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Delivery person was standing at given address& same moment, I have requested to deliver my gift at new address which is quite far from there. He agreed so quickly & did not charge anything extra. Thank you so for your wonderful service. Regards & Best wishes.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Shalina sharma


Awesome Cake , Delivery on time , same cake prepare as shown in picture & flowers also. very easy to track & easy to book order with lot of variety. Great & thank u WINNI.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



Recived the cake on time and it was nice, Bellary needed such service. U have Obliged order from Australia to delivered at Bellary is great keep it up. Chances are there to Improve .

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Tony thompson


Delivery executive was polite and professional.. the cake delivered was excellent.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



Awesome Cake , Delivery on time , same cake prepare as shown in picture & flowers also. very easy to track & easy to book order with lot of variety. Great & thank u WINNI.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



Very nice cake, well packaging and on time delivered too Thank you so much WINNI team make my birthday special

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Dhrinder kumar


Online Cake Delivery At Your Convenience

Life is all about the little moments we celebrate and a true celebration includes your loved ones along with a cake. Be it a birthday, anniversary, new car, graduation, new job, citizenship, or whatever, all kind of achievements calls for a mouth-watering cake. While you are focusing on enjoying precious occasions, Winni Cakes brings your nearest cake services to you. You can now order cake online from the comfort of your couch and get it delivered for free at your doorstep. Whether it is a personalized birthday cake, cakes for him, designer cakes, chocolate cakes, theme cakes,  fondant cakes, semi-fondant cakes,  or plum cakes, Winni Cakes brings everything for everyone in every design for every occasion. Whichever cake you choose, our top-notch quality ingredients make your cake delicious, soft, creamy, and worth craving for! Voila! We are taking you on a tour into the world of Winni Cakes and more…

Send Cakes Online To Your Loved Ones

Surprises don’t have to be occasional. In fact, they are the best when it's sudden. Imagine receiving an expected cake in the evening while having a boring day. So, start planning to surprise your long-distance boyfriend, a friend living in Canada, or a relative earning errands in Dubai with a wonderful cake made with hygiene from quality ingredients that not only looks good but tastes delicious. You can even plan a last-minute surprise by availing of our same-day delivery service. Needless to say, if you are living outside your city or country, you can still send cakes online on special occasions like your parent’s anniversary, sibling’s birthday, friend’s new job, and so on. Moreover, you can also ask us to decorate the cake as per the requirement. After all, making someone happy is the most satisfactory feeling in the world. 

Variety Of Cakes For Your Loved Ones

The professional bakers at Winni constantly experiment with cake flavors, cake designs, cake toppings, and everything possible, bringing you a wide variety of cakes to cherish every relation and occasion. After all, variety keeps people interested. And when we talk about the assortment, we don’t only mean flavors, we mean cake design, cake themes, cake shapes, and dedicated cakes for different occasions. Moreover, your own designer cake can be themed according to the occasion and recipient. We take pride in offering a delightful array that goes beyond just satisfying your sweet tooth. With your customization and Winni’s professionalism, you can get the taste of a perfect dessert at your comfort place. 

Tier Cake

A tier cake is a different size of cake stacked on top of each other like a pyramid. Usually, a tier cake becomes the centerpiece of life-changing events or special milestones like weddings or 50th anniversaries. But again, if your party has a large gathering, a 2-tier cake or 3-tier cake are your desserts to order. 

Half Cake

As the name suggests, a half cake the half of a regular cake. That means it has two layers of cake and a single frosting. While a full cake represents an entire cycle, a half cake depicts 6 months. For instance 6 month birthday or 6 month anniversary. Even though it's half, your convenience is full. You can still choose the flavor or ask for customization.

Fondant Cake

If a cake looks silky, shiny, and slightly rigid, it is a fondant cake. Fondant is nothing but a mixture of sugar, water, and gelatin which can be colored and flavored easily. This mixture and be molded into any shape, making your dream cake become a reality. So, if you want a specific cake shape, you know what it will be made of!

