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Valentines Day Cakes to Celebrate Your Love-Story Sweetly!

Heighten up the romance factor in your love life, this Valentine’s Day, celebrating your love stories with our super tasty cakes. Nothing impresses your partner more than special Valentine day cakes; after all, they’re everyone's favorite delight, which better knows how to sweeten your bond as well as celebration. Irresistible flavors, types or designs of valentine cakes will boost the spirit of Valentine’s Day celebration & definitely make it memorable.

Valentines Day Special Cakes 2023 - Make Sweetest Valentine’s Day Ever!

February 14 always brings goosebumps to all lovers as it’s a big day of celebrating the most enduring feeling called “Love.” It's a very generic term that is relative to different emotions ranging from affection to attention, attraction to a strong interpersonal attachment. The charm of Valentines day is incomparable, that may be the reason why it is considered as the perfect day to speak out heartiest feelings of love towards your special one. The preparation of this festival of love kicks off on its leading days. Well, this is the perfect time to display your feelings on the canvas of someone’s heart, so this year, make it super special saying those magical words of love with delicious Happy Valentine cakes of Winni. 

As we all know that love is the only feeling that binds everything together in perfect harmony, so celebrate this feeling. There is nothing more kind than sending sweet Valentines cakes to remind your special someone of the joys and tears you have shared with them. The sweetness of the cake also works best when you are unable to converse the apt words. Well, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion; therefore, we at Winni bring you the most tempting cakes for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or anyone on your list. You can order and send Valentine day cakes online to the one who is waiting for a delightful surprise from your side. When the festival arrives, it always instigates the lover to take the lovely steps and reach the heart of their partner nicely. You can buy Valentines day cakes online and surprise your someone special in the most enduring way that you’ve never tried before. 

Send Valentines Day Cake Online | Delivery in 2 Hrs. From Winni

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Theme Cakes Valentine Cakes For Wife Vanilla Cake

Online Valentines Day Cakes to Sweeten Your Love Celebration

Mark Valentine's Day 2023 with endless merriment and lots of love, adding our cakes as a star factor to your surprise plan. Cakes have such a brilliant power to turn the whole ambience into a romantic as well as happiest one that no one can imagine at all. So, this year, forget the old ways to rule your dear one’s heart and bring our Valentine day cakes baked with fresh quality ingredients by professional bakers. 

Valentine’s Day is a big-o-celebration of the love of the year. So, it needs to be celebrated in a grand way. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our whole new array of Valentines cakes online, where you are always welcomed with so many flavors that will definitely make you buy it instantly for the person you love from the bottom of your heart. When a consumer is served with a variety on a plate, then it enhances the shopping experience. Right? We believe this fact and, therefore, offer the cake in a number of flavors to help you choose your favorite one. Now you can easily order cake online of the flavor that can please your soul instantly. 

When you buy Valentine's Day cakes from us, then you can be sure that you have chosen the freshest & best delight for your celebrations. We provide the assurance of cake quality and its freshness to make this Valentine’s Day special ever. We understand the expectations or sentiments when you order Valentine cakes from us; therefore, we endeavor to bring the best that can double the joy of the celebration. So, what are you waiting for? Go through our Valentine's cakes range online and place your order for the one, which can bring a wide smile over your partner’s face.

Order Heart-Shaped Valentine Cakes - Give Heart to Your Valentine!

Festival, of course, calls for the ritual of exchanging gifts, and there is no better way to entice your lover on Valentine’s Day than giving delectable Valentines cakes. But a cake should be one that can touch the soul of your partner and become the reason for their sweet smiles instantly. Right? A heart-shaped cake is a right delight that never fails to add its magic to your celebration. February 14 is the day of love and is associated with sweet delights like cake, so it needs to be as unique as the day & your love is. In this case, you must buy heart-shaped Valentine day cakes whose appearance is enough to mesmerize anyone on your list. 

Have you ever imagined why heart-shaped Valentine Day special cakes are considered as the ideal pick to show your divine love? With every cake, you can celebrate your love easily, but a heart-shape cake expresses that your words fail. A beautiful heart-shaped cake with a great taste, rich with lip-smacking flavor & a lovely message on top, turn this delight into the most special medium to evoke your right emotions. Love is unconditional and limitless! Celebrate this feeling and say cheers to your bond, cutting Valentines Day cakes. Let our heart-shaped cakes become the reason for new memories, smiles, laughs and joys of your special day. 

