Eggless cake delivery is now available in Surat by Winni

90% of population in Gujarat follow Hinduism of which the majority believe in Swaminarayan Hinduism or Vaishnavism. Both these sects believe in taking vegetarian food only. Hence you don't come across a lot of people eating non-veg in Gujarat.  However the food habits are changing now. In Surat I remember eating Locha and Ghotala which are non vegetarian dishes belongs to Surat. Surat is one of the few cities with large non-veg eating population.

No need to hold your taste buds from eating cake just because you are a vegetarian. As Winni now offers eggless cake delivery in Surat as well after making it successfully happen in dozens of cities across India. We take care that all eggless cakes should be prepared separately and should not contain even a slightest amount of egg in it. All ingredients of eggless cakes are prepared with extra caution. This way you can enjoy birthday of your friend even when he is a vegetarian.

Is there any other difference in eggless cakes from normal cakes other than egg?

If you talk about taste of both, then there is only marginal difference. And that happens because both cream and bread of cake is prepared without egg. Which causes a slight difference in taste. But in terms of appearance and other factors you won't be able to make out a difference.

Can I get midnight delivery of eggless cakes?

Yes pretty much like other products, you can get midnight delivery of eggless cakes as well anywhere across Surat. All you need to do is to choose your favorite eggless cake and move to checkout for placing order. There you will be asked to choose delivery time slot. There choose midnight as the preferred delivery time.

Is it possible to send flowers along with eggless cake?

Yes, you can do that. Please visit our flowers category in Surat to see vast variety of flowers that are available in Surat for delivery. Just choose flowers and cake that you like and go ahead to place order. Both of them will be delivered together.

What if I don't want delivery of an eggless cake instead I want a normal cake?

No issue with it. In that case you can visit our normal cakes category and choose cake from there instead of choosing from eggless cakes.

Does eggless cake is absolutely without egg?

Yes! All eggless cakes are prepared with great supervision to avoid any kind of contact with eggs. On top of that special cream and bread is prepared for eggless cakes. It is 100% vegetarian cake.

How many hours before the delivery I need to place order for eggless cake in Surat?

You need to place order 3-4 hour before the delivery. As all the eggless cake are prepared on request only. Hence if you are looking for eggless cake delivery in Surat place order in advance so that we can process the request smoothly.

What is the main difference between normal cake and eggless cake?

Normal cakes are prepared using traditional recipes which contains eggs to make it soft. Eggless cakes are with the new recipes and different ingredients without any egg portion used in it.

Is there any extra charges for eggless cakes?

Yes! There is a small additional charge involved for making eggless cake.

Do I get eggless cake in the size of my choice?

Yes! Eggless cakes are available in different sizes like half kg (500gm), one kg etc.

Does special birthday cakes available as eggless?

Yes! Given the enough time all special occasion cakes like birthday cake, anniversary cake etc can also be made eggless.

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