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Buy drawing cakes online in Bangalore, free drawing cake delivery in Bangalore

Gifting cute drawing cakes on the ocassion of your lovely kids is really a nice gift, which can make you all time favourite and your kids very happy. Not just kids, everybody gets bore by cutting and eating same old cakes again and again. So, why not make it real happening this time with full customization according to your choice and taste of person whose birthday is coming. Here drawing cakes comes into play, you just let us know which character you want to be on the cake and we draw it exactly for you. Please do not mistake drawing cake with picture cakes, there is a big difference between the two. In drawing cakes, characters or pictures are hand drawn on the cake but in picture cake those pictures are imprinted on the cake using special machines. Now you must be thinking, what if I want to draw chota bheem on the cake, how come these guys will draw a character on cake? That is where our specialization come in, we draw very beautiful drawings on cake with whatever character you want us to draw. Like chota bheem, mickey mouse, krishna, mini mouse, kung fu panda, donald duck, superman, spiderman, batman, tom and jerry or any other character that comes in your mind. Just provide us character name or a picture of that character and we will get it done. For all these we are doing, online drawing cake delivery in Bangalore so that you can order drawing cake online and we will deliver it for you.

You can order drawing cake online in Bangalore from us at very reasonable prices, we are doing drawing cake delivery in Bangalore only as of now. You can place an order online using our website or you can also call us on our customer care number and we will help you in buying a perfect drawing cake with customizations according to your wish. Two payment options are available for ordering on Winni, you can either pay by Cash on Delivery (COD) where you will pay the amount in cash to our delivery person when he reaches your door or you can also pay online using credit, debit card or by netbanking.

Drawing cakes are highly favoured on ocassions like 1st birthday, or subsequent birthdays when your child is a kid. It looks much more cute and tempting than normal cakes. And on top of that you can choose flavour of cake also, which will provide you cake in same taste as normal cake with just drawing on top of it. So if you are throwing a party on your kids 1st birthday or any other birthday and inviting many people then you should go for drawing cake, as all the kids and children coming in party will get excited to see such a beautiful cake with their favorite character drawn on top of the cake.

One thing that you need to know is that drawing cakes need at least 24 hours to be prepared. Because drawing a character on cake take some extra time, that is why you are required to place order for drawing cake online one day prior from the date of delivery. So that we get ample time for preparing the cake and delivering it to your location without any delay. And you are not bounded to day time delivery only, if you want then we also do midnight delivery of drawing cake in bangalore where we will deliver it to you or to someone else's place at midnight. But same day drawing cake delivery is not possible as it takes 24 hours in preparing a drawing cake.

If you have any more questions or concerns beforing buying drawing cake online in bangalore then you can always contact us by phone or by email, we would feel very happy to help you.

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