Pinata Cake

A pinata cake is a hollow shell that has to be broken in order to get the treat inside it. That means to get the cake, you have to break the shell and see the surprise. Like every other cake, you can choose the flavor, design, and decoration of a pinata cake.

Bomb Cake

Imagine lightning a bomb and when it blasts you get a cake! Well, that’s bomb cake. When you fuse the top like a candle, the flame opens up the shell with no sound unlocking your choice of cake for you.


In addition to a wide range of cakes, we bring you a comprehensive collection of cupcakes as well. Just like our cakes, cupcakes are also available in all flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, truffle, pineapple, and more. Furthermore, you can also get a cupcake customized with your own mix of flavors: rainbow cupcakes, and designs. To mention a few, we have birthday poster cupcakes, anniversary poster cupcakes, Christmas theme cupcakes, and much more at our online cake shop.

Cake Flavors To Cater Every Palate

Winni Cakes allows you to order cake online in any flavor to suit your palate and occasion. You can choose from over 100 different flavors. To begin with, we have a variety of chocolate cakes, including Truffle Cake, Black Forest Cake, crunchy chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, Oreo Cake, KitKat cake, Ferrero Rocher cake, chocolate fudge, chocolate brownie cake, and many more.

Needless to say, we offer all the safe cake flavor options to gift to your loved ones like pineapple cake, butterscotch cake, fruit cake, vanilla cake, strawberry cake, and many more. These cake flavors are loved by all age groups and are suitable for all occasions. So, if you are not sure of the recipient’s choice or just to surprise your loved ones, these flavors are your go-to options.

As far as the extraordinary cake flavors of Winni Cakes are concerned, millions of our customers tend to love red velvet cake, blueberry cake, White Forest Cake, coffee cake, plum cake, and other such options. Also, if picking up a single flavor is a tough decision to make, you can also mix different flavors in one cake: rainbow cake. A rainbow cake includes all seven colors and flavors of the rainbow. Besides, you can also customize the flavor and design according to the occasion.

KitKat cake

If you are a fan of chocolate as well as a crispy crunch, KitKat cake is a perfect dessert for you. The chocolatey layers of the cake have a wafer crunch while the sides are adorned with KitKat bars and gems on top. However, you can also ask us to customize your KitKat cake differently or a designer KitKat cake of your choice.

Coffee Cake

A coffee cake does not exactly contain coffee. However, the batter or bread is infused with a touch of coffee flavor which makes the bread moist and warm to enjoy. Additionally, other spices & nuts like nutmeg, cinnamon, or walnuts add to the coffee flavor. If your loved one is a coffee freak, this dessert is perfect for their celebrations.

Red Velvet Cake

To taste luxury in a budget, order a red velvet cake for the occasion. Winni bakers have mastered the art of cream cheese frosting and smooth texture, making your red velvet cake a true indulgence. Red velvet cake is creamy yet light and smooth at the same time. 

Black Forest Cake

The harmonious blend of rich, bittersweet chocolate and sweet, tangy cherries makes up a black forest cake. The deep cocoa-flavored bread is satisfying to all age groups & perfect for all occasions. This combined with soaked cherries, chocolate shavings, and whipped cream adds a smooth, airy texture and a mild sweetness.

Fruit Cake

Vanilla bread infused with mixed fruit flavors like orange, strawberry, grapes, kiwi, mangos, etc gives a refreshing taste to the buds. Also, this cake is a healthier alternative as the sugar content is natural. With finely chopped fruits between the layers, dried fruit topping on top along with whipped cream, the cake taste sweet, tangy, tarty, and delightful.

Do you know how cakes can often be experimented with? So, our special fusion cakes flavors have managed to win the hearts of all cake enthusiasts. This includes pistachio cake, carrot cake, choco-strawberry cake, cinnamon cake, rose cake, Ras malai cake, lemon cake, cheesecake, and more. With a variety that knows no bounds, our collection promises a sweet indulgence for every celebration and craving.

