy to your relationship.
  • Birthday Cake for Husband - Take care of your dearest hubby by making him feel special with a delicious birthday cake for husband.  A beautiful birthday cake for your husband will astonish you with some unforgettable moments. Only if you show him that you care for him would he love you unconditionally. So, on his birthday, surprise him with a gift and express your deepest feelings.
  • Birthday Cake for Kids - You may have a birthday cake delivered to your child, daughter, nephew, niece, or any other child you adore. Birthday cakes for children are available from Winni in a variety of themes. We have a large selection of games, Barbie, and other kid-related desserts. Simply take a look at some of the beautiful birthday cake for kids on our website and choose the best one.
  • Birthday Cake for Girlfriend - By ordering a birthday cake for girlfriend, you will strengthen and prolong your relationship with her.
  • Birthday Cake for Boyfriend - Give your boyfriend, an amazing birthday cake for boyfriend to show him how much you care for him. By seeing such a wonderful gift, he will fall in love with you even more.
  • Birthday Cake for Friend - Send a wonderful birthday cake for friend from our website to a close friend whom you respect a lot and make him/her feel on cloud seven.

Best Birthday Cake Delivery For Your Perfect Birthday Bash

Cakes are associated with celebrations, happiness, enjoyment, cherishing memories, surprise birthday gift, cake fights, and much more. Understanding the importance of birthday cakes and getting the taste and flavor right for a birthday bash, is what Winni is specialized in. Our skilled chef partners ensure that every order is crafted to perfection so that you can have a memorable birthday cake for your special day. Birthday cake baking is an art and having that art is the best gift. But in this busy life, nobody has enough time to bake a birthday cake and have it on their birthday. To overcome this situation, we are here. We offer delectable birthday cakes. Pineapple, Strawberry, plum cake, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, red velvet, and many more flavors are offered by the online portals. The best thing about Winni is that you can customize your birthday cake according to your choice. From a simple birthday cake to designer birthday cake, a bulk of flavors is offered with love. You can opt for a rectangle shape birthday cake, a round shape birthday cake or it can be a heart shape birthday cake also.   

Scrumptious cakes for that special someone: As it the era of career-making, people move from one place to another to boom their career life. But the distances are fading the love life. This gap must be eliminated as soon as possible. So, on the birthday of your special someone, you can surprise him/her by sending a delicious birthday cake to their doorstep. You can make him/her feel happy and elated by ordering heart shape birthday cake, photo birthday cake, 2 tier birthday cake, and many more. So, go ahead and place your order now to make his/her special day extra special! Of course, you have wished your special one on the phone as well as on social media. But is this all? They are your loved ones. If they are so close to your heart, then it is good to make them feel special. Hence, for the upcoming birthday of your special someone, send a delicious birthday cake from Winni. Buy awesome birthday cakes online using Winni website, Android App, and Apple iPhone, and you can also customize your birthday cake according to your choice. Once you select the birthday cake, then we will deliver the birthday cake to the mentioned address.

Add More Value to the Birthday Cake with Exciting Gifts

If you want to make the birthday extra special for your loved ones, then nothing can be better than surprising them with an amazing collection of gifts along with a special birthday cake. We at Winni are here with a huge variety of birthday gifts from where you can choose the perfect gift for the recipient. When we talk about gifts, it includes birthday cakes, flowers, chocolates, and many more goodies. You can get these gifts for every occasion like you can get cakes for New Year, birthday and also you can get flowers for New Year, Christmas, Valentine's day and many more. You can get these amazing varieties of gifts for every occasion like you can get Christmas gifts, new year gifts, valentine's day gifts, and many more like these. So, hurry up!! Order your favorite gifts along with the tempting birthday cake to wish them a very happy birthday and to make the day memorable for everyone.

Express Your Heart Out With Cake Delivery From Winni

Cakes are the best medium to convey feelings to our loved ones. Winni has taken this fact into account and has come up with excellent service of birthday cake delivery around the country. We have experience of years and have never failed to please our customers. We assure you to satisfy our customers with our delivery services and high-quality products.

