Top Bakery franchise opportunity in Delhi (NCR) / Best cake shop franchise in Delhi (NCR) (2020)

WINNI combines the joy of surprising your dear ones by delivering Pan India with clockwork precision 24/7. Every Day is a new day, with our Freshly Baked goodies and our highly trained chefs. We offer an innovative experience every day leaving people with a festive surprise for every visit. With a primary focus on online wishing Pan India, we are able to offer special and fresh-baked products, especially to the remote parts of India. We are offering cake franchise in Delhi (NCR) . It is an exciting business oportunity in Delhi (NCR) with minimum investment. Its an unique business idea in Delhi (NCR) to make money with ease.

Winni - Cakes and More | Best Bakery Franchise in Delhi (NCR) | Unique Franchise in Delhi (NCR)

  • More possibilities, more success for you! Be a Winnipreneur, An Enterpreneur, A Business Owner. Make more profit (ROI)
  • Preserving product quality and uniformity is imperative in all our franchises.
  • To address this need, franchisees will be supplied with finished and semi-finished bakery products.
  • We have flexible bakery business plan options that would match your desire for development. We're the right partner for you!

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1. Our Company


  • To be the largest and Best Bakery in Delhi (NCR) / Best Cake Shop franchise of Delhi (NCR) . With our unique and best bakery products, we want to be part of every celebration in every household across Delhi (NCR) and to generate maximum profit for our proud franchise owner.


  • To offer an exceptional quality products, standard of service, and hospitality.
  • To be dedicated to the single goal of satisfying each of the customers and partners.
  • Building professional relationships by producing and supplying high- quality diversified products.
  • Increase market share in this region and continue to expand.
  • Maintain a high standard of culinary products.
  • Expand the customer base by means of coherent marketing, sales infrastructures, and customer relationships.
  • Introducing unique concepts to other prestigious locations through strategic site selection & franchise concept.
  • Baking delectable delicacies require an uncompromising attitude, unbelievable craftsmanship and unwavering passion for perfection.At WINNI we believe and follow these principles in every aspect of our operation.


  • Redefining the concept of Gifting Cakes and Flowers, Winni was set up in 2012 to delight our esteemed customers
  • Established Supply chain for delivery of cakes and other gifts in more than 550 cities.
  • All India delivery within 4 hours.
  • Served more than a million customers.
  • Strong hold in the Online Gifting Market.
  • Growing more than 100% Year on Year.
  • Enabling everyone to celebrate every moment is our motto.

2. Freshly Baked Franchise - Opportunities Await You!

  • More possibilities, more success for you!
  • Preserving product quality and uniformity is imperative in all our franchise.
  • To address this need, franchisees will be supplied with finished and semi-finished bakery products which are prepared and produced in our Central Bakery Production Center.
  • We have flexible business options that would match a prospect's desire for development. We’re the right partner for you!

3. Opportunities

  • The gifting industry has registered strong growth in the past decade, which is currently growing in the country three times annually and is expected to hit 84 billion by 2024. All thanks to rising income levels and aspirations and increased exposure to global trends. The major components of the market are corporate gifting and personal gifting. Furthermore, the market is currently experiencing a revolution, in both food and non-food goods, example 3Dprinted cakes, along with attractive packaging.
  • Traditionally people in India preferred "Mithai" or sweets, but with the increase in the incidences of adulteration, customers are moving towards other products which offer consistent quality. Attractive packaging has attracted consumer's eye in India. The digital gifting contribution will scale 3-fold to be 8 percent of the gifting market with a market size of about USD 6 billion. Handmade chocolates have registered strong growth in recent times.

4. Why Choose WINNI as Bakery Franchise in Delhi (NCR) ?

  • Long-standing experience.
  • Strong supplier network.
  • Wide assortment of delights
  • Quality certification & professional management support.
  • Online orders and website for your support.
  • Online and Offline Marketing Support.
  • Technology Support for processing Orders.

5. Our Products

  • A Wide Variety of Cakes and Flowers.
  • Cookies, Bread, Namkeen.
  • Personalized Gifts.
  • Customized Chocolates.
  • Air Purifying and Indoor Plants.

6. Our Commitments

  • Help in finding locations and validate the site
  • Providing a national and local market report.
  • Providing detailed infrastructure layout plans etc.
  • Ensure initial and ongoing training for you and your management team.
  • Help you with your bakery launch.
  • Run marketing operations all year long to keep pace with market developments.
  • Provide customers through online retail delivery.
  • Renew the Menu range regularly to keep pace with the seasons.
  • Provide constant support through our “franchise advisors”

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7. Your Commitments

  • Warm and friendly welcome
  • Listening and availability
  • Maintaining standards at par with the parent brand
  • Product range
  • Raw material specifications
  • Recipes
  • Promotion drives
  • Ongoing training
  • Hygiene and cleanliness
  • Service quality
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction:
  • Become a real ambassador for our brand
  • Respect our brand image and apply the foundations of our concept:

8. Cake Franchise Models in Delhi (NCR)


Area Required(sqft.)

Set Up Cost

Man Power Required

Return Per Month Expected


200-300 sqft

10 Lac(approx)

4 - 5

Upto 1- 2 Lac Month

Bakery Cum Cafe

300-700 sqft

12 Lac(approx)

5 - 6

Upto 2-3 Lac Month

Bakery Master

700 sqft & above

15 Lac(approx)

7 - 8

Upto 3-4 Lac Month

9. Unique Support from WINNI with Smart Marketing and Promotion Techniques

We do various trending things to popularize our new bakery franchise in Delhi (NCR) . It starts from a warm launch on an opening day and also provides regular offers for memorable occasions. We also make result-oriented advertising campaigns, online promotions through social media, and many more.

  • Online orders support.
  • Daily fresh product supplies.
  • Branded product in world-class packaging.
  • Raw material support.
  • Online and offline marketing support.
  • Technology support for processing orders.
  • Winni exclusive design and recipe.
  • Winni exclusive collection of merchandise for improving sales and profitability.
  • Training schedules for the crew.
  • Local SEO and promotions.
  • Chef and manpower support.

10.Cake Shop Franchise Outlets in Delhi (NCR) of Winni

There are 3 Winni's Cake Shop franchise in Delhi (NCR) . All our cake shops are considered best bakery in Delhi (NCR) and is located at very strategic location

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