Extraordinary Cake Designs For Special Days

While you are planning to make a special day extraordinary, make sure you do it with style with unique cake designs at Winni Cakes. We believe that a celebration cake is more than just a dessert, it is a representation of someone’s special day and special achievements that take their life journey forward. Therefore, Winni Cakes brings you amazing cake designs. You can choose from our existing cake designs like Pinata Cake, Pull Me Up Cake, and bomb cake. Moreover, you can personalize your celebrations with our Photo Cake and fondant cakes

You can find the best cake for girls from our range of Barbie cakes. If you’re looking for cakes for boys, you can explore through Spiderman cakes or Superman cakes. These cake designs for boys are among our premium bestsellers. Cartoon Cakes, car-shape cakes, Chota Bheem cakes, Mickey Mouse cakes, motu-patlu cakes, and Minion cakes are some other options that are perfect for birthday cake designs for children. Besides, all these kids cakes are baked using the safest ingredients that do not have any allergic composition. We know kid's safety is a priority at all costs!

For romantic occasions like a date, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, rose cakes at Winni are sure to give you a sight and delight. The other options to mention are If any of the collections don’t entice you enough, we can also get a cake customized for your specific occasion. Whatever option you choose, your dream cake can become a fresh reality in a matter of hours. Our cakes are baked fresh with high-quality ingredients while maintaining proper hygiene. 

Eggless Cakes - Less Eggs, More Taste

Less NO egg. It is quite concerning for some people that every cake with baked with egg as a softening agent. However, the statement is not true with Winni Cakes. If you are someone or if you know someone who does not consume cakes as they contain eggs, treat them with eggless cake from Winni that offers the same taste and quality. The finest bakers at Winni use yogurt, condensed milk, butter, and a mixture of vegetable oil, water, and baking powder in replacement of eggs to make the cake soft and spongy. Surprisingly, this makes no difference in the taste and quality of the cake. 

We have all the cake flavors and designs in the eggless category so you can enjoy the creamist delight without worrying about any dietary preferences. You can get cream cake, fondant cake, designer cake, theme cake, pastry, muffin, semi-fondant cake, double-tier cake, triple-tier cake, photo cake, cheesecake, unicorn cake, and more available in the eggless category at Winni Cakes. 

Your Cake, Your Shape

The extensive range of cakes at Winni’s is crafted to suit every taste and occasion. Our commitment to offering diverse shapes ensures that you can find the perfect cake to complement the theme and style of any celebration. Whether it's a classic round cake for a casual gathering, a square cake for a contemporary touch, a foot-long cake for a grand celebration, a rectangle cake for a sleek presentation, or a Heart Shape Cake for a romantic occasion, our collection promises to cater to your every desire, making your celebrations sweet as well as visually stunning. Other than this, you can also ask us to personalize your cake shape. You can dig up any image and we will make your dream cake a reality.

Find Your Perfect Cake For Every Occasion

No matter the occasion, our extensive selection of cakes ensures that every moment is celebrated with sweetness and style. All of your moments deserve a beautiful cake. Be it birthday, anniversary, baby shower, new home, retirement, seasonal festivities, and so on. From New Year to Christmas and back, there exists a unique cake for every occasion at Winni cake shop. Here’s a little guide for the same.


