Order and Send eggless cake to Pune for your loved ones

Cakes are something that offers sweet taste to the taste buds. They are the source of happiness in every occasion be it, birthday, success party or anniversary. Choose for eggless cake delivery in Pune to surprise your loved ones. Enjoy every moment by ordering a delicious cake from Winni. Whether it's red velvet, black forest, designer cake or photo cake, Winni has a wide collection of mouth-watering eggless cakes in every flavor and size. Go ahead and order the cake now!

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Order eggless cake in Pune and get your eggless delight at your doorstep

Pune being the cultural capital of Maharashtra is one of the top ten most populous cities standing on ninth position and the second largest city in Maharashtra known for its automobile and IT industries. Pune is 71st city by population in the world. Ruled by the Marathas. Pune still has its roots in the great Maratha, Empire. As Pune is one of the cities having many industries, the lifestyle in Pune is a busy one and a busy lifestyle restricts the personal time which is required or may be used for purpose like shopping gifts buying presents or other things based on the demand. Winni brings you this facility on your fingertips as you can easily order online gifts in Pune or order online eggless cake in Pune with Winni.

Cakes are the sweet delicacies and modification of bread which is mostly liked in the list of confectionary items and can be used on any occasion which may be celebrated may it be a birthday or an anniversary or at marriage or on Christmas egg is necessary for baking a cake, but this limits the consumer of cakes as some people follow a vegan's or a vegetarian's path so they prohibit egg or anything which contains eggs thus a requirement for another binding agent is there, which is fulfilled by Winni, with its exclusive fresh eggless cake delivery in Pune.

Winni offers you same day eggless cake delivery in Pune so you can get a cake which anyone can consume with freshness and taste intact. Want to surprise your loved ones, order with midnight eggless cake delivery in Pune by us and surprise your loved ones with this sudden eggless gift. 

Order and send eggless cake to Pune - Winni


Eggless Cakes



Black Forest Cake

10 red roses


Red velvet cake

20 mixed roses

Valentine's Day

Vanilla cake

8 purple orchids

New year Eve

Butterscotch cake

5 yellow lilies


Red velvet heart-shaped cake

20 red carnations

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