Cakes are considered as the star of celebration, but heart-shaped cake is the sweet epitome of love, which better knows how to reciprocate your feelings towards your special someone. This year, send heart-shaped Valentines cakes and express your innermost feelings for them in the most enduring way. As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you can find various heart-shaped cakes in a number of flavors such as heart-shaped red velvet cake, pineapple heart shape cake, special heart-shaped strawberry cake, heart-shape black forest cake, choco-vanilla heart-shaped cake, etc are ready to gladden the soul of your near and dear ones. Choose the right flavor of cake that your partner loves the most and order it online. When you send heart-shaped Valentines Day cakes at their doorstep, then you can easily show your limitless love. Yes, limitless! Because your love is limitless, so the distances can’t affect it at all. Along with Valentine day cakes, you can also order Valentine gifts to double the charm of your day.

Send Valentines Day Cakes Online at Great Discounts - Winni

The cherry on the cake is when your favorite cake is available at the best price. Finding the cake at a low price is not an easy task as there is always a risk factor related to the taste and quality of the cake. With Winni, you can grab your favorite cake at the discounted price without putting a burden on your pocket and compromising the quality, freshness of these delights. Though Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love, it becomes a problem if you have a tight budget. Remember, love is not measured in rupees. Stop emptying your wallet on expensive gifts and choose our Valentines Day cakes available at a reasonable price. 

There is something special about cakes that no one can easily forget its great taste. The way it enlightens the aura makes people instantly happy and adds the sweetness of love to your love bonds is just beyond any comparison. This year, wave this sweet magic wand in the air and make your Valentine celebration quite an amazing one. On every festive occasion, we announce great offers and discounts on our different offerings. For Valentine’s Day, we are all set to meet everyone’s gifting needs bringing their favorite flavors of cake at the most attractive price. No matter whether you are choosing a heart-shaped red velvet cake or double-layer Valentine chocolate cake, gem cake or black forest cake, couple fondant cake or a combo of Valentine day cakes, you can avail great discounts on your chosen cake. We follow a customer-centric approach and that’s the reason we take care of consumer needs in every aspect, including the price scenario as well. So, avail the Valentines cakes delivery at Winni to save more this Valentine’s Day. 

Get On-Time Valentines Day Cakes Delivery Anywhere with Winni 

The whole Valentine surprise got ruined when the recipient got an untimely Valentine cakes delivery at their doorstep. Right? Such situations are unacceptable. With Winni, you don’t have to face such embarrassment at all because we promise our customers to deliver their Valentine sweet surprise right at their desired location on time in a hassle-free manner. So, feel free to place your order for yummy cake for Valentine online with us. We always want you to watch smiling and your celebration amazing. We work hard to provide you a convenient Valentines cakes shopping experience. All the cakes are quite affordable and are ready to be delivered at your desired location. We have a wide delivery network across the nation, covering both remote areas and metro areas. No matter in which part of the country you are residing, our delivery experts will deliver your sweet surprise right at your doorstep with complete ease and care. Your convenience is our priority, and we are nailing it. From 24*7 customer support to order tracking, timely Valentines Day cakes delivery service to a number of delivery options, we cover every aspect to make your shopping experience easy and fun.

Check Out Winni’s New #Happy Valentines Day Cakes 2023

Winni is the trustworthy cakes, flowers, and gifts portal where your choices & preferences are taken as a priority. We work as per the consumer’s likes. Because buying the same cakes on every occasion is a little unexciting, so we offer a line of cakes in different flavors, designs and types. This year, we bring you our delightful Happy Valentine cakes assortment full of new cake masterpiece that will surely excite anyone with its taste and bring a wave of happiness in your celebration. Do you want to know what they are? Below-listed treats are new Valentine day special cakes that will surely help you to gain applause this season of love.

