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The service is good but its costly as comoared to local markets. It would be great if costs would be have been bit cheap

Rajdeep kumar prasad


Cake was awesome and product was deliver within 4 hours from order time. Total satisfied with the product.

Prabhu Ramar


I ordered a cake and a bouquet of roses for my wife's birthday from the USA. Despite concerns about quality and delivery timing, I'm so happy that both were delivered smoothly and on time. My wife loved the products, and I appreciate your exceptional service and quality. You deserve more than 5 stars. You made our day even more special. Thank you!

Ishtiaq Jeelani


Divine taste, velvety perfection, and a sweet declaration of love. A true delight in every heartwarming bite.

Rahul Rana


Winni's heart-shaped Red Velvet Cake is a sweet masterpiece, blending velvety richness with love. A perfect treat for special moments.



Impressed with Winni's red velvet cake! The cream cheese frosting was heavenly, and the cake itself was moist and flavorful.



Luscious Red Velvet Cakes Online

Beautiful, scrumptious and addicting! We need some more words to describe the beauty and taste of this red velvet cake. The bold red color and lip smacking flavor of this cake, make it a perfect delight for the occasions like wedding anniversary, valentines day, wife’s birthday and many more. You can’t resist yourself with its lavish redness and garnishing of magnificent cream frosting on it. Have a bite of red velvet cake. All you need to do, just visit our website, select the red velvet cake, place an order and make the online delivery of cake at your desirable place.


Order Red Velvet Cakes Online  in India from Winni to taste Its Goodness

It’s the time to add a little spice to your dear one’s life otherwise boring life by ordering and sending red velvet cake online from Winni. The radiant color, when sandwiched between white creamy layers, is sure to be an excellent pleasure not only for your taste buds but for the eyes too. Red velvet cake is considered to be the king of the entire cakes. The common ingredients used in the preparation of red velvet cake includes butter, flour, cocoa, buttermilk and beetroot or red food coloring for giving a red color to the cake. Not everyone is the master when it comes to baking red velvet cakes as well as cupcakes. So, ordering a red velvet cake from the best bakery would only suffice. Get online red velvet cake delivery in India to enhance the occasions by just ordering it from Winni. The richness and goodness of the red velvet cake is sure to brighten up the occasions. If you are looking for a red velvet cake designs for birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion then order it from Winni. Winni provides hassle-free online red velvet cake delivery in India. So, you have a great option to make the occasion unforgettable.

The divine taste of red velvet cake is sure to please anyone’s taste buds. Winni has a comprehensive range of online half kg red velvet cakes with tasty red velvet cakes designs and flavours. All these cakes are available in different shapes as well as designs. Whether you are looking for heart-shaped red velvet cake or 2-tier red velvet cake,  theme cake or round-shaped cake, here you will find red velvet flavor in different designs. So, what you are waiting for ? Order cake online and get it delivered without any delay.

Send Red Velvet Cakes Online in India from Winni

The unique taste of the red velvet cake makes it stand out different compared to other cakes. Winni offers top-notch delivery services. With the help of our top-notch service, ordering red velvet cake online has become much easier. Check our red velvet cake price of 1kg and send red velvet cake online to your loved ones on their special days and let them get entirely lost in the softness, fluffiness and sponginess of the scrumptious cake and it will impart a sweet after taste with a smooth texture on the taste buds. If you really want to make a special gesture by sending red velvet cake, you can really do it by pairing a personalized note for your special someone so that it can make them feel that you really care and pamper about special one.

If you are looking for red velvet photo cake, then feel free to place your order from here and we will hand deliver your birthday cake. The red color is for love and hence red velvet cake designs is considered to be the perfect gift when it comes to conveying the emotions of the heart to your special someone. Winni also provides double heart-shaped red velvet cakes and hence you can convey your emotions perfectly to your special one. We also offer several delivery services for instance same day delivery, early morning delivery, earliest 2 hours delivery, express delivery, midnight delivery, fixed time delivery, standard delivery and free delivery. Therefore, you can prefer any delivery option and send red velvet cakes online to your loved ones. We have the best red velvet cakes for everyone. So, explore our tempting collections and buy red velvet cake online today.

Red Velvet Cake

What is the price of a red velvet cake ?

Red velvet cake in the market might cost a minimum of Rs 500 for half Kg. Price of red velvet cake varies according to the weight, design and bakery from where it is coming from.

What is red velvet cake made of ?

Red Velvet cake is made of the normal ingredients used to make cake - Buttermilk, butter, cocoa, vinegar and flour. The traditional method of baking red velvet cake does not involve artificial colours. The red colour is due to the non-dutched, anthocyanin-rich cocoa. Modern day red velvet cakes are laden with artificial colours to give them a reddish appearance.

What flavour is red velvet cake ?

Red velvet cake is usually chocolaty in flavour, tangy buttery and at times sweet like vanilla.

Is eggless red velvet cake available ?

Yes eggless red velvet cake is available and well stocked by many bakeries and online cake delivery companies. The taste of a eggless velvet cake might vary a tad bit from the regular cake.

How to make red velvet cake ?

We can prepare red velvet cake by collecting the ingredients first - cake flour, cocoa powder, butter and oil, buttermilk, eggs, colour to add to the cake, cream cheese frosting will be required to add that extra taste. Whip the ingredients together, put it into a preheated oven and bake for 30-32 minutes. In the meantime prepare the frosting and once the cake is baked you need to refrigerate it for 30-60 minutes.
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