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The delivery is quite good and it’s very safe without any damage. The quality of the plant is excellent. The politeness of the delivery agent is also good.

Monika Bharti


The rose plant is received in a good condition and the plant is healthy. I m happy with the service, flower so fresh, thanks.



The packing was great, and the plants were looking fine when I received them.



Ordered this roses plant for my home. received in a good packing. thank-you team.

Nidhi Bhatt


Beautiful Plant. gifted it to my sister as she love roses, on her birthday. delivered on time thanks winni



Best Product for Valentine day. I gifted it to my girlfriend. Thanks to Winni team

Arun Malik


Get Best Deals On Seasonal Flowering Plants Available At Winni

Pick your favorite flowering plants at the best price only from Winni. Winni, your personal online store is here with a fresh collection of flowering plants for all different seasons. Now, your garden will never look dry and dull in any season because you can order flowering plants from Winni in the beginning of every season. Be it any flower that you are looking for, you name it we've got it. Yes, we have a huge collection of flowering plants with beautiful flowers that add a pop of colour to your place. Now you can decorate your outdoors and indoors in the most aesthetic way with flowering plant delivery from Winni. 

Order Flowering Plants And Give Your Home Garden A Makeover

Flowers are alluring; they calm the mind and ward of any stress the mind is dealing with. The charming beauty of the flowers is pleasing to the eyes; people enjoy the bright, charming colors around them, so having flowering plants at home is a common practice. If you too like to maintain a flowery habitat around you, then Winni has got something for you. You need to check out our flowering plants online. We have brought you a fresh new range of flowers that you can buy for your garden as well as your hanging baskets. We have all types of seasonal flowers at our online store. Irrespective of the season at your place, your garden should never be dull because there is always a set of flowers ideal for that particular season. All of them are readily available at Winni. Just search for online flowering plants, and you will land on Winni. Kindly proceed to our flowering plant's sections. We have a separate category for the same, so you can start purchasing without any hassle.

Now that you have access to healthy flowering plants, you can give your garden a makeover whenever you want to. Our online portal makes you overwhelmed with the joy of having flowers at your place because there are extensive choices of indoor and outdoor flowering plants here. Now enjoy the refreshing vibes besides the charming flowers while you sip in your morning coffee. You will be surprised to see how easy it is to give your surroundings a makeover. Just order flowering plants from Winni and see these blooms enhance the overall beauty of the place. These can be planted at your home, your office, hotel, or any other place you own. Order now. 

Winni’s Fresh New Collection Of Flowering Plants Online Awaits You

Flowers are one thing that never goes out of style. They are used for so many different purposes each day. From their medicinal properties to be an ideal gift, there is merely anything that flowers cannot do. Now, you can bring these flowers to your home as Winni provides an online flowering plant delivery from door to door. Transform your place into a happy one with lots of flowers in your garden and your vases. At Winni, you can explore as many flowering plants online as you want. We have an endless range of flowering plants that you can plant in winters, summers, springs, monsoon, and other seasons. Enjoy our express delivery on every order so that you can plant each flowering plant in its best condition. We do understand that plants can lose moisture and die very soon. So, we have the fastest online delivery that delivers your flowering plants in no time. To top that fantastic service, we have the same-day flowering plant delivery service as well. With the top-notch delivery service, you can order flowering plants whenever you wish to, anywhere in India. Winni delivers pan India. Make the most of such service. For that, go through your appealing range of flowering plants and make your garden ready to catch the attention of the onlookers. These flowering plants can be grown in hanging baskets as well as other planters. You even get the choice of purchasing planters at Winni. We have cool different size planters in our store. For a perfect blooming garden, plant mixed flowers and enjoy the charm. 

Buy And Send Flowering Plants Anywhere In India From Online Nursery

These days flowers and plants have become an inevitable part of our life. Having flowers is more like a lifestyle choice because it brings happiness and joy to one’s life. To keep a healthy flow of air, you can order flowering plants online from Winni. These flowers can be given to the people you love the most. If you are looking for a heart-touching and fulfilling gift, take a different approach by ordering flowering plants from Winni. These budding blooms touch the receiver's heart, and they can happily plant them in their garden to beautify their home. To make it more appealing, you can buy a planter from our website. From exotic flowering plants to a more classic choice, we have nearly all the names you have read about. We offer fresh and healthy home plants that will bloom in any soil and let you enjoy the best of nature while you enjoy your evening tea with friends and family. Now you can send flowering plants anywhere in India to surprise your loved ones with such thoughtful gifts. Our swift delivery delivers your products at your door, in time. 


