Send Cake and Flowers Online in Gurgaon with Ineffable Emotions!

Cake and flowers are the most expressive gift to make anyone’s day or fill the heart with lots of happiness. With right flowers and succulent cake, you can send your wishes and blessings with online cake and flower delivery in Gurgaon. We are here to bring an endless smile on the faces of your near and dear ones. Our combos have always stood the test of the time and are sure to bring the endless smile on your loved ones!

Your delectable and aromatic treat of cake and flowers just a few steps away

Flowers are the natural mode as best mood boosters. Winni celebrates relations and every celebration is incomplete without the natural sweet smelling fragrance. Order cake and flowers in Gurgaon and spread the fragrance of sweetness. Gurgaon is a city of celebrations. In past few years, Gurgaon has immersed as the strong IT hub of the country. From big IT companies to Financial set ups Gurgaon has seen the roots of everything. Being close to the capital of India it is one of the famous hotspots for celebrations. New Delhi is the city of people so most people prefer Gurgaon as the party spot away from the hustle. When the word party comes it is always accompanied with its best friend’s cake and flowers. The cake fills the sweetness in the relations and flowers fills bonds with their blossom. Cