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Send Ficus Plants Online to Enchant Your Dear Ones Through Winni

Plant selection always plays an important role to share some unforgettable memories of the particular celebration. There are different types of indoor and outdoor plants which help to make a beautiful gesture of your eternal emotions. You always need to plan the best plants by considering the specific preferences of the recipients. If you want something extraordinary, then you can send Ficus plants online to give some surprising moments to your loved ones. The Ficus plant is also known as the weeping plant that has thick branches and beautiful green leaves. Most of the ficus plants are used to make adorable bonsais that make a perfect decor piece at home. Do you really want to add a unique plant to your collection? If yes, then you should go with this Ficus plan that is the best choice to double the grace of your home decor. There are also different essential properties of Ficus plants like air purifying and charming look. You can easily send Ficus plants online through Winni to convey your heartfelt feelings towards your dear ones on their special occasions. Send Now!

Gift Ficus Plants To Your Loved Ones And Add Years To Their life

Ficus plants are most commonly known as Weeping Fig, Ficus Benjamina, and Ficus trees. They are common indoor plants. They are popular for their air-purifying properties. Gift Ficus plants to your loved ones and adds years to their life.  A ficus plant represents universal understanding and unity. Winni offers a plethora of indoor and outdoor plants. You can easily do the shopping for indoor plants online with just a click. Whether you are looking for a good luck plant, air-purifying plants, bonsai, or artificial plants, Winni is your one-stop solution. Send Ficus plants online in India to your loved ones as an expression of love, care, life, and gratitude. Indoor plants accentuate the ambiance of the living rooms and halls, a little touch of greenery adds beauty, purifies the air around us, and adds freshness to the interiors of the house. You can easily send Ficus plants online in India from the comfort of your home. Shopping for indoor plants online has become a new normal. 

Order Ficus Plants And Give A Fresh And Green Look To Your Living Space

Green plants are the best options when it comes to expressing love and gratitude. When you are looking for a unique plant gift for your special ones, you should order Ficus plants online to make the recipient feel blessed. The Ficus plant is a low-maintenance plant that will enhance the charm of your home decor. With emerald green leaves and thick branches, a Ficus plant makes a very unique kind of Bonsai. Ficus plants can purify the air and can be kept in your indoor or garden area. The addition of a beautiful Ficus plant can amplify and enhance simple home decor. It is one of the best plants that make an excellent present for family or friends. Be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation party, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Day, or any other remarkable occasion, Ficus plants are perfect to display your immense feelings from the heart. If you like to go with the fresh and attractive Ficus plants online, then you need to visit Winni’s online gift portal. Here you will get all the different varieties of Ficus plants that would make the perfect gift option for your loved ones. You need to explore the Ficus plants collection at our one-stop-shop portal. Winni makes sure to deliver the exact product that you choose on the website. Order Now!

Send Ficus Plants Online To Your Loved Ones And Help Them Lead A Healthy Life

With the growing demand for residential towers and office hubs, air pollution has multiplied thousand times in the cities. People are suffering from respiratory problems, itchy eyes, and skin disorders, skin allergies, etc. People have started growing plants both indoors and outdoors. With the current scenario, the demand for air-purifying plants has risen. It boosts positivity and improves indoor air quality. It is easy to maintain. The demand for online plants has increased which has led to the shopping for indoor plants online. Send air-purifying Ficus plants to your loved ones and add freshness to their life. Gifting air-purifying plants to your loved ones as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, housewarming parties, invitation gifts. Ficus is a classy Bonsai, it always lights up the corner in which it is kept. It is known to absorb carcinogenic substances from the air like Benzene, Formaldehyde, and Toluene. 

 Add Greenery And Freshness To Your Home Decor

The color green signifies happiness, youthfulness, and optimism. A little dash of greenery completely changes the aura and the vibe of the living room. They can be kept easily and are easy maintenance plants. 
Buy plants from our portal, we provide a manual on how to maintain the indoor plants. These small tokens of greenery act as a perfect gift for the ones who love to surround themselves with plants. Indoor plants are very thoughtful gifts, they can be easily gifted to anyone and everyone. 
Shopping for indoor plants online in India has become much easier now. Winni provides you a catalog of indoor plants along with extra information on the background of the plants and their benefits.

Surprise Your Loved Ones By Gifting Them Ficus Plants: A token Of Health And Happiness

Are you confused about what to give your loved ones? Winni is the right place to be at. We provide a wide range of medicinal, bonsai, decorative, terrarium, and air-purifying plants all across India in 600+ cities. Shopping for indoor plants online in India has become very convenient, you just have to place the order and the doorstep delivery is assured by us. Send plants online in India to your loved ones with Winni. We bring you healthy and fresh Ficus plants. You can place your order with us and we assure you of doorstep delivery. 

Doorstep Delivery at Winni

We make sure that you choose the best product to gift your loved one. At Winni, we offer discounts and offers on the purchase of both indoor and outdoor Bonsai plants. We provide offers during the festivities. You can easily send Ficus plants online to Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, or any other destination with just a click. You can get these noblest gifts at a very affordable and non- pocket pinching rate. We provide free delivery of Ficus plants across the country. We believe in delivering hope and prosperity to your doorstep. You select the product and we are there to assist you in every possible way from making the right choice, to customize the order, to track the order to the delivery at the exact location. Our experts are online 24*7 to guide you to make the best choice for your loved ones, you can talk to our experts if you have any confusion or query regarding the order you have placed or the product you have chosen. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Que. How much light does a Ficus plant need? 
Ans. A Ficus plant should be placed in indirect light. They do not respond well to changes. Always keep it near a less bright window or balcony.
Que. Can a Ficus plant be taken outside in summers? 
Ans. You can place it outdoors but not for a long time as it starts dropping its leaves. It is better to keep it at a shady place. It drops leaves when it has been placed indoors as it is a fussy tree when it comes to adjustments.
Que. Can I send the Ficus tree to Bangalore? 
Ans. Yes, you can send a Ficus tree to Bangalore. You just have to log in to our website. Select a ficus plant, add it to the cart. Fill in the recipient’s details. Choose your desired payment method. Place your order. 

Que. Can I gift a Ficus plant to a friend? 
Ans. Yes, you can gift a Ficus plant to your friend. These plants are known for their ornamental value and as well as for their air-purifying properties. It is a classy Bonsai.
Que. Is a Ficus beneficial? 
Ans. Yes, Ficus plants are beneficial in nature. They are popular for their air-purifying and toxin-absorbing properties. A ficus plant cleanses the air and eliminates the toxins from the air. It absorbs Formaldehyde, Benzene, and other carcinogenic compounds from the air.
Que. Where can I place a Ficus plant at home? 
Ans. A Ficus plant should be placed in the dimly lit areas of your house. They are a little fussy about adjustments. If their location is changed frequently, they start dropping leaves. It is advisable to never experiment with their location.
Que. How can I send a Ficus online to my grandparents? 
Ans. You can easily send a Ficus plant online to your grandparents. You need to select a Ficus plant, add it to the cart. Fill in the recipient’s details. Choose your desired payment method. Place your order.
Que. How can I take care of my Ficus plant? 
Ans. Water a Ficus, let it soak the water, do not overwater it or the roots would decay. Water it only when the soil is dry. If you overwater it the leaves would turn yellow and fall, and if you underwater it the leaves would dry and fall. Use a good fertilizer during its growing season which is a duration from April to September. Keep it away from the pets as the sticky sap might lead to an upset tummy in pets. 


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