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Send Succulent Plants Online to Acknowledge Your Loved Ones

We always prefer some unique gifts to showcase our deep emotions with our near or dear ones. It also takes time to find an appropriate gift choice to delight the recipients of the day. If you like to dedicate a thoughtful gift to make your loved ones feel special, you must go with the air purifying indoor plants on their remarkable occasions. You have the right option to send Succulent plants online to recognize your special someone. Most of the succulent plants symbolize enduring and endless love. These plants have a long life and are easy to maintain at any environmental conditions. We at Winni provide you the best collection of Succulent plants which you can easily dedicate to your family or friends. There are various designs and shapes of Succulent plants online available at Winni which make a perfect gift for expressing your immense emotions in the relationships. Send Now!

Buy Succulents Online From Winni

With the passing years, indoor plants as gifts have become a trend. Green plants symbolize life, growth, and youth. They are most liked and a viable option to gift your loved ones. They survive in any type of climate. Succulents are a type of plant that retain water or moisture in their leaves, roots, and stems. They are one of the trendiest home decor indoor plants. They are small in size and are popular for their air-purifying properties. Winni serves a wide range of succulents. Their small size makes them a perfect home decor indoor plant. They denote warmth, maternal love, endurance, and protection. Winni boasts an excellent exotic range of succulents online. You can hang them on the balconies and keep them on your work tables. 

Order Succulents For Different Occasions From Winni 

The color green signifies happiness, youthfulness, and optimism. A little dash of greenery completely changes the aura and the vibe of the living room. Succulents are easy maintenance plants. Gifting succulents have become the new normal nowadays. People are thoughtfully choosing plants over chocolates and other gifts. Succulents not only purify the air but also accentuate the corner in which they are kept. 
Be it birthdays, festivities, anniversaries, or get-togethers, plants symbolize hope for a better future, a safer future for our kids and the upcoming generation. Plants always make the best kind of gifts as they radiate positive vibes. They always remind you of the person who has gifted it to you. The durability of indoor plants depends upon their maintenance. Now you can order succulents from the comfort of your abode. Winni provides hassle-free delivery at your doorstep. 

Popular Succulents: Their Speciality And Benefits

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera symbolizes immortality. The plant is known for its medicinal benefits. Aloe Vera is used for beauty hacks, digestion issues and is a nutritious booster. 

Panda Plant

A Panda plant is a small indoor plant. It can survive in dimly lit areas. It illuminates the corner in which it is placed. They purify the air and help in improving the humidity of air in the house. 

Jade Plant 

A Jade plant represents wealth and prosperity. It contains antimicrobial chemicals which help in eliminating the toxins from the air. Jade plants promote nourishing Chi energy (positive energy). It attracts good luck and wealth. It symbolizes good luck and fortune. The luscious green leaves of a jade plant symbolize renewal and growth. Its medium size makes it an ideal one to be kept at the entrance of your building or office space. The medicinal effects of the Jade plant make it one of the most favorite among the rest. It boosts positivity and improves indoor air quality. It is easy to maintain.

Snake Plant

According to the principles of Feng Shui, snake plants radiate positive energy. It improves the quality of air by removing all the toxins. It helps in reducing stress levels. It represents cleanliness and persistence. They are easy to maintain. These plants are perfect gifts. 

Ponytail Palm 

A ponytail plant breaks down the toxins from the air and purifies the air. Its swollen brown stem gives it a very distinct look. It is a beautiful indoor plant. They can easily tolerate dry and humid conditions. 

String Of Bananas 

It is a succulent vine and it is a most sought-after indoor plant. The String of bananas needs at least six hours of sunshine. They require bright light wherever they are kept. 

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana 

It is a herbaceous succulent. They come under the flowering plant category. The colorful flowers always add beauty and freshness to your living room. A Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a beautiful succulent. It is popular for its colorful flowers. 


This plant represents strength and persistence. They grow faster than other succulents and are easy to maintain. They add a very beautiful touch to your interiors. They make perfect border plants. 


They are popular for their appearance. They have antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. They help in purifying the air. They are easy to maintain. 

Fasciated Haworthia 

It is a small plant that can be kept anywhere in your home. They are used for healing purposes. They have been used for healing purposes for a very long time. 

Fishbone Cactus 

Fishbone cactus is a small succulent that can be either placed in the home or the outdoor premises. They are ornamental plants. They beautify your interiors. 