Cake Delivery in Delhi Cake Delivery in Indore Cake Delivery in Mumbai Cake Delivery in Noida
Cake Delivery in Kolkata Cake Delivery in Chandigarh Cake Delivery in Gurgaon Cake Delivery in Ahmedabad
Cake Delivery in Pune Cake Delivery in Lucknow Cake Delivery in Patna Cake Delivery in Jaipur
Cake Delivery in Chennai Cake Delivery in Dehradun Cake Delivery in Hyderabad Cake Delivery in Agra

Midnight Birthday Cake Delivery Across India

Nowadays all generations take a keen interest in midnight birthday celebrations. To make the midnight party more amazing, Winni provides midnight birthday cake delivery online for any occasion/celebration. We deliver awesome birthday cakes to your dear ones at the stroke of midnight. Scrumptious, palatable, delicious, appetizing, delectable, mouth-watering, lip-smacking are some of the words which define the delicacy of birthday cakes. It symbolizes the significance of the person you brought it for. It’s a way to express love and affection for someone you love and care about. Nowadays, birthday cakes have become the lifeline for every celebration. You must order the best birthday cake to make your special day a great one. Celebrations are the reason that helps people forgetting their sorrows and problems. The beauty of the birthday celebration increase by multiple times if it is arranged in a nice place along with delectable cakes. The reason behind delicious birthday cakes resides in their ingredients. The luscious taste of cake can make any taste buds go crazy. There are times when you want to surprise the one you love on their birthday. And of course, you want to send something which can tell how you feel about them. If you want to send a birthday cake to India, then you can do it very easily through an online cake store. Big thanks to the internet, which is the medium through which we are able to send gifts to the doorsteps of our near and dear ones.

Online portals have graced the art of gifting the best birthday cake: In the era of Digitalization, Online birthday cake stores have become the messenger of love and happiness. This is because you can send your wishes and blessings in the form of gifts to your loved ones who live far away from you. Distance now no longer is a problem as these online stores offer a huge collection of gifts for your special one. Human life is filled with thrills, adventures, and enjoyment. So along with work, one can also organize a get-together to celebrate his/her birthday. To add colors to your birthday celebration, get a hassle-free birthday cake delivery at your doorstep.

Winni is The Most Trusted Brand For Online Birthday Cake Delivery Across India

We at Winni believe that the gift you chose for your near and dear ones should not only make them feel immensely cheerful but should also reflect their personality or behavior. This is the reason we do provide photo birthday cakes, customized cake, designer cake, and much more. For instance, it’s the birthday of your sweetheart, and you want to gift something very sweet as well as unique too. So, you can get a chocolate heart shape cake along with the flowers, teddies and much more. Since years, we are spreading happiness in the lives of everyone with online cake delivery. At the house of Winni, you can explore different kinds of flavors of birthday cakes that you can select according to the taste of the receiver. Just like life has different flavors and shades. Similarly, Winni provides cakes that gratifying to a variety of flavors.

  •  Are you looking for an online birthday cake delivery in your city?

To be very precise, Winni promises a quick birthday cake delivery at your doorstep without any problems. The great news is that to bring happiness to its customers, Winni has same-day delivery so that last-minute plans are finished in the most fun-filled way. Hence, while you are sitting at home, Winni is here to make your birthday extra special with online ordering and delivery at your doorstep. With our prompt service, you need not run to the local bakery but the best birthday cake delivery online at your door or your loved one's doorstep. No matter you live in any city in India, we have specialized delivery services. So, for the next time you are looking for a delicious birthday cake for online birthday cake delivery, step on Winni for not just delicious birthday cakes but for making endless sweet memories. With our early morning delivery, send your blessings and wishes to your near and dear ones.

Have a birthday cake delivery online at your office: So, it is the birthday of your colleague, and you all want to surprise him/her. You can do this by ordering a mouth-watering birthday cake. It is good to delight your colleague on his/her birthday, and somewhat it will change the atmosphere of the office too. The birthday cakes are the true delight that satiates the mind of everyone and offers joy and happiness.  For instance, a chocolate cake offers health benefits too. Chocolates help in lowering cholesterol levels, preventing cognitive decline, reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems, and many more. Therefore, you are not only eating a chocolate birthday cake but getting lots of health benefits too. So, make the day with a delicious cake and fill the atmosphere with optimism and happiness!

  • Get a hassle-free cake delivery online at your doorstep

Let your birthday celebration be the memorable one by ordering a birthday cake from the house of Winni and get it delivered to your doorstep without hassle. We always offer a fresh and delicious birthday cake for our customers so that their occasions don’t get spoiled.

