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Cakes for same day delivery in Bangalore

Same day cake delivery in Bangalore, order cake online for same day delivery

If you are looking for same day cake delivery then you are at right place. We offer a large variety of cakes for same day delivery. Most of the cakes like butterscotch, blackforest, vanilla, mango, dark royale, double chocolate and more can be made and delivered on same day. We require mostly 3-4 hour time for delivery of cakes in Bangalore.

Both normal cakes and eggless cakes can be delivered on same day. For some exotic and special cakes we need 6 or more hours for preparing the cake, for such cakes you need to place order early in a day so that we can prepare the cake and deliver it. For other cakes, we need just 3-4 hours, which means that you can place your order at 5pm and we can deliver it by 8pm anywhere in Bangalore.

You must be thinking, how you would know which cake we will be able to deliver on same day and which takes time. For this you select cake of your choice and proceed to checkout. In checkout website will ask you for delivery date and time. Here website will show you only minimum possible time when a cake can be delivered. From there, you will come to know that will we be able to deliver the cake or not.

If you still remain in doubt or you fail to find your preferred delivery time in checkout, you can call us then. And we will try our best to deliver the cake for you.

For other types of cakes like drawing cake, photo cake, 2D cake, 3D cake, sugar free cake, we need some more time ranging from 12 – 24 hours. So these cakes we can’t deliver on same day. Besides cake, you can buy flowers, soft toys, greeting cards, photo frames, gift frames, candles, etc. We need same 3-4 hours for delivering these products.

As we said most of the normal cakes and eggless cakes could be made available for same day delivery, so you can visit cakes category here or eggless cakes category here, in both categories most of the cakes could be delivered on same day.

For some utility products like watches, sunglasses, belts, bags etc. we need 3-4 days for delivery. So these products also cannot be delivered on same day.

Need any help regarding placing order, or have any concern regarding service or products. We would be very happy to help you with that.
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