Type of Cake

6-month birthday

Half cake, teddy bear cake

Birthday cake

Pinata cake, bomb cake

Cake for girls

Barbie cake, doll cake

Cake for boys

Car cake, spiderman cake

Cake for kids

Unicorn cake, minion cake

Wedding cake

Two-tier cake, 3-tier cake

Anniversary cake

Photo cake, heart shape cake

First-anniversary cake

Rose cake, pull-me-up cake

25th-anniversary cake

Designer cake, silver cake 

Baby shower cake

boy/ girl cake, rainbow cake

Graduation cake

Convocation theme cake, rocky road cake

Promotion cake

JD bottle shape cake, sparkle cake

Retirement cake

Ras malai cake, ombre cake

Christmas cake

Plum cake

Same-day & Midnight Cake Delivery From The Best Bakery Near You

Winni hands over the best cake near you in your hands. Be it cake men, cake for her, birthday cake for children, Valentine’s Day cake, Rakhi cake, or Mother’s Day cake, or Daughter’s Day cake, we know that timing is crucial when it comes to celebrations. That's why, we offer a range of delivery options to suit every need. Even if you planned a last-minute surprise or the occasion just skipped your mind until now, our same-day cake delivery service will save you from embarrassment. When you choose for same-day cake delivery, the dessert will be there with you in less than 24 hours. In case 24 hours is too much time to wait, our assured 2-hour fresh cake delivery is another go-to option. Before you proceed to choose the delivery service, make sure to cross-check with the delivery zip code.

To add an element of surprise to your celebration, go for midnight cake delivery where the cake will ring your bell between 11:30 and 11:55 so you can start with the planning. Most importantly, you can order any cake even though the delivery time is at night. Your choice of cake will be baked freshly for you. In fact, you can also get a cake customized for your special occasion and opt for midnight delivery. However, you have to let us know at least 2 days before the delivery in you want to get a customized cake. If you are someone who appreciates prompt service, our Express Cake Delivery option will serve you well, ensuring that your cake reaches you swiftly.

Also, you can even plan you give a birthday surprise cake to your loved one as soon as they wake up or celebrate your anniversary in bed cozily with your partner with early morning delivery. Be it sweet cravings or unexpected celebrations, you can get a cake delivered to your doorstep in less than a couple of hours! Of course, there’s standard delivery as well if you are someone who prefers traditional timeliness. Along with cakes, Winni delivers experiences tailored to your time and celebration preferences.

Free Cake Delivery In India And Abroad

Winni is taking the joy of celebration and gifting to the next level by providing seamless and efficient online cake delivery services. You can order send or order cake online anytime you want and anywhere you want! Winni Cakes' delivery network has spanned over 700 cities across India, ensuring that no corner of the country misses out on the delight of our delectable treats. So, now you don’t have to think about how to send a cake to Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Pune, Puducherry, Kerala, Goa, or any other city to celebrate your friend’s birthday or important family event. With just a few clicks, you can send a cake and create a delightful surprise for anyone in the world.

Internationally, our global presence spans 40 countries, allowing you to send cakes to Dubai, Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Europe, and other countries. So you can share the love with your loved ones living seas apart. With just a few clicks, you can send a cake and create a delightful surprise for anyone in the world. Whether it's a birthday cake, anniversary cake, graduation cake, or any other occasion, our global cake-delivery service bridges the gap to ensure that your love and thoughtfulness know no boundaries. 

Cake Combo For a Memorable Surprise

When you are thinking of surprising someone, you already imagine how everything will fall into place and how will they react. To maintain that smile in reality, you probably would want to do more to make each second special. To do so while sitting at your place, send a unique cake design via Winni Cakes or rather a cake combo that will include other little things to make the gesture more heartfelt. For instance, a romantic cake combo will include cake and flowers, a cake combo for a friend will be cake and chocolates, and a cake and personalized gift will be the best combo gift for a family member. On top, you can always ask us to add a little handwritten note to make it more special. YES, you will always get a knife and candles along with a cake.

Cake Care Tips - How to Handle Cake

A cake, especially a birthday cake is an inviting dessert for the party. It is a centerpiece that allures more people to your celebration and creates more memories. However, this delightful adventure will turn into a disgusting experience if the cake is not fresh or not preserved properly. 

While Winni Cakes delivers a fresh cake to your doorstep. It’s in your hands to maintain its freshness, taste, and quality as improper handling will lead to cake disaster. So, here are some tips you must know to enjoy each forkful even after days.

