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Bonsai Plants For Home And Office Online In India From Winni

Bonsai is the art of raising small container trees. Thanks to a highly restricted root system and selective pruning, bonsai trees are kept small to retain a compact tree size. For well over a thousand years, the ancient art of bonsai, literally translated as "planting in a container," has been practiced to construct realistic miniature representations of the natural trees. Japanese and Chinese people have cultivated Bonsai plants for many years to introduce peace and nature into the home. This trend has also started recently in other parts of the world, and it is growing very popular in India. Bonsai plants are the ideal mix of beauty and art and a wonderful way to bring nature to your home. They improve your office and home's overall look, alleviate stress and help purify the air. Explore our wide range of bonsai plants to order online, and give as a gift of greenery to your loved ones in India.

Buy Bonsai Plants Online And Bring Nature At Your Living Space - Winni

Bonsai, or a living tree specimen cultivation, is accomplished by using restrictive potting, purposeful pruning, and bonsai wire shaping. The main aim of growing a bonsai is to create a healthy miniature but an actual, tree-shaped representation of nature. Over time, the tradition of gifting bonsai trees at festivals, housewarming events, and other special occasions has become very popular. Winni provides a range of online bonsai plants such as Money Tree, Ficus Bonsai, Bonsai Pomegranate, Star Jasmine, Juniper, and so on. The bonsai plants are aesthetically pleasing, making an excellent gift for every occasion and helping to nurture relationships. If you learn the fundamentals, the mini trees are easy to grow and maintain. So exercise your green fingers by taking up the hobby of growing and gifting Bonsai plants online.

Bonsai Plants: Their Symbolism And Benefits

Jade Plant

Jade plants promote nourishing Chi energy (positive energy). It attracts good luck and wealth. It symbolizes good luck and fortune. The luscious green leaves of a jade plant symbolize renewal and growth. Its medium size makes it ideal to be kept at the entrance of your building or office space. The medicinal effects of the Jade plant make it one of the most favorite among the rest. It boosts positivity and improves indoor air quality. It is easy to maintain. 

Juniper Bonsai

A Juniper Bonsai symbolizes protection. They are one of the oldest Bonsai plants. It is a low-maintenance Bonsai plant. It is much easier to shape and train. It can grow in every type of soil as long as it is well-drained and moist. 

Money Plant

A money plant brings prosperity, good luck, and positivity. From the name, one can easily understand, it has a strong effect on money matters. According to Feng Shui, a money plant has a substantial and direct effect on wealth. It helps in warding off financial obstacles.

Ficus Bonsai 

A Ficus Bonsai is known to enhance your mood. It is branded as a cheerful tree. It symbolizes the harmony of nature, new beginnings, and abundance. According to Feng Shui, if you receive a Bonsai as a gift, fortune smiles on you. They are easy maintenance plants. Their appearance makes them unique, with thick branches and shiny emerald leaves. 

Carmona Bonsai 

A Carmona Bonsai symbolizes harmony, peace, and balance. It is an air-purifying plant. It blooms small white flowers during summers. It absorbs harmful toxins from the air like Toluene, Formaldehyde and makes the air breathable. It is a promising Bonsai plant, as it adds good luck, charm, and prosperity to the home. It is a low-maintenance Bonsai plant. 

Winni Is Your One Stop Solution For Bonsai Plants Online

Buy Bonsai plants online from Winni, and we provide a manual on how to maintain these indoor plants. These small tokens of greenery act as a perfect gift for those who love to surround themselves with plants. Bonsai plants are very thoughtful gifts, and they can be easily gifted to anyone and everyone. We provide hassle-free delivery at your doorstep. Happiness is guaranteed as you select and we deliver. Our priority is our customers and the quality of the products we provide. With 5 million customers across the country and fully operating in 600 cities spanning across the country. Select indoor plants from a wide range of varieties at Winni. We make sure the Bonsai plants are sanitized before being delivered to the respective customer. We believe in educating our customers about the indoor plant they are choosing, and we provide information on the symbolism and the benefits of the plant. We provide a manual on the maintenance of the plant.

