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Chocolate Truffle

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Zest the flavors of this delicious cake with your mouth smudged with chocolate. It is the cake which will melt with every bite and will leave you enchanted by its taste. Whistle for chocolates mixed with chocolate cream with this delicious chocolate truffle cake. Truffles are made with the combination of chocolate, cocoa powder. The chocolate ganache is centrally coated with chocolate along with nuts. 

The chocolate truffle cake has its roots in France. 

The name is derived from the shape of the edible part of the tuber fungus. Basic ingredients of the product are the flour, chocolate/cocoa powder, nuts like almonds, hazelnuts or coconut (chopped and toasted), butter, sugar, eggs. Eggless cake is also available and for this you have to click on checkbox button.

The Chocolate truffle has various varieties across the world and is named after those countries as well. The "French truffle" is the type which is baked with chocolate and fresh cream. After this baking, it is rolled into the cocoa powder. The "Swiss truffle" is the combination of boiling dairy butter and cream with the chocolate. This mixture is then poured into moulds to have the desired shape and then is left to set. Lastly, cocoa powder is sprinkled. Both French and Swiss truffles have a short life that is they must be consumed within few days. The "American truffle" is a mixture of chocolates (milk/dark) with butterfat. In some case hardened coconut oil is also used in place of butter fat. The shape of this truffle is like half egg made of chocolate and coated with truffle. Customizations are available. Extra charges will be charged for changes.

Winni’s word:
It is the best chocolate cake. With taste, one can easily have the proteins. Health is nowhere compromised. This is the best cake for each and every occasion. Surprise to your beloved, parents and siblings where you have a smooth life, as well as ups and downs as crunches, are best for this cake. A perfect cake for birthday, anniversary, success party, get together, office meetings.


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