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There was no jute wrapped around it came in plastic pot. Very disappointed not worth the money.

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nice and Thank you very much. Please let me know the name of the gifted plants.

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it's a beautiful plant in my younger days in boarding school I was given a job in the garden to look after the plants I am happy that my son given this i will take good care of the plant.

★ ★ ★ ★



Hi.The gifts sent as Mother's Day Special by my daughter through Winni were really very special.The cake was yummy and packed very beautifully.The chocolate box was wrapped amazingly well.The plant was also handed to me very nicely.I liked all the gifts because really care was taken to see that they reached me. However I was disappointed that all this was delivered a day later.Just a suggestion would be nice if you could call and atleast inform the recipient or the sender about the delay..Would make a vast difference.Imagine if instead of mother the mother in law was sent all these gifts ,then I think the daughter in law would be in trouble.

★ ★ ★ ★



Plant received in a very good condition. Would have been better some tips for maintaining is given. Felt the drainage will be problem due to the condition of the mud.

★ ★ ★ ★

Sumedh varape


I am very happy to receive my gift n cake thanku winni for made my day very special

★ ★ ★ ★

Jaya singh


Buy Air Purifying Plants Online | Winni

Keeping air-purifying plants at your home is the simplest and great measure to fight the toxic air outside. In addition, indoor air purifier plants add aesthetic value to your living room or bedroom. The benefits of natural air purifier plants are countless. Just remember they are the easiest solution to modern stress and toxic surroundings. You can now buy air-purifying plants online from the comfort of your home. The house of Winni has every green petal that is good for your soul and mind. In fact, air-purifying plants for home are proven to be good for your mental health as well.

Air Purifier Indoor Plants For An Eco-Friendly Environment

Air purifier indoor plants for home not only create an eco-friendly environment by releasing oxygen. Also, they remove air pollutants and airborne microbes. As said, the use of air purifier house plants could prove to be a cost-efficient way of indoor air purification. Furthermore, they effortlessly make your place lively and vibrant to live in. Other than that, indoor air purifying plants for home are proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels. In these modern times, where everyone is coping with their own issues, entering a home full of plants gives mental peace. This is because indoor air purifier plants tend to sharpen your memory, attention, and are therapeutic as well.

Best Air Purifying Plants As Per NASA Study

In the current era, air purifying plants are the necessity of urban cities where you can easily grow indoor plants in house to improve air quality. There are varieties of indoor plants that you can buy online. However, when you select some specific plants for air purification then Winni has a plethora of options for you. 

Here is the list of best indoor air purifying plants that you must keep at your home as per NASA report-

  • Areca Palm 

  • Peace Lily

  • Golden Pothos

  • Syngonium

  • Heart-Leaf Philodendron 

  • Snake Plant

  • Spider Plant

Why Buy Air Purifying Plants From Winni?

Winni has a wide variety of air purifying plants that require very little maintenance and maximum benefit. Besides, our indoor air purifying plant nursery has a catalog of the same. Also, you can buy plants online and see all the extra information on the plants' backgrounds and benefits. On top, you will get a manual on how to maintain indoor plants with every order. Although you do have to do a little study of yourself on the indoor plants you want to keep. Some air purifying requires sunlight, some do not, whereas some need a little natural light. Whatever it may be, we have all of them. In addition, our team will hand over the air-purifying plants for the home with utmost care and protection. If you want, you can also order a vase along with the plant.

Air Purifying Plants For Home And Their Benefits

Plant Name

Plant Benefit
Peace Lily Attract positive energy
Money Plant Maintain and improve prosperity
Golden Syngonium Bust stress and anxiety
Bamboo Plant Improves digestion and appetite
Aglaonema Plant Enhance productivity and concentration
Bonsai Plant Lower stress level
Philodendron Plant Attracts good fortune and wealth
Snake Plant Promote a peaceful sleep
Jade Plant Treat wounds and other medicinal issues
Hoya Plant Skin-friendly to prevent allergies

Send Best Air Purifying Plants Online

Thanks to Winni, you and your loved ones do not need to breathe in the polluted air anymore. While there’s nothing much we can do to control the outdoor scenario, we have all control over the inside one. You can easily take control of the air quality inside your home by bringing air purifying plants. Moreover, they serve as a perfect gift for your loved ones. Gifting someone plants means that you are wishing them a happy, healthy, and prosperous life. Besides, you’ll be giving them a present for a cheerful mind and body. We can send a gift of fresh air on your behalf to anywhere you want and any time you want. All you have to do is place an order with us!

Air Purifying Plants At Your Door Within A Day

What if we told you that all these beneficial air-purifying plants can ring your doorbell within a day even if you didn’t move your foot at all? Yes, you heard it right. Winni can hand over the best green plants to you wherever you want and as early as you want. Our team is active nationwide so no one has to run from nursery to nursery looking for the perfect and best air-purifying plants in India. Moreover, you can also send air-purifying plants as a gift to some other location. Drop the showpieces, what’s a better gift that will take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health? At the same time, they give an aesthetic vibe to the place as well. Our delivery options include early morning delivery, midnight delivery, fixed-time delivery, express delivery, and standard delivery.

Winni Delivers Across India On Time

Plants Delivery in Delhi

Plants Delivery in Indore

Plants Delivery in Mumbai

Plants Delivery in Noida

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Air Purifier Plants - Frequently Asked Questions

Which plants are the best for indoor air purification?

Peace Lilly, snake plant, money plant, bamboo plant, palm plant, and Syngonium plant are some of the best indoor air purification plants.

Which indoor purification plants are recommended by NASA?

NASA-recommended plants for indoor air purification include snake plants, money plants, spider plants, Lilly, aloe vera, rubber plants, and more.

Where can I keep indoor air purifier plants?

You can keep indoor air-purifying plants in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or anywhere you want. However, keep in mind the fraction of sunlight required for a specific plant.

Are air-purifying plants better than air purifiers?

Undoubtedly, air-purifying plants are far better than artificial air purifiers. To mention a few reasons, they require no electrical power, their effectiveness increases with time, and they are easy to maintain and take care of.

Which plants are not good for the indoor area?

Plants that produce more carbon dioxide than oxygen should not be kept indoors. For instance, bamboo, bonsai, cactus, etc.
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