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Winni provides online eggless cake to serve a different kind of eggless cakes like chocolate, pineapple, butterscotch, fruit cake, red velvet, black forest and many more. We do our best to deliver your emotions, love and affections to make the recipient feel special on their special days as well as occasions. There is no better place to order eggless cake in Mysore then Winni . Whether you are looking for a simple cake or designer cake, you will get every variety just with a click. You can also send eggless cake with express delivery in Mysore. So, don't over think and place your order for eggless cakes for swift delivery.   


Order Eggless Cake Online in Mysore

Mysore, a famous tourist place which is rich in a variety of delicious cakes. Various types of cake which are found in Mysore differ in their sizes and shapes. Different sizes and shapes do attract many people living peacefully. Size of the cake play in important role if a small gathering is there for an office party,  if  3-4 group friends and peer are there  then a half kg of the cake is preferred by the people of Mysore but if the gathering  of friends is large enough then people prefer to order cake in a substantial amount of 1 kg so that it can satisfy the taste buds of all guests. According to the shape, one can buy a square shaped cake, a circular form of the cake, a diamond shape, teddy bear shaped eggless cakes are also available which attracts many kids on the birthday party of a special kid.

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Eggless Cakes



Black Forest Cake

10 red roses


Red velvet cake

20 mixed roses

Valentine's Day

Vanilla cake

8 purple orchids



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