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Loved everything about the package I received! All three pots had different plants and all of them were healthy.

★ ★ ★ ★



Best Plant Combo!!! I gifted it to my friend on her anniversary. Best packing with timely delivery.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ramesh Rana


I ordered these beautiful roses, and i received them as it that you have shown on your site...and I am happy.. a reasonable price and...good product...excellent services

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Rajni sandhu


Ordered this trio plant set for my home. received on time in a good packing. thank-you team.

★ ★ ★ ★



Gifted it to my sister as she loved keeping indoor plants. delivery was on time. and also got it in good condition

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



Best Product for Valentine day. I gifted it to my girlfriend. Thanks to Winni team

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Arun Malik


Beautify Your Outdoor Space: Order Outdoor Plants Online - Winni

During these unpredictable times, your garden may be your refuge when travel may not be an option. It might simply be a visual relief in a couple of months, but that is all the more reason to make sure there is plenty to look at for rejuvenation. Join the survivors-those rare plants in the garden which are not only beautiful but have the gumption to live and flourish throughout the year. Plants are the perfect ways to bring lush greenery and serenity along with the fresh air into your house. The home gardens look pretty attractive to enhance the home decor and make an excellent gift for festivals, anniversaries and housewarming occasions. Browse our vast outdoor plant collection online and give your loved ones as a gift of greenery and fresh air.

Buy Outdoor Plants At Winni

Being surrounded by green plants always feels like heaven on earth. Plants add freshness and a beautiful aura to homes and gardens. Shop from a fantastic assortment of outdoor plants at Winni. Bring home freshness and abundance in the form of green plants. You do not have to wait for winter and spring to add colours and life to your dull garden. We serve a wide range of outdoor plants. Gift your loved ones green outdoor plants. Give them a token of life and hope. Winni is your stop solution for outdoor plants. Buy green plants for your kitchen garden, terrace, balconies, and garden area from Winni. What are you waiting for? Place your order for green outdoor plants to give to your near and dear ones. 

Order Outdoor Plants And Clean The Air Around Your Home

With the increasing urbanization, pollution in the cities has escalated, wrecking our ecosystem. Due to less greenery around us, city life is choked by air pollution. To live a healthy life, we request you to teach as much greenery around you and at home. Plants are one of the best possible options for bringing positivity around us and adding greenery. They not only purify the air but also create a warm and welcoming aura. Gifting plants to your loved ones has become much easier now. Winni brings you a comprehensive collection of online indoor and outdoor plants with a home delivery facility across India. You can easily do the shopping for outdoor plants online with just a click. Plants and human beings have been dependent on each other ever since evolution. Plants around us not only give us oxygen, but they elevate our mood also. 

Gift Green Plants Online To Your Loved Ones: A Token Of Life, Hope And Love

Online shopping of green plants is an evolving sector. With the growing trend of using outdoor plants, organic seeds, air-purifying plants, Bonsai plants as a return gift or wedding gift, housewarming party gift, engagement invitations to promote greenery, and organic farming in demand, online purchase of green plants and seeds has increased. Gifting plants to your loved ones is one of the easiest and eco-friendly ideas. Green plants grow beyond a timeline and beautify the surroundings. Green plants are a reminder that if taken care of, life can bloom anywhere and everywhere. Gifting is an art as you have to be thoughtful in what you are giving your loved ones. Plants are an extraordinary gift as they will always remind them of you whenever they look at the shiny green leaves and the blooming flowers. Outdoor plants always illuminate the garden area, balconies, terrace area in which they are kept, radiating positivity and freshness. 

Outdoor Plants at Winni

Bromeliads: Bromeliads are famous for adding colours to your garden area and indoors too. Bromeliads in your garden area. The unusual and colourful appearance of the Bromeliads gives it a beautiful look. 

Hibiscus: A Hibiscus can be planted in the garden area. They are found in different colours like red, pink, white, and yellow. They are famous for their medicinal purpose too. 

Bougainvillaea: The light pinkish tint of the bougainvillaea flowers automatically uplifts your mood. This plant adds beauty to your garden. They thrive. They are low- outdoor maintenance plants. 

Caladium: Caladium has reddish-green leaves, pink and white heart-shaped leaves. They are suitable for the outdoor climate. They are easy to maintain and add beauty and colour to your garden space and balconies. 

Sunflowers: Sunflowers are one of the most favourites among our customers because of their bright yellow look and the happiness they add to the garden. They are a perfect fit for the brightest area in your garden and terrace. 

Nosegay or Frangipani: They grow into big trees with yellow and whitish flowers. The flowers of this plant are sweet-smelling. They are perfect outdoor plants and are low on maintenance. 

Gasteria Batesiana: They come under the category of succulents. Indoors. They are easy-to-grow and compact succulents. They can be grown both indoors and be planted outdoors as well as indoors. Outdoors. 

Areca Palm: Areca Palm grows large. They are perfectly suitable for outdoor weather. They always outgrow the pot or the planter in which they are grown. Areca Palm is known for its air-purifying properties. NASA recognizes them as one of the most efficient air humidifiers. It can be kept as an indoor plant too. They are even pet-friendly in nature. 

Cactus: Cactus comes under the category of succulents. Some succulents can be grown indoors, while others can be grown outdoors. A cactus plant can be grown outdoors. They can grow quickly in hot and dry climatic conditions. They are low maintenance plants.

Peperomias: Peperomias can be kept in the garden areas but not directly in contact with the sun. They can be kept as both indoor and outdoor plants. The medicinal properties of the plant make it a popular one. 

Rose Plant: They are small-sized plants and are adaptable to the outdoor climate. Roses are favourite because of the variety of colours they are found in. Roses have a lovely- smell. 