Spread the freshness with Winni’s Online Collection Of Flowering Plants

Flowers can easily uplift your mood and bring a broad smile to your face. Saplings of bright colored and sweet-smelling flowers can bring happiness into the life of your dear ones. Flowers have the natural ability to trigger our happy hormones- Serotonin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin. Now your balcony or garden area will never look dull and morbid in any season, and you can pick your favorite flowering plant from Winni’s most delicate and fresh seasonal collection. Winni brings you the best and scintillating collection of flowering plants. You can easily place orders for flowering plants and add colors, and spread happiness at your office, home, garden, and balcony area. With the online delivery of flowering plants from Winni, you can decorate your indoors and outdoors in the most colorful ways. Flowers can easily accentuate the vibe of the place where they are kept. Send flowering plants online to your loved ones.

Gift flowering plants to your loved ones and spread happiness.

Planting flowering plants in the garden and home has been a common practice for a long time. Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by colorful and sweet-smelling flowers? The inescapable and alluring beauty of flowers can reduce all your stress and can bring a broad smile across your face. Winni has got an exquisite collection of flowering plants. If you love to decorate your garden area and your surroundings with colorful flowers, then Winni is your one-stop solution. With the trend of gifting flowers and flowering plants to your loved ones at wedding functions, get-togethers, birthday gifts, office gatherings, and house warming parties. Send plants online to your loved ones to express love, care, good luck, and gratitude. Gifting flowering plants to your loved ones is one of the easiest and eco-friendly ideas. Flowering plants grow beyond a timeline and beautify the surroundings. They are a reminder that if taken care of, life can bloom anywhere and everywhere. You can enjoy the beautiful and refreshing view of your garden while taking a round or sipping hot coffee. Buy Roses, Mogra, Lily, Crossandra, Hibiscus, Ixora, and a list of exquisite flowers. 

Place your order at Winni and experience hassle-free delivery of flowering plants online at your doorstep at the exact time and day.

Flowering Plants And Their Symbolism


Roses are a symbol of love and affection. This flowering plant easily adjusts to its surroundings. The sweet smell of rose can elevate your mood. They are found in multiple colors. They can be an excellent addition to your interior. 


Hibiscus is one such flowering plant that symbolizes beauty and glory. It is a low- maintenance flowering plant. It is seen in the Spring season. Its medicinal properties make it a favorite among the other flowering plants. It is found in different colors like red, white, yellow, and pink. 


Just like a rose, kalanchoe is also considered a symbol of beauty and love. They are beautiful and eye-catching flowers. They are great mood uplifters and help in concentration. They are easy to maintain. 


Mogra is a sweet-smelling and robust flower. The smell of mogra elevates your mood. They come under the category of shrubs. Mogra is a bright flower. 


Lilies come under the category of herbs. White lilies symbolize fertility, and pink lilies symbolize admiration, love, and femininity. Lilies are a perfect gift for housewarming parties. 


The scintillating smell of jasmine makes it an all-time favorite flowering plant. They symbolize purity and sensuality. 

Winni’s Collection Of Fresh And Exquisite Flowering Plants Awaits Online

Flowers are something that never grows out of fashion. Flowers can easily brighten up your soul and bring a smile to your face. You can bring these flowering plants to your home as Winni provides door-to-door delivery. Give a beautiful makeover to your garden, buy beautiful flowering plants from Winni. We bring you a wide range of options for flowering plants. At Winni, we have multiple options for both indoor and outdoor flowering plants online. You can easily buy flowering plants from Winnie from the comfort of your abode with just a click. You will be surprised to see how easily you can give a makeover and beautify your garden area, balcony, or terrace area by just placing an order at Winni. Our assortment of flowering plants can be planted at the office area, at home, garden area, and in your balconies. Flowering plants bloom happiness in the form of colorful buds and sweet-smelling flowers. Winni provides express deliveries too, and you can easily plant a flowering plant in its best condition.

We provide hassle-free delivery across India. We have separate categories for indoor and outdoor flowering plants. Online shopping for flowering plants has become much convenient and more accessible with Winni. Our portal ensures that you get what you are looking for without facing any hassle. Our priority is our customers and the quality of the products we provide, with 5 million customers across the country and fully operating in 600 cities spanning across the country. Select flowering plants from a wide range of varieties at Winni. We make sure that the flowering plants are sanitized before being delivered to the respective customer. We believe in educating our customers about outdoor and indoor flowering plants; our customers opt for them. We provide information on the symbolism and the benefits of the flowering plant. We provide a manual on the maintenance of the plant too. 

Buy Flowering Plants From Winni And Spread Happiness

Gifting flowers has become an inevitable part of our life nowadays. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, gifting flowers will never go out of trend. Celebrations become merrier and more accessible, with the easy availability and delivery of flowers. In an era of 9 to 5 jobs, a sedentary lifestyle, and the pandemic at its peak, we miss celebrations and get-togethers. Still, with Winni, you can always make your loved ones happy and make their celebration much happier and merrier by gifting flowers. With a sound and top-notch delivery system, we ensure that your product gets delivered at the exact time and at the correct address. 

