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Delightful cake!

MOST BEAUTIFUL and tasteful cake! Great customer service and great product!

Online eggless cake delivery in Pune, Order eggless cake online and get home delivery of eggless cake

Order eggless cake in Pune and get your eggless delight at your doorstep

Pune being the cultural capital of Maharashtra is one of the top ten most populous cities standing on ninth position and the second largest city in Maharashtra known for its automobile and IT industries. Pune is 71st city by population in the world. Ruled by the Marathas. Pune still has its roots in the great Maratha, Empire. As Pune is one of the cities having many industries, the lifestyle in Pune is a busy one and a busy lifestyle restricts the personal time which is required or may be used for purpose like shopping gifts buying presents or other things based on the demand. Winni brings you this facility on your fingertips as you can easily order online gifts in Pune or order online eggless cake in Pune with Winni.

Cakes are the sweet delicacies and modification of bread which is mostly liked in the list of confectionary items and can be used on any occasion which may be celebrated may it be a birthday or an anniversary or at marriage or on Christmas egg is necessary for baking a cake, but this limits the consumer of cakes as some people follow a vegan's or a vegetarian's path so they prohibit egg or anything which contains eggs thus a requirement for another binding agent is there, which is fulfilled by Winni, with its exclusive fresh eggless cake delivery in Pune.

Winni offers you same day eggless cake delivery in Pune so you can get a cake which anyone can consume with freshness and taste intact. Want to surprise your loved ones, order with midnight eggless cake delivery in Pune by us and surprise your loved ones with this sudden eggless gift. 

Does eggless cake is absolutely without egg?

Yes! All eggless cakes are prepared with great supervision to avoid any kind of contact with eggs. On top of that special cream and bread is prepared for eggless cakes. It is 100% vegetarian cake.

How many hours before the delivery, I need to place order for eggless cake in Pune?

You need to place order 3-4 hour before the delivery. As all the eggless cake are prepared on request only. Hence if you are looking for eggless cake delivery in Pune place order in advance so that we can process the request smoothly.

Does Winni offer midnight delivery of eggless cake in Pune?

Yes! Winni does offer midnight cake delivery in Pune for eggless cakes as well. All you need to do is to choose your favorite cake from this category and when you move into the checkout. There you will find option of choosing midnight delivery time option. Just select that and continue to place your order. Thereafter your order will be delivered in midnight time duration.

Can I place order for normal cake that contains egg?

Yes, you can do that. Choose any cake from our cakes category. By default, there you will find all cakes in with cake variant only. You can select any one the cake there and simply place an order for cake delivery in Pune as per your chosen date.

Can I order flowers for delivery along with eggless cake?

Yes, for that you can visit our flowers category. There you will find variety of options like bunches, baskets etc. that you can order along with eggless cake. You need to add both cake and flowers in your gift box and then you can place order.

What is the main difference between normal cake and eggless cake?

Normal cakes are prepared using traditional recipes which contain eggs to make it soft. Eggless cakes are with the new recipes and different ingredients without any egg portion used in it.

Are there any extra charges for eggless cakes?

Yes! There is a small additional charge involved for making eggless cake.

Can I also order flowers along with eggless cake?

Yes! You can also send flowers along with eggless cake in Pune. You just need to add both eggless cake and normal cake in your cart and place order. Winni offers eggless cake and flowers delivery in Pune

Can I also send eggless cake and flowers for delivery in Pune from remote location?

Yes! Winni is an online platform. You can easily send flowers to Pune along with eggless cake using Winni's website or Winni's app (Both android as well as IOS).

Do I get eggless cake in the size of my choice?

Yes! Eggless cakes are available in different sizes like half kg (500gm), one kg etc.

Does special birthday cakes available as eggless?

Yes! Given the enough time all special occasion cakes like birthday cake, anniversary cake etc can also be made eggless.

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