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Send Bonsai Plants Online With Ease And Efficient Delivery Services

Winni is a leading online gift shop that provides top-quality bonsai trees and exclusive trendy bonsai gifts, with delivery available the next day. We devote ourselves to the highest degree of customer support and are proud of the value of carefully delivering bonsai and bonsai gifts. For all occasions, we deliver a beautiful selection of indoor bonsai plants and other plants such as succulents, indoor plants, outdoor plants, flowering plants, good luck plants, air-purifying plants, and several other quality gifts. So whatever the occasion, a birthday, engagement, welcoming new baby, new home, wedding, retirement, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or to send congratulations, you can be assured that we at Winni will deliver the perfect gift! We also deliver floral bouquets, cakes, personalized gifts, chocolates, teddy bears, plants, digital gifts, and many more items as the perfect way to strike gifts for any occasion with a distinction. Send plants online to your friends and relatives. 

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Online Bonsai Plants price list

Bonsai Plants PRICE (RS)
Personlised Ficus Bonsai Plant Rs. 1,299
Charming Indoor Plants Rs. 3,199
Luck with Ficus Bonsai and Laughing Buddha Rs. 1,149
Ficus Bonsai Plant In Black Pot Rs. 1,049
Fortunate Blessings Rs. 1,599
Ficus Bonsai Plant With 4 Baby Monk Rs. 1,249
Data last updated on 21/06/2024

Bonsai Plants - Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Caring Tips For A Bonsai Tree?

Watering: Bonsai pots are small, holding little water; most bonsai trees will need regular watering, maybe every day in warm conditions. However, plants are also easily overwatered, which can cause problems. So not to dry and not to wet. Shelter: Bonsai trees require defense from extreme conditions, heat, and cold. Training: Bonsai trees are encouraged to form desired shapes and are not dwarf trees. Root Pruning: Root pruning is necessary while re-potting bonsai trees; it creates a healthy tree. Fertilizer: Bonsai trees grow in a tiny amount of soil; regular fertilizer is required. A water-soluble fertilizer every two weeks is usually sufficient during the growing period.

What is the best way to water a Bonsai tree?

1. Make a daily check for dryness in the soil of your Bonsai plant. 2. Maintain a daily pattern of checking in the morning and evening. 3. Do not water the plant if the soil appears black and damp. However, if the soil is light brown and dry, the plant must be watered. Check if the water has reached the bottom of the vase on the grooves to avoid overwatering the plant.

How do you know how old a Bonsai is?

Checking the receipt details from the plant purchase is the simplest approach to determine the age of a Bonsai plant. The most challenging method is to count the number of rings on the tree's trunk, which means you'll have to cut it down.

How do I choose the best bonsai soil?

Because plants flourish in various soils and environments, make sure you re-pot your Bonsai plants in the soil advised for that particular plant. Give us a call, and we'll assist you in finding the ideal soil for your Bonsai.

Do Bonsai Trees Require Sunlight?

Every plant, including Bonsai, requires sunlight. A bonsai requires at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day. The amount of sunlight required varies depending on the type of Bonsai plant.

How Often Should My Bonsai Be Watered?

Bonsai should never be disregarded when it comes to watering. When the soil becomes dry, water the plant immediately. Never let the soil dry entirely. 

How difficult is it to maintain a Bonsai?

Bonsai translates to "Grown in a Container." As a result, plant care and maintenance also include general plant care and maintenance advice! It's simple to care for and maintain Bonsai plants if you have the correct tools.

Where Should Your Bonsai Tree Be Placed?

An ideal location for Bonsai plants is next to a window. Bonsai plants, like other plants, require adequate sunlight to support processes such as photosynthesis and develop disease resistance. Also, stay away from things like air vents and radiators.

Do Bonsai Trees Require Sunlight?

Every plant, including Bonsai, requires sunlight. A bonsai requires at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day. The amount of sunlight required varies depending on the type of Bonsai plant.
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