Few best selling half kg cakes delivery in Bangalore

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Not everyone needs 1 kg or above weight cake. We understand that a single and two people could generally eat only ½ kg cake. That is why we offer to buy almost all of the normal and eggless cakes in half kg weight as well. There are some exotic and exclusive cakes that could be made only in 1 kg or above. Except those cakes you can buy any other cake in half kg and we facilitate delivery of half kg cake across Bangalore.

Half kg cakes are available only in normal cakes and eggless cakes category. For other cakes, they could be made only 1kg or above. E.g, drawing cakes need a minimum weight of 2 kg and 3D/2D cakes need minimum 3 kg weight and photo cakes also need minimum 2 kg weight.

In cakes and eggless cakes category, by default we are showing you minimum possible price for a cake only. That means if a cake could be made in half kg then on category page you would see price of half kg for that cake. For cakes, that could be made in 1 kg or above then for those cakes, on category page you would see prices for 1 kg for those cakes.

Furthermore, we provide you choice to choose from different weights of cake. When you open a cake, there you would find various weights in which a cake is available. There you can choose whether you want to buy half kg cake, 1kg cake, 2 kg cake or more. If you want cake to be made in even larger size, then you can contact our customer care and tell them your requirements. They will help you with the same.

You can see normal cakes in half kg here and if you want to go for eggless cakes in half kg then you can view those cakes here

We also provide you facility to choose delivery date and time. So, you can go ahead buying half kg cake online and choose exact date and time for delivery in checkout. Besides that, you can also choose midnight delivery of half kg cake in Bangalore.