  • Eggless birthday cake delivery online for pure vegetarian

India is a land of vegetarians and non-vegetarian consumers. A birthday cake, whether it is egg-based or without egg, it delivers a great taste to the consumer. But, if your near and dear ones are pure vegetarians, then it is always good to send an eggless birthday cake to make them feel extra special and loved. Earlier, it was difficult to buy an eggless birthday cake just a few hours before the celebration, but now with Winni, this dilemma is eliminated. Just with a few clicks, your order for eggless cake will be delivered at your place before the birthday celebration begins.

  • Customized Birthday Cakes for Kids birthday party

The happiness of a child is priceless for parents, and they want to give their child the best surprise on their birthday. Birthday is one such occasion where you can amuse your child with wonderful birthday cakes of their choice. Everyone is aware that kids love cartoon characters very much, and they are fascinated by fantasy and imagination. It is that world which elates them, and they get mesmerized in that fantasy world. Some kids are very much fascinated as they start acting like cartoon characters and demand to meet those illusionary cartoon characters. To make their dream come true, Winni is offering a huge range of cartoon character birthday cakes. Now, you can choose according to their favorite cartoon cake for your kid’s birthday party. When your child receives his/her favorite cartoon cake, a wonderful smile can be seen on the face. It will take their craziness for those cartoon characters to a new level. Parents can easily order the cartoon cake for midnight delivery or fixed-time delivery. Some of our specialized category of kids cake have cartoon cakes like Barbie Doll cake, Mickey mouse cake, Minnie mouse cake, Doraemon cake, Peppa pig cake, car shape cake, Chota Bheem cake, mighty Raju cake, spiderman cake, minnion cake and many more.  These birthday cakes will grab everyone’s attention and will make the celebration a memorable one.

Girls are a big fan of Barbie dolls. They are fascinated by the beauty of the Barbie dolls. Celebrating the birthday of your cute princess is always a matter of priority. It’s a time to bring a never-ending smile on the face of your real-life doll by having a Barbie doll cake for the birthday celebration. Winni offers a good collection of Barbie doll birthday cake to make your little princess feel happy and ecstatic on her birthday. Along with cake, you can also order chocolates, teddies and much more.

The logic behind ordering two birthday cake for one person: The day when you were welcomed on this earth, the date was recognized as birth date, and hence it is the day that you and your family celebrate with great happiness. So, it’s your birthday, and you are planning to celebrate in a unique style. The birthday celebration is fun-thrilling and having two birthday cakes add glitters to this fun. Do you why? Well, one cake to smash those cute faces of your near and dear ones and one cake to make every taste buds feel bubbly. So, whenever it’s your birthday or the birthday of your near and dear ones, then you should order two cakes and let the enjoyment remains in your mind lifetime.

  • Delicious birthday cake for Mom’s birthday

Mother’s are the epitome of love, care, affection, beauty. Well, words are less, but emotions are endless to depict her! She is the who has suffered a lot to bring you in this world, and she is the one who is always with you in your good time or bad time, she is the one who takes a stand for you in every situation. It is impossible for any human being to pay back to her for what she has done. But one can make her feel extra special on her birthday or any day by gifting her delicious birthday cake. As birthday cakes are the best gift that will not only touch her taste buds but also convey your deep love for her. So, go ahead and order a scrumptious birthday cake for her birthday.

Cherish the friendship bond by sending a birthday cake: Friendship is a bond that is beyond the imagination because it is a bond that is tied with the person who is not your family member. The bond is so unique that defining the word FRIENDSHIP is difficult. But in simple terms, friendship is an eternal bond of brotherhood, humanity, and love. So, to make the birthday of your friend a special one, you can send a birthday cake to him/her. Your friend will surely like your gift when he/she receives it.

  • Send a Delicious Birthday Photo cake to personalize the experience

Photo birthday cakes are gaining extensive fame as best anniversary cake among people. The art and creativity in Cake Industry have discovered a unique way to celebrate a birthday or any occasion. The simplicity and uniqueness is the reason for the popularity of photo birthday cakes. It would be a great birthday gift to get that has one’s photo or maybe the picture of one’s favorite actor, actress, cartoon character, or any other person. Since photo birthday cakes are trendy and hence it is available at all bakery shop. Well, in case you don’t have enough time to go to a bakery shop to order a photo birthday cake, you can easily order a photo cake with the help of online cake delivery. There are many online portals that provide photo birthday cakes. It is always the best option to order a birthday cake from a prestigious and trustworthy website like Winni. At the house of Winni, you can get a huge number of varieties of birthday cakes which are delectable in taste and eye-pleasing too.