We make sure that you choose the best product to gift your loved one. At Winni, we offer discounts and offers on the purchaser of the indoor and outdoor flowering plants. We provide offers during the festivities. With just a click, you can easily send flowering plants online to Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, or any other destination. You can get these noblest gifts at a very affordable and non- pocket pinching rate. We provide free delivery of indoor and outdoor flowering plants across the country. We believe in delivering hope and prosperity to your doorstep. You select the product, and we are there to assist you in every possible way, from making the right choice from customizing the order to tracking the order to the delivery at the exact location. Our experts are online 24*7 to guide you to make the best choice for your loved ones, and you can talk to our experts if you have any confusion or query regarding the order you have placed or the product you have chosen. Order Now! 

Winni Is Your One Stop Solution For Gifting Flowering Plants Online

Winni is your one-stop solution for all types of gifting ideas online. We offer a variety of fresh and healthy flowering plants which bloom in any soil under any condition. Now you do not have to wait for Spring and Winter to turn your dull and dry garden area into a refreshing and colorful one. You can order indoor and outdoor flowering plants online from Winni and decorate your garden area and living room. We offer not only seasonal flowering plants but also beautiful and rare flowering plants too. Order flower arrangements online from Winni, get them delivered on time, add colors to life and your home. You can even buy planters from our website. We offer customized planters. You can easily place an order for planters along with a flowering plant, and we can help you customize the planters. We offer extraordinary and designer planters based on your demand and customization request. We have webbed across India and abroad to add more happiness to the celebrations, making them merrier and happier by delivering surprises in the form of cakes, flowers, good luck plants, flowering plants, and customized gifts to your loved ones. Our priority is our customers, the quality of our product and the on-time delivery. We believe in delivering happiness. 

Gift flowering plants with customized planters to your loved ones for festivities like Diwali, Rakshabandhan, birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, get-togethers, and spread happiness. Order a token of hope, life, and growth at Winni. We provide thoughtful and innovative gifting ideas for your near and dear ones. We even provide a manual on the maintenance of the flowering plant and an information palette about the flowering plant you are opting for. Order Now!!! Gift a pot of happiness, love, hope, life, and growth. With every blooming flower, you would be remembered by the recipient of the gift.

Get Best Deals On Seasonal Flowering Plants Available At Winni

Pick your favorite flowering plants at the best price only from Winni. Winni, your online store, is here with a fresh collection of flowering plants for all different seasons. Now, your garden will never look dry and dull in any season because you can order flowering plants from Winni at the beginning of every season. Be it any flower you are looking for, and you name it, we've got it. Yes, we have a massive collection of flowering plants with beautiful flowers that add a pop of color to your place. Now you can decorate your outdoors indoors in the most aesthetic way with flowering plant delivery from Winni. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 


Que. Can I keep flowering plants indoors? 

Ans. Yes, you can keep certain flowering plants indoors like Bromeliads, Jasmine, and Peace lily. 

Que. Are flowering plants high maintenance? 

Ans. Not all flowering plants are high maintenance. Peace lily, Bromeliads, and Hibiscus are not high maintenance. 

Que. Can I give a flowering plant to my friend? 

Ans. Yes, you can gift a flowering plant to your friend. Gift them a token of love, growth, and hope.

Que. Can you deliver flowering plants to Kolkata? 

Ans. Yes, we deliver flowering plants all over India.

Que. Which are the best flowering plants? 

Ans. The best flowering plants are Hibiscus, Rose, Lilies, Kalanchoe, Marigold, etc. 

Que. Can flowering plants be kept indoors? 

Ans. Yes, certain flowering plants can be kept indoors. For example, flowering plants like- Bromeliads, Peace Lilies, Kalanchoe, Begonias, etc. 

Que. Can I gift a flowering plant to my friend? 

Ans. Yes, you can gift a flowering plant to your friend. They make beautiful gifts that denote growth, hope, and life. 

Que. Can a Flowering Plant be gifted for a housewarming party? 

Ans. A flowering plant is a perfect gift for a housewarming party. They are eco-friendly and are available at non-pocket pinching. 

Que. What is the best possible way to care for a flowering plant?

The environment determines whether or not a blossoming tree will survive. The right conditions, including soil type, water, available sunlight, and the tree's surroundings, are essential for adequate growth. 

Flowering trees require healthy, well-drained soil. If your soil is deficient, you can improve it by using a decent soil mix or fertilizer. Watering flowering trees regularly is also necessary. However, sunlight is one of the most critical components for growth. Direct sunlight is required for the trees to blossom. 

Que. Do you have a same-day delivery option for flowering plants? 

Ans. Yes, we provide same-day delivery options. 







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