  • If the cake is delivered at home, store it in the refrigerator if not consumed immediately.

  • If the cake is delivered to a venue, keep it in an air-conditioned room to avoid any heat.

  • While accepting the delivery, hold the cake box from the bottom to avoid any mishandling.

  • Do not hold the cake box from the side as it might spoil the cream, layers, or fondant inside.

  • If you are traveling with a cake, make sure to keep it on a flat surface so that the cake does not slide with any speed breakers. 

  • Try to avoid two-wheelers while carrying a cake and plan to go directly to the venue instead of doing other chores on the way to save the cake from melting.

  • Once received, you can store the cake in refrigerator for upto 2 days to consume it while its fresh.

केक के रोचक तथ्य 

* खाद्य इतिहासकारों के अनुसार केक का इतिहास २०००साल पुराना है।

 * प्राचीन रोम में, रोटी के आटे में अंडे, मक्खन और शहद मिला दिया करते थे जिससे केक जैसी मीठी, सिक कर तैयार की हुई रोटी मिलती थी।

 * अंग्रेजी शब्द केक को ऑक्सफ़ोर्ड इंग्लिश डिक्शनरी, 13वीं शताब्दी का बताती है। यह पुराने नॉर्स शब्द 'काका' से लिया गया है।

 * केक को प्राचीन यूनानियों ने πλακόεις (प्लाकोइस) कहा था, जो "फ्लैट" शब्द से लिया गया था। इसे अंडे, दूध, नट्स और शहद के साथ मिश्रित आटे का उपयोग करके पकाया गया था। यूरोपीय बेकर्स अक्सर फ्रूटकेक और जिंजरब्रेड बनाते थे।

 * मीडिया रिपोर्ट्स माने तो भारत में सबसे पहले केक केरल (थालास्सेरी) में नवंबर 1883 में मर्डोक ब्राउन के आदेशानुसार एक बिस्किट कम्पनी मालिक “मामबली बापू” द्वारा बनाया गया।

 * मान्यताओं के अनुसार प्राचीन सभ्यताओं में अपने देवताओं के प्रति आदर भाव दिखाने के लिए केक गोल बनाया जाता था, इसके अलावा गोल केक जीवन की चक्रीय प्रकृति के साथ सूर्य और चन्द्रमा का प्रतीक भी था और यही कारण रहा होगा कि जन्मदिन केक भी गोल बनाया जाता है।

 * आज, तकनीकी रूप से उन्नत युग में ऑनलाइन केक डिलीवरी के माध्यम से विशेष अवसरों के लिए जन्मदिन केक, मैरिज केक, मैरिज एनिवर्सरी केक सहित विभिन्न फ्लेवर जैसे वनीला, रसमलाई, चॉकलेट केक आदि एक क्लिक पर आधी रात में भी आपके दरवाजे पर आसानी से उपलब्ध है।

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Do you have any return or refund policy for cake delivery online?

Yes, we do have a return or refund policy for online cake delivery in case you receive a damaged cake.

Are the cakes you deliver through your online services of good quality?

Yes, Winni provides a good quality cake to its customers. We promise to deliver you a freshly baked cake all over the nation. Our cakes are baked by the bakers just after we receive the order.

Can I avail midnight cake delivery in India?

Winni has a midnight delivery service option in India that enables cake delivery online at midnight. But to get your hands on it we make sure that you place your order before 3 - 4 PM.

Can I customize my cake and get it delivered to the doorstep?

Yes, you can customize your cake and get it delivered to the doorstep. For customization, send us the picture to be printed on the cake along with the order ID by emailing us at

How do I pay for online cake delivery?

You can pay via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking from all the major banks.

Is cake delivery online possible on holidays or weekends?

Yes, we provide cake delivery online on holidays and weekends. You can contact us at +91 -7829463510 or mail us at for further information.

How can I send cake online from one city to another?

You can send a cake from one city to another by placing your order at Winni.
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