  • Grand birthday cake for a grand birthday celebration 

So, you are planning to have a grand birthday celebration, and you have done all the preparation for it. But, you are puzzled with what kind of birthday cake and quantity to order? Don’t worry, and it is so simple and easy also. Get a rich birthday cake from the house of Winni. For grand celebrations, choose a two-tier or three-tier cake in any flavor.

  • Exclusive Birthday cake for Girlfriend

Celebrate your special one’s birthday with a unique birthday cake. Get a delightful heart-shape birthday cake for her. Some of the hot-selling birthday cakes are red velvet heart shape cake, black forest heart shape cake, pineapple heart shape cake, and many more. So, delight her with a delightful birthday cake on her special day.

Yummy Birthday Cakes at the Best Price for your Brother

For all celebrations, especially the birthday celebrations, Winni is quite well recognized for the best cakes. Yeah, of course, it's the period when contentment is on the peak, and expectations are the most. Having to meet the standards is important, and this can be achieved easily with our very delectable birthday cakes. Whether it is any commemoration, be it birthday, anniversaries, father's day, or Raksha Bandhan, we offer the most delicious cakes for every occasion, but our birthday cake segment is known for its distinct charisma. Our category contains cakes in exquisite designs with the best flavors. So, you can also send rakhi online and make the big day extra sweet for your loved one.

Designer Rakhi Rakhi for Brother Rakhi with Dry Fruits
Bracelet Rakhi, Kids Rakhi Rakhi Gifts for Sister Rakhi with Flowers
Kundan Rakhi, Rudraksha Rakhi Rakhi Gifts for Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi with Cakes
Pearl Rakhi, Premium Rakhi Rakhi for Bhabhi Rakhi with Greeting Cards
Lumba RakhiSilver Rakhi Rakhi for Kids Rakhi with Sweets

Winni Provide Birthday Cake Online Delivery in Multiple Cities in India

Bangalore, Pune, Bilaspur, Budaun, Bulandshahr, Bundi, Burhanpur, Buxar, Calicut, Champdani, Chandannagar, Chandausi, Chandrapur, Chapra, Darbhanga, Darjiling, Datia, Davanagere, Gandhinagar, Gangapur, Gangavati, Haldia, Haldwani, Hugli-Chinsurah, Jhansi, Pallavaram, Rampur, Ratlam, Ropar, Sri-Ganganagar, Tiruvannamalai, Trivandrum, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Ludhiana, Navi Mumbai, Kanpur, Ranchi, Faridabad, Vizag,(Visakhapatnam), Bhubaneswar, Mohali, Allahabad, Panchkula, Abohar, Achalpur-Amravati, Adilabad, Adoni, Agartala, Ahmednagar, Aizawl, Ajmer, Akbarpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ghaziabad, Nagpur, Patna, Bhopal, Indore, Thane, Akola, Alandur, Alappuzha, Aligarh, Allahabad, Ambikapur, Ambur, Amravati, Amreli, Amroha, Anand, Anantapur, Anantnag, Arrah, Asansol, Ashokenagar-Kalyangarh, Aurangabad, Avadi, Azamgarh, Badlapur, Bagaha, Bagalkot, Bahadurgarh, Baharampur, Baidyabati, Balasore, Ballia, Bally, Bhilwara, Bhimavaram, Bhind, Bhiwadi, Bhiwani, Bhopal, Uttarpara-Kotrung, Yamunanagar, Yavatmal, Zirakpur, Udaipur, Udgir, Udupi and many more cities. Areas in India where we serve birthday cakes.

Birthday Cake Online - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide fresh birthday cake to your customers in India?

Yes, we provide freshly baked birthday cakes to our customers. The birthday cakes are baked immediately after receiving the order.

Do you provide eggless birthday cake delivery?

Yes, we provide eggless birthday cake delivery. Winni has a separate category of eggless birthday cakes. You can choose your favorite from the list and place your order.

 Can I send a message note along with the birthday cake delivery online?

Yes, you can send a message note along with the birthday cake delivery online. Write your message in the ‘Message Box’ during the checkout process.

Can I get the birthday cake delivery on a specific date and time?

Yes, you can specify a delivery date and time while placing your order on the checkout page. 

What are the delivery charges for midnight birthday cake delivery online?

The charges for midnight delivery are 250 rupees.

What else can you send along with the birthday cake delivery?

You can send candles, chocolates, mugs, jewelry, flowers, teddy bears, and many other items. You can see the catalog for more options.

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