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Butter Scotch Cake

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The Butterscotch cake is the perfect combination of smooth cream, melting caramel and butterscotch. This cake is a perfect thrill as a dessert. Each layer of the cake is iced with butter cream and butterscotch. The different tunes of this delicious Butterscotch cake will surely leave you grooving for more.Get this cake for the memorable treat to your people and taste buds.


This Butterscotch was originated in England. It is the type of toffee which is boiled to soft crack stage, unlike the regular toffee. This is made up of brown sugar and butter. This toffee is used for toppings as well as layering in different dairy products like pastries, cakes, ice creams etc.


The most popular flavor of cake is composed of rich butter, sugar, flour, whipped cream, eggs and butterscotch crunchies. Eggless butter scotch cake is also available and for this you have to click on checkbox button.

The top of the cake is iced and groomed with swirls of buttercream and crunches of butterscotch. Cherries are added to provide a more elegant look and add wonders to the taste.This can be customized into desired shape and size as well. Chocolate layering can be added for more thrills. There are extra charges for customization.

Winni’s word:

The most popular and finest flavor of the cake is Butterscotch. Undoubtedly we can find at least one person in every home whose choice is Butterscotch. This cake is so popular that can be ordered online or can be found on each and every bakery. The smooth buttery taste with twists of Butterscotch crunches gives a never-ending taste experience. The smoothness is worth fighting for on every occasion. Birthdays, parties, dinner dates, anniversaries and every occasion can witness this cake as their party maker.


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