Buy shape cakes online in Bangalore, 3D cakes, shape cakes delivery in Bangalore

Shape cakes or 3D cakes are made in different shapes according to the subject of the cake. They are especially famous when you are throwing a grand party for kid or child or even if you you want to delight a grown up person. They do cost a bit extra than a normal cake but the amount of ecstasy and happiness that it brings is priceless. Shape cakes are pretty much like drawing cake, you can also think of drawing cake as a 2D cake, where in the character that you provide is drawn on a flat cake but in shape cakes, drawing is done but also the shape of the cake is also made according to the character or subject of the cake. For example, if you are ordering a teddy bear shape cake online then the cake will be made in a 3D based structure and then drawing will be done on top of that to give proper colors and design to the teddy bear. This creates a much better impression of a character instead of a drawing cake.

Making a shape cake requires extra effort to create a cake in a 3D based structure and also then doing drawing on it, that is why for delivering a shape cake in bangalore we need at least 24 hours. That is why, you should place order for a shape cake 1 day prior to the date of delivery. For instance, if you want delivery on tomorrow 10 AM then you should place your order by 11 AM today. Besides that, if you want midnight delivery of shape cakes in Bangalore then also you should place order one daye before. We do midnight delivery of shape cakes all over in Bangalore. There is a little charge for midnight delivery but for delivery in day time, its completely free of cost. You can select midnight delivery option while doing checkout. Same day 3D cake delivery in Bangalore is not possible because as we have mentioned before, it takes 24 hours to deliver a cake.

Shape cakes could be made in various variety of characters and shapes, you can provide us with the name of a character or any picture. We will prepare 3D cake according to that picture. For example, you can get shape cakes for teddy bear, ship, donald duck, football, guitar, car, cindrella, and various other characters that you can think of. You can place an order online on Winni else you can call us on our customer care number, we will help you to buy shape cake online.

If you are planning for a big party for your kid or child then you should go for a shape cake made of favorite character of your child. Other children coming in the party will feel very delighted seeing such a beautiful cake which will surely add 5 stars to your party.  Shape cakes can be bought for birthday cake, anniversary cake, or wedding cake. Shape cakes can be suited for all these types of occasion, you just need to decide what character or shape suits best for that person or occasion.

Time for delivery plays a crucial role, as you would like the care to arrive soon before party to start so that, you get a very fresh cake to cut and eat. That is why we offers you to select both date and exact time of delivery when we should deliver the cake. Keeping this delivery time in mind, then only we prepare the cake to make sure that we are going to delivery freshest possible cake to you.

For any other queries regarding online shape cake delivery in Bangalore, you can always contact us by phone or you can email us.