  • Red Velvet Heart-Shaped Valentines Cakes: Red Velvet cake is considered as the sweet emblem of love. The way it tantalizes the taste buds of your loved ones and expresses your feelings with its red color is beyond the imagination. At Winni, this Valentine day cake design wins everyone’s heart with its unbeatable features. So, what are you waiting for? Send Valentines Day cakes online in the form of this red velvet cake heart shape and wait for the magic to happen on this day of love.
  • Valentine Chocolate Cake: Because your sweetheart is sweet, so you must express your feelings with something that is as sweet as him or her. Right? Double chocolate Valentines cakes are the best choice. It has the double chocolate layer ideal to make your partner mouth watery. If you want to order Valentines Day cakes online for your special someone, then this cake is the perfect solution as it will speak the language of love with its immense sweetness. 
  • Valentine Choco-Vanilla Fusion Cake: When it comes to choosing the right Valentine cake, everyone becomes a little choosy. If you are also one of them, this Valentine choco-vanilla fusion cake is the right “way-to-do” the magic into the celebration of love. This cake is rich with chocolate and vanilla flavor, ready to take your partner on a sweet ride. Surprise them by sending this cake at their doorstep. There is no better way to amuse your lover than the midnight Valentine cakes delivery to their doorsteps. Go ahead and try this idea now!
  • Rainbow Cake: A rainbow in the sky always looks beautiful. This year, we have also brought you a cake inspired by the seven colors of the rainbow. Yes! The rainbow cake includes the seven different colors of layers inside, giving a different taste. It’s a perfect delight to amaze your beloved at once with the inside hidden surprise. If you are looking for a medium to surprise your special someone, then rainbow Valentines cakes are the best choice.
  • Serene Rose Valentine day Cake: Want to savor different flavors in one cake? This Serene cake will turn your dream into a reality as it has the three different flavors i.e; chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, giving it an appealing look that no one can stop themselves from saying a big “Wow.” The intricate designing of cream in the form of roses all over the cake is really adding a “Wow” factor to it.
  • Appetizing Butterscotch Valentines Cakes: Wanna order Valentines Day cakes that can convey your feelings nicely? This appetizing butterscotch cake is the right one as it is beautifully decorated with a layer of caramel and topped with the choco chips as well as choco flakes giving it a ready-to-gorge appearance. Because the butterscotch flavor of cake always comes in everyone’s favorite list, therefore, we bring you it's another version that can show your love and care for your special someone beautifully. 
  • Sprinkled Gems Heart Shape Cake: If your partner has that kiddo inside, which always falls for Gems, then our Sprinkled Gems Heart-shaped cake is the cake that you are looking for. It will meet all your expectations. Let your partner filled with immense excitement with this unique cake made of fresh quality ingredients and baked by professional bakers. Choose Valentine day cakes online from our assortment and place your order now!  

Buy Valentine Photo Cakes Online - Your Perfect Valentines Cake Treat! 

When it comes to buying the most heart-touching personalised gifts for the one who rules your heart, photo cakes are the best choice. With the advancement in technology, it becomes possible to imprint your desired image on Valentine cakes. Today photo cakes are quite popular as well as considered as one of the best innovations in the cake industry. We at Winni strive to become better each day to maintain the topmost position in the online cake world. We believe in the uniqueness and a change for better results. Because consumers always feel bored rebuying the same cakes, therefore, we bring you the most amazing personalised gift that your sweetheart will be going to fall for again and again. A complete range of photo Valentine day cake designs is waiting to become a part of your Valentine’s Day celebration. Because these Valentines cakes are the perfect treat to amaze your lover, therefore, we have come up with these cakes in a huge number. Our photo cakes will definitely act as a fun and unique element of your Valentine celebration. 

Imagine that reaction when your partner finds his or her beautiful image on the cake. The reaction of your partner will truly add this Valentine moment into the book of their life as a forever & unforgettable memory. We offer photo cake for Valentine in all the basic flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, pineapple, black forest and a lot more to drool your dear one’s taste buds. Order Valentines Day cake online from us easily. All you have to do is to choose your favorite flavor of cake, email us the desired photo at and we will get your cake ready in the same way you want. We also promise the safe online Valentine day cakes delivery at your doorstep, so you can relax after placing your order with us. Enjoy the amazing taste of Winni’s photo Valentine day cakes with your special someone. 

Does Our Photo Cakes Tastes Good? 

We all know that the cake featuring a photograph, photo cake is the latest trend in the cake industry. Bakers call these cakes a revolutionary element as it directs a lot of consumer attention. While ordering Valentines cakes especially photo cakes, fear resides in everyone’s heart, if it tastes good or bad, good for health or not? Photo cakes available on our site are made of high-quality icing paper and non-toxic, edible inks which do not harm your health anymore. Our photo cakes taste so yum that you can stop yourself from licking your fingers. So, what are you waiting for? Order Valentine cakes online from us today to bring this delight to your home. 