Hosta: If your garden area is dimly lit, then Hosta is a perfect fit for your garden area. They can quickly grow in shady areas and are low maintenance in nature. 

Rhoeo Plant: They are outdoor plants as well as indoor plants. They are perfect for balconies, terraces and garden areas. They make beautiful border plants. Rhoeo plants can easily be hung on the balconies. 

Achmea: Achmea is an outdoor plant. They are of many types, out of which peaceful Achmea is a popular one. They can be quickly grown in dimly lit areas. Achmea's should be adequately watered. 

Shop For Outdoor Plants And Spread Happiness And Greenery

Buy plants online from Winni, and we provide a manual on how to maintain the outdoor plants. These small tokens of greenery act as a perfect gift for those who love to surround themselves with plants. Green plants are very thoughtful gifts, and they can be easily gifted to anyone and everyone. We provide hassle-free delivery at your doorstep. Happiness is guaranteed as you select and we deliver. Our priority is our customers and the quality of the products we provide. With 5 million customers across the country and fully operating in 600 cities spanning across the country. Select outdoor plants from a wide range of varieties at Winni. We make sure the plants are sanitized before being delivered to the respective customer. We believe in educating our customers about the outdoor plant they are choosing, and we provide information on the symbolism and the benefits of the plant. We provide a manual on the maintenance of the plant.

Shopping for outdoor plants online in India has become much easier now. Winni provides you with the best options ranging from Hibiscus, Sunflowers, Bromeliads, Bougainvillea, Caladium; the list is long. Our experts are online 24*7 to guide you to make the best choice for your loved ones; you can talk to our experts if you have any confusion or query regarding the order you have placed or the product you have chosen. We provide hassle-free deliveries at the exact location and the exact time. At Winni, we offer discounts and offers on the purchaser of the indoor plants. We provide offers during the festivities. You can easily send plants online to Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai or any other destination with just a click. You can get these noblest gifts at a very affordable and non- pocket pinching rate. We provide free delivery of indoor plants across the country. 

Outdoor Plants For Every Occasion From Winni

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Winni Is Your One Stop Solution For Gifting Outdoor Plants Online

Winni is your one-stop solution for all types of gifting ideas. We offer a variety of fresh and healthy outdoor plants which bloom in any soil under any condition. Now you do not have to wait for Spring and Winter to turn your dull and dry garden area into a refreshing and colourful one. You can order outdoor plants from Winni and decorate your garden area and living room. We offer not only seasonal outdoor flowering plants but also exquisite and rare sets of outdoor plants too. Order outdoor plants online from Winni, get them delivered on time, add colours to your garden, terrace, and balconies. You can even buy planters from our website. We offer customized planters. You can easily place an order for planters along with a flowering plant, and we can help you customize the planters. We offer excellent and designer planters based on your demand and customization request. We have webbed across India and abroad to add more happiness to the celebrations, making them merrier and happier by delivering surprises in the form of cakes, flowers, good luck plants, flowering plants, and customized gifts to your loved ones. Our priority is our customers, the quality of our product and the on-time delivery. We believe in delivering happiness on time. 

Gift green outdoor plants with customized planters to your loved ones for festivities like Diwali, Rakshabandhan, birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, and get-togethers, and spread happiness. Order a token of hope, life, and growth at Winni. We provide thoughtful and innovative gifting ideas for your near and dear ones. We even provide a manual on the maintenance of the outdoor plant and an information palette about the outdoor plant you are opting for. 

Winni Delivers Across India On Time

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Online Outdoor Plants price list

Outdoor Plants PRICE (RS)
Mums Gratitude Rs. 599
Luck with Ficus Bonsai and Laughing Buddha Rs. 1,149
African Evergreen Syngonium Plant Rs. 499
Charming Indoor Plants Rs. 3,199
Areca Palm Plant Rs. 949
Nature in 5 pots Rs. 2,999
Bring Good Luck Plants Trio Rs. 1,299
Snake Plant Rs. 649
Remarkable Roses Rs. 549
Bunny Cactus Plant Rs. 399
Data last updated on 11/07/2024

Outdoor Plants - Frequently Asked Questions

Are outdoor plants high maintenance? 

Not all outdoor plants are high maintenance. Bouganvilas, Hibiscus, Caladium, Areca Palm are low maintenance plants.

Can I give outdoor plants to my parents? 

Yes, you can gift outdoor plants to your parents. Gift them a token of hope, freshness, and positivity. 

Can you deliver outdoor plants to Delhi? 

Yes, we can deliver outdoor plants to Delhi. We provide hassle-free doorstep delivery of outdoor plants.

Can I get same-day delivery of outdoor plants? 

Yes, Winni provides same-day delivery at your doorstep. 

What's the best way to keep my outdoor plants hydrated?

Use plastic bottles to water outside plants, or replace the caps with funnel-shaped spikes from your local garden retailer. Fill the plastic bottles with water once you've watered your plants thoroughly. Put the caps or irrigation spikes on the bottles and place them upside-down in the soil next to your plants. 

Does spraying water on outdoor plants leaves help?

Outdoor plants can be sprayed with water to remove dust, grime, insect pests, and fungal spores. Although a squirt of water is beneficial to the plant's health, wet foliage is vulnerable to illnesses that thrive in a moist environment for an extended period.

What are the best outdoor plants? 

The best outdoor plants are Succulents, Rain Lilies, Crepe Myrtle, Bromeliads, Hibiscus, Bougainvillaea, Sunflower, Areca Palm, Peperomias, and more plants are available.

Can we customize the outdoor plants with planters? 

Yes, you can easily customize your order. At Winni, we provide a host of options based on the customization of outdoor plants. 
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