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Cake is a  piece of love which is enjoyed at every occasion, and if a delightful charm is added to this piece of love then it doubles the glory of the occasion. It looks pleasing to see when someone offers both a delicious cake and a bunch of flowers to someone on his birthday, Wedding, anniversary, office party. Fragrance cant be locked in a bottle, but its odor can be locked in between two or more besties.  Both a combo of a flower and a cake adds a charm to the occasion. Visit Winni to order cake and flowers online in Mysore.

Online Cake and flowers in Mysore

The cake is considered to be a delightful treat which increases our urge to eat it again and again. A cake is of different varieties and types which are available at our site Winni. Most popular cake these days is the Photo cake, on which a photo is adapted on the top of the cake to make it magnificent and attractive.  Our cakes are so spongy and tastier that can leave your mouth watering. Various varieties of cake available at our site are Red velvet cake, choco vanilla cake, Black forest cake which is the most popular cake, the choco chips added into this cake doubles our taste.The chocolate cream filling in between the spongy layers of cake make it appealing.  Cherries and jam are the toppings which add on to the external beauty of the cake. , and the vanilla cake is favored by most oldies. We at Winni has made even more easier for veggies by baking eggless cakes. Talking about flowers, they are also an appealing way to attract many people around, the untied notes of relationship, the broken bonds between brothers, the soundtrack route of the two best friends can be tracked again by gifting a token of fragrance.  The fragrance of flowers cannot be locked in a bottle but can be locked tied in between friends. We at Winni provides different varieties of flowers such as Roses, a bunch of red roses are given to express the deep love, a bouquet of yellow roses for friendship. So wake up and place your order quickly from  Winni.

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 Occasions Combo Prize
Anniversary Black forest cake + 12 red roses 999 /-
Birthday Butterscotch cake + 8 red roses + teddy bear 1,198 /-
New Year Coffee chocolate pool cake + 10 pink roses 1,349 /-
Valentine's Day Indulging pineapple cake + 20 yellow roses 1,899 /-
Christmas Day Red velvet heart-shaped cake + 50 red roses 3,099 /-



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