Order online on Winni and get eggless cake delivery in Raipur

If you are looking for eggless cake delivery in Raipur then you are at right place. All eggless cake available in Raipur are listed above. You can choose from these cakes for home delivery of eggless cake in Raipur. Eggless cakes are specially prepared to avoid any contact of these cakes with egg. Hence making it perfect choice for vegetarians for celebrating any occasions like birthday, anniversary etc. Now you can also enjoy same delicacy of cakes even after being a vegetarian.

Can I order eggless cake for midnight delivery in Raipur?

Yes, you can order eggless cake for midnight delivery in Raipur. All you need to do is to select cake that you want for midnight delivery and proceed to checkout for that. For more information about midnight delivery and products you can visit our midnight cakes category.

Is same day delivery of eggless cake in Raipur possible?

Yes, it is completely possible to get same day eggless cake delivery in Raipur. We take same day delivery orders till afternoon. Till that time you can place order for same day delivery in Raipur. If you have any concerns regarding delivery then you can get your doubts cleared by our customer service team by calling us or dropping an email.

Does eggless cake taste different from normal cake?

It taste around 95% same as normal cake and making out a difference is not really possible. To keep the same taste without eggs, special cream and bread is prepared for eggless cake. This way you can enjoy your cake without worrying about any abnormal taste.

What if I am looking for normal cake and does not want an eggless cake?

No issue if you do not want an eggless cake. In that case you choose your cake from normal cakes category of Raipur. You can place order for any cake displayed there if you do not want eggless. Just order cake online on website or app and we will deliver it to your home.

Can I send flowers along with eggless cake in Raipur?

Yes, you can easily send flowers to raipur with Winni. Visit our flowers category in Raipur and select any combination of flowers. You can find bunches, bouquet, basket etc. that you can choose for delivery in Raipur. After that you can place order for both eggless cake and flowers together. Once you have placed order than just don't worry about anything. You will keep getting update about your order and as per your selected date, winni will ensure your chosen cake and flowers delivery in Raipur at given adress.

Does eggless cake is absolutely without egg?

Yes! All eggless cakes are prepared with great supervision to avoid any kind of contact with eggs. On top of that special cream and bread is prepared for eggless cakes. It is 100% vegetarian cake.

How many hours before the delivery, I need to place order for eggless cake in Raipur?

You need to place order 3-4 hour before the delivery. As all the eggless cake are prepared on request only. Hence if you are looking for eggless cake delivery in Raipur place order in advance so that we can process the request smoothly.

What is the main difference between normal cake and eggless cake?

Normal cakes are prepared using traditional recipes which contains eggs to make it soft. Eggless cakes are with the new recipes and different ingredients without any egg portion used in it.

Is there any extra charges for eggless cakes?

Yes! There is a small additional charge involved for making eggless cake.

Do I get eggless cake in the size of my choice?

Yes! Eggless cakes are available in different sizes like half kg (500gm), one kg etc.

Does special birthday cakes available as eggless?

Yes! Given the enough time, all special occasion cakes like birthday cake, anniversary cake etc can also be made eggless.

Can I also send eggless cake and flowers for delivery in Raipur from remote location?

Yes! Winni is an online platform. You can easily send flowers to Raipur along with eggless cake using Winni's website or Winni's app (Both android as well as IOS).

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