Gift your loved ones a pot full of life, hope, and prosperity

Gifting green indoor and outdoor plants to your near and dear ones will never go out of fashion. Nowadays people are choosing thoughtful gifts over gifting anything. When you give plants to someone, you gift them hope, you gift them life and prosperity. Plants when kept indoors induce stress-relieving benefits and also help you focus on your work. With the growing trend of using indoor plants, organic seeds, air-purifying plants, succulents as a return gift or wedding gift, house-warming party gift, engagement invitations, to promote greenery, and organic farming in demand, online purchase of green plants. Gifting indoor and outdoor succulents to your loved ones is one of the easiest and eco-friendly ideas. Plants grow beyond a timeline and beautify the surroundings. Indoor and outdoor succulents are a reminder that if taken care of, life can bloom anywhere and everywhere. 

Shop Online Good Luck Plants At Winni

Buy succulents from Winni, we provide a manual on how to maintain these plants. These small tokens of greenery act as a perfect gift for the ones who love to surround themselves with plants. Succulents are very thoughtful gifts, they can be easily gifted to anyone and everyone. We provide hassle-free delivery at your doorstep. Happiness is guaranteed as you select and we deliver. Our priority is our customers and the quality of the products we provide. With 5 million customers across the country and fully operating in 600 cities spanning across the country. Select succulent plants from a wide range of varieties at Winni. We make sure the plants are sanitized before being delivered to the respective customer. We believe in educating our customers about the succulent plants they choose, we provide information on the symbolism and the benefits from the plant. We provide a manual on the maintenance of the plant.

Doorstep Delivery at Winni

We make sure that you choose the best product to gift your loved one. At Winni, we offer discounts and offers on the purchase of both indoor and outdoor succulent plants. We provide offers during the festivities. You can easily send plants online to Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, or any other destination with just a click. You can get these noblest gifts at a very affordable and non- pocket pinching rate. We provide free delivery of succulent plants across the country. We believe in delivering hope and prosperity to your doorstep. You select the product and we are there to assist you in every possible way from making the right choice, to customize the order, to track the order to the delivery at the exact location. Our experts are online 24*7 to guide you to make the best choice for your loved ones, you can talk to our experts if you have any confusion or query regarding the order you have placed or the product you have chosen. 

Surprise Your Loved Ones By Gifting Them Plants: A token Of Health And Happiness

Are you confused about what to give your loved ones? Winni is the right place to be at. We provide a wide range of medicinal, bonsai, good luck plants, and air-purifying plants all across India in 600+ cities. Shopping for indoor plants online in India has become very convenient, you just have to place the order and the doorstep delivery is assured by us. Send succulent plants online in India to your loved ones with Winni. Buy plants from our portal, we provide a manual on how to maintain the indoor plants. These small tokens of greenery act as a perfect gift for the ones who love to surround themselves with plants. Indoor plants are very thoughtful gifts, they can be easily gifted to anyone and everyone. Order outdoor and indoor succulents online from Winni, get them delivered on time, add colors to your garden, terrace, and balconies. You can even buy planters from our website. We offer customized planters. You can easily place an order for planters along with a succulent and we can help you customize the planters. We offer cool and designer planters based on your demand and customization request.  

When you give someone a good luck plan, you give them a token of love, hope, growth, and good luck. During these testing times, we must be in constant touch with nature, whether it is outdoor or indoor. Winni provides a huge variety of good luck plants at an affordable rate. 

Maintenance Tips For Succulents

Succulents grow best in bright light but indirect light. Provide the required shade to the plant, avoid scorching or burning them in the sun. 

Use well-drained soil for your succulent as it nourishes them all year-round. 

Always water the soil when it is dry, succulents generally do not need much water. 

Use well-balanced pesticides and fertilizers.


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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Que. Can you tell where a succulent thrives, in dimly lit areas or the sun? 

Ans. A succulent is very adaptive in nature. They can thrive in low-lit areas and as well in the sun. They mostly thrive in highly lit areas. 

Que. Is a succulent and a cactus from the same family of plants?

Ans. All succulents are not cacti, but all cacti come from the family of succulents. Cacti are succulents and have all the properties of a succulent. 

Que. How often can we water a succulent? 

Ans. On visiting our website you can easily browse the different types of succulents. You can easily get the tips and trivia on the maintenance and caretaking of the succulents you select. 

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