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Buy Lucky Bamboo Plant For Home At Best Price

Buy a lucky bamboo plant for home with just a few clicks. For the unaware, bamboo stick plants at your home or office are known to bring wealth, good luck, fortune, and prosperity. Besides, they require minimum care, and less attention, and are easy to grow. As a matter of fact, bamboo stick plants can grow in both soil and water, making them perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Now, you no longer need to visit the nursery physically because Winni is here to do that for you. Just scroll through our comprehensive collection and tell us what you like. We will hand over the bamboo plant pot to your door. From a mini bamboo plant, table bamboo plant, big bamboo plant, outdoor bamboo plant, long bamboo plant, and indoor bamboo plant, we have everything in the store. You name it, we present it! You will get a money plant at best prices.

Lucky Bamboo Plant Nursery Near You | Winni

You can now stop hunting for ‘bamboo plants near me’ because your plant nursery is already in your hands. Winni’s nursery has a variety of plants that are good for your indoors and outdoors, including bamboo tree plants. Other than plants, you can also order bamboo plant pots to double up the grace. Besides, bamboo tree plants look and grow better in a vessel. All you need to do is open Winni’s app or website and place the order. This is not just it. The best part is we have the best price for bamboo plants. Yes, the bamboo tree price at Winni is something you can not match elsewhere. In addition, our store has multiple offers and coupons available exclusively for you!

Types Of Lucky Bamboo Plants And Their Significance

Like all plants, Bamboo plants or lucky Bamboo plants brighten up your living room’s vibe and make the place more attractive, lively, and greener. However, bamboo plants are also known to bring wealth, prosperity, fortune, and good luck. The plant is a must-have if you want frequent growth and mental calmness. On that note, here are some types of the bamboo plant and their significance.

Types of Lucky Bamboo Plants Plant’s Significance
Golden Bamboo Plant Brings good luck, prosperity, and fortune
2 Layer Bamboo Plant Spreads love and promotes luck
3 Layer Bamboo Plant Brings a happy long life
5 Layer Bamboo Plant Represent peace, harmony, and power
7 Layer Bamboo Plant Attracts serenity and calmness
Green Bamboo Plant Symbolizes growth and flexibility

Position Of Lucky Bamboo Plants As Per Vastu

According to the Vastu specialists, your lucky bamboo tree plant should be placed in the east or southeast corner of the house. In addition, you can also keep the bamboo tree indoors at the center of your dining table or bedroom. It will help you to get rid of any financial problems and attract prosperity. To attract positive vibes and harmony, bamboo tree plants can also be placed near the main entrance of the house. In case you want to keep the decorative bamboo plant in the office or study room, the northeast direction is where it’ll be the most effective. This way, the lucky bamboo tree will boost innovation and activate brain cells.

Send Decorative Bamboo Tree Online | Winni

You can now easily gift and send bamboo trees with pots online. Winni has a variety of bamboo trees for home so your place is filled with all the positive energy and the right surroundings. You can wish a wealthy, healthy, and prosperous life for your loved ones by gifting them a little bamboo tree plant. In case you think real bamboo trees are too much to take in, let us burst your bubble. The bamboo tree indoors requires no special effort, attention, or care. Still, you can also order a decorative bamboo tree to make your place look more alive and nature-friendly. 

Get Lucky Bamboo Plants At Your Home 

No matter where you are residing, you can send a bamboo tree gift anywhere or order it for yourself. Winni delivers in over 700 cities in India so you and your dearies can celebrate relations ignoring the distance. The lucky bamboo plant can make you come closer and woosh away your problems. To achieve this goal, you can avail of bamboo stick plant midnight delivery, early morning delivery, express delivery, standard delivery, and fixed-time delivery. If you are fortunate enough to reside in some selected cities, you can also receive the bamboo plant with pot in just a couple of hours.

Tips For Taking Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant

  • The best corner to place your lucky Bamboo plant is where it can receive an abundance of sunlight because it thrives well in a sunny area. 

  • Do NOT change the location of the Bamboo stick plant frequently. However, you can rotate the plant or the pot often so that the light falls on every part, resulting in effective plant growth. 

  • Ensure that the water reaches the plant’s roof so that it can absorb the water well and grow into a healthy plant. 

  • Change the water every two months so that the plant receives fresh water for its growth. 

  • Avoid pouring hard water into the Bamboo plant. 

  • If there is any damage to the bamboo plant’s vessel, replace the pot or vessel immediately.


Lucky Bamboo Plants - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best location for a lucky bamboo plant?

According to the Vastu experts, lucky Bamboo is most effective when kept in the east or southeast zone.

Does the lucky Bamboo plant need sunlight?

The lucky Bamboo plant needs filtered sunlight. However, if the leaves are green, expose your plant to a more sunny area.

How can I promote the growth of a bamboo plant?

You can change the water every week and keep the pot cleaner as possible for better bamboo growth.

How much water does a lucky bamboo plant need?

For a healthier plant, make sure you water twice or thrice a week. Also, change the water after every 8-10 days.

What is the difference between lucky bamboo and bamboo?

Lucky bamboo is a water lily with a bamboo-like appearance. Authentic bamboo, on the other hand, is a tall grass with a wide range of uses.
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