Send Valentine Day Cakes Online with Multiple Delivery Options

This Valentine’s Day, gift your partner countless memories that can last for a lifetime. We all very well know that nothing can beat the joy of receiving the surprises at the doorstep. This one such surprise adores the juncture with great love, and when it is accompanied by our special Valentines cakes then the happiness doubles. We care for every happy moment of Valentine’s Day, therefore, offer you a line of delivery options so that you can impress anyone on your list, sending sweet surprises at their doorstep. Check out the below-listed delivery options and get your Valentine special cake at your desired place with ease. 

  • Fixed Time Delivery
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Midnight Delivery
  • Earliest 2 Hours Delivery
  • Express Delivery
  • Early Morning Delivery 

This year, send Valentine Day cakes online to your special one anytime and anywhere, choosing from the above-listed delivery options. They will allow you to get your cake delivered at your convenient time with complete ease. When a platform provides you such comfort, then you can say, you have chosen the best place for the hassle-free online Valentine cake delivery. 

Proud to Be Crowned as Top-Rated Valentine Cakes Provider Last Year

Valentines Day comes once a year, but its magic continues for a lifetime. Winni very well understands this feeling; therefore, we always try to perform our best every year. Last year, we were listed in one of the top-ranked gift portals in the Valentine season. We have reached thousands of users around the nation and fulfill their wishes to send Valentines Day cakes to their desired place. We won the heart of many consumers turning their desires into reality. From the high-quality Valentine Day cakes to hassle-free doorstep delivery, we nailed every aspect in the season of love. Though we were the top-rated Valentine day cakes provider last year, we are improving ourselves each day by bringing new flavors, designs and types of cakes. Go through our Valentines cakes section and experience the all-new cake world ready to make everyone fall into it. Valentine’s Day is a big day when you have a golden chance to impress that person whom you admire the most. Make it as special as your partner is. Winni is a trustworthy platform to buy Valentines Day cakes online at the best price. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now before you miss a lovely chance to spell your emotions of love. Go ahead, guys! It’s Love Day! Make it happening one for both you and your partner with our special Valentine’s Day cake online.

Celebrate Love in a Unique Way on Valentine’s Week

February is the month of love and affection. The Valentine’s week begins with Rose day on 7 February, chased by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finishing with the most awaited day i.e. Valentine’s Day.  Lovers express their heart-melting feelings on Valentine’s Day every year by gifting each other heart-shape cake, Valentine flowers, greetings and many more.

Valentine Day List for Valentine Week

  • Rose Day: The first day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Rose Day. People celebrate the day by gifting roses to their special ones. The day is celebrated with happiness, zeal and enthusiasm among juvenile who try to propose their crush or girlfriend by giving roses online. On Valentine’s Week, the demand for roses gains a tremendous increase because roses have the power to express all those hidden feelings of your heart.
  • Propose Day: The second day is the propose day which is celebrated on 8th February. It is the perfect day to propose the person whom you love from the core of your heart and pamper them with cake, gifts, flowers and many more.
  • Chocolate Day: 9th February is the day of satiating the sweet tooth of the loved ones. It is celebrated as chocolate day worldwide and the whole day is dedicated to chocolates. The chocolate day has its own significance. A gift of chocolates boosts the beauty in a relationship and casts sweetness in the relationship. Delight your beloved one with lots of chocolates. You can also delight by chocolate cake too!
  • Teddy Day: After some delicious sweets, now it’s the time to gift cute teddy bears. 10 February is celebrated as Teddy Day across the world. Teddies are the key to reach women’s hearts. Teddies are the epitome of ultimate cuteness and their adorable cuddly hug can easily spread its magic in a relationship. So, gifting teddies is a good way to express emotions.
  • Promise Day: 11 February is the day of making promises. A promise is one of the most important elements in every relationship. Trust and promise is the most important step to keep a relationship healthy going. Love comes with many responsibilities and promise is one of them. Fulfilling promises with dedications make a relationship stronger and it keeps the trust factor alive. So, promise day is the day to convey the commitment to your special someone.
  • Hug Day: Hug day is celebrated on 12 February every year. It is a precious day to showcase the eternal love towards your partner with a mild and tight hug. Hug day is the day of expressing love, protection and care towards your partner.
  • Kiss Day: 13th February is considered as one of the most popular days of the Valentine’s Week. A kiss is exchanged between couples which are considered as the purest form of the love. Kiss day is the golden opportunity to express love with cute gestures. One can also gift delicious and aromatic gifts like cakes and flowers online.
  • Valentine’s Day: Finally, on 14th February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. It is the most romantic and big day that holds a lot of importance in couple’s life. It is the day that no one can let it go without expressing undying love for their special one. It is true to say that it’s better to showcase the feelings instead of hiding it and Valentine’s Day is the best day to express the emotions.

