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Do you consider yourself as a coffee gourmet or your chum chums says so? Here is a lip smacker. This rich coffee cake can spice you up with all the energy.

Coffee cake is a cake flavored with coffee. These cakes are sponge cakes with lots of cream and coffee flavor. They are generally round but can be customized. The number of layers varies from 2-3. Each layer is separated with coffee flavored butter icing. This icing also covers the top of the cake as well. This delectable Coffee cake is enhanced with walnuts, brown or white chocolate flakes on the sides and side top. These chocolate flakes are enriched with columbium coffee. Coffee taste with cream forms an exotic combination. Customizations are available. Extra charges will be charged for changes.

The combo of dessert and a drink at the table is a delectable treat for everyone. None will want to miss the chance of having a bite of this delicious combo. This refreshing cake can be the best start of the day.


Coffee cakes were born in Germany. Now Mochatine cake is celebrated all around the globe.


This cake is made up of basic ingredients such as sugar, cake flour, butter, eggs, cream, coffee and the coffee flakes of desired taste/flavor. Eggless cake is also available and for this you have to click on checkbox button.

Winni’s word:

Do you have coffeeholic people around? This cake is the best cake to celebrate with the coffee lovers. People who are coffee lovers and taste specifics too. The perfect combo of the cream, coffee and the flakes with crunch makes it very refreshing and unavoidable. This cake can act as stress buster to all colleagues and working peeps of yours. It can be the best treat for sorry, get well soon, success party lunch party, farewell, get together.


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