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Eggless cakes are delectable cakes offered in all the lip-smacking flavors from creamy, juicy flavors. Eggless cakes are basically the cakes which doesn't include eggs in the preparation of batter of cake. Eggless cake is a better option for the veggie!  Eggless cakes not only represent with the spirit of festivals but also add to the spice and thrill to make the guests enjoy. If you want to have eggless cake delivery in Ranchi then prefer Winni. Our hassle-free eggless cake delivery will surprise your near and dear ones on their special occasions.


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Eggless cakes are the topmost diamond pearl hanging on a fest that is attracted by veggies. The most famous eggless vanilla cake which is a better option for most of the oldies who are vegetarian is made in a tricky way. Most cakes rely on eggs to create that fluffy, cloud-like texture. The good news is that you can replace the same spongy texture without the use of eggs. Eggs can be replaced with mashed banana., applesauce, vinegar with baking soda, yogurt, etc. depending on the recipe. Eggless cakes can be tricky, but the always have to be fussy or complicated. It is often difficult for a consumer to buy eggless cakes at local vendors. So here at Winni, we are providing you a wide variety of cakes such as eggless butterscotch cake, eggless black forest cake, eggless chocolate cake, eggless vanilla cake, eggless choco vanilla cake. So don’t wait for this beautiful opportunity to ruin. Just scroll down and surf our site to take the better advantage of our delicious cakes. No need to worry about the shape and flavor as a heart shape, football shape, doll shape, etc. are available. Just order to taste the sweetness of the eggless cake. We are damn sure no one would be able to differentiate whether its an eggless cake or not.

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Vegetarian People love eggless cakes delivery in Ranchi. It is very common inter caste marriages everywhere and same is the case with our loved ones. There can be case the person we love is vegetarian and we are not. For them, we need to order eggless cake delivery in Ranchi. This is also compulsory need for vegetarian people. That is why we need to order eggless cakes in Ranchi. The hottest areas where we do delivery are Tikratoli, Angara, Ajaygarh, Adalahatu, Barenda Binda Bazar, Binja and many more.

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Eggless Cakes



Black Forest Cake

10 red roses


Red velvet cake

20 mixed roses

Valentine's Day

Vanilla cake

8 purple orchids

New year Eve

Butterscotch cake

5 yellow lilie

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