Rely on Winni for Delectable Valentines Cakes

On Valentine’s Day, the entire universe seems busy in loving one another that is absolutely a great thing. Cakes rejuvenate energy and change a bad mood to a happy one. This year, order Valentine cake with name that is specially prepared for your Valentine. If you have a busy schedule and want to get the sweetest gift for your sweetheart then you can order chocolate cakes for Valentines day cakes. Without any doubt, you can rely on us as we have 1,00,000 satisfied customers across the world. Our service always brings fruitful results in every relationship.

Areas in India Where We Provide Valentines Day Cake Delivery

Bangalore, Pune, Bilaspur, Budaun, Bulandshahr, Bundi, Burhanpur, Buxar, Calicut, Champdani, Chandannagar, Chandausi, Chandrapur, Chapra, Darbhanga, Darjiling, Datia, Davanagere, Gandhinagar, Gangapur, Gangavati, Haldia, Haldwani, Hugli-Chinsurah, Jhansi, Pallavaram, Rampur, Ratlam, Ropar, Sri-Ganganagar, Tiruvannamalai, Trivandrum,Coimbatore, Dehradun, Ludhiana, Navi Mumbai, Kanpur, Ranchi, Faridabad, Vizag,(Visakhapatnam), Bhubaneswar, Mohali, Allahabad, Panchkula, Abohar, Achalpur-Amravati, Adilabad, Adoni, Agartala, Ahmednagar, Aizawl, Ajmer, Akbarpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Amreli, Amroha, Anand, Anantapur, Anantnag, Arrah, Asansol, Ashokenagar-Kalyangarh, Aurangabad, Avadi, Azamgarh, Badlapur, Bagaha, Bagalkot, Bahadurgarh, Baharampur, Baidyabati, Balasore, Ballia, Bally, Bhilwara, Bhimavaram, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ghaziabad, Nagpur, Patna, Bhopal, Indore, Thane, Akola, Alandur, Alappuzha, Aligarh, Allahabad, Ambikapur, Ambur, Amravati, Bhind, Bhiwadi, Bhiwani, Bhopal, Uttarpara-Kotrung, Yamunanagar, Yavatmal, Zirakpur, Udaipur, Udgir, Udupi and many  more cities.

Valentine Day Cakes - Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy valentine day cakes?

Winni is the right place to buy Valentine day cake as here you will find a wide range of cakes in different flavors, designs and types as well as a number of delivery options to make the convenient Valentine day cake delivery at your desired place.

What is the best cake for valentines day?

Black Forest cake, Rainbow cake, Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Truffle cake, Strawberry cake, Gem cake, Vanilla Fusion cake are one of the most-picked Valentine day cakes, appreciated by consumers a lot.

How to order designer valentine cake?

You can order designer Valentine day cake from one & only Winni in a few minutes. Add the desired cake to your cart picking the best from our range, choose the delivery option, make the payment and your order for designer cake will be easily placed . Isn’t it simple with us?

How to get customized valentine cake for valentine`s day?

You can buy customized cake for Valentine’s Day from us. We provide the ease of cake customization with your desired image or text. Just email us the message or image that has to be printed on the product at Mention the ORDER ID provided in order confirmation mail to raise the customization request and leave the rest on us.

How to buy most romantic valentine cake?

Winni is the right platform to buy the most romantic Valentine day cake ie, heart-shaped Red Velvet cake, which is considered as the perfect emblem of love. Explore our Valentine day cake section and get the right cake to amuse your lover.

How to get midnight cake delivery on valentine's day?

Midnight surprises are always super-cool. This year, Winni is all set to meet all your expectations for midnight cake delivery on Valentine’s Day. From 24*7 customer support to timely delivery, professional team of delivery experts to fresh cakes, we are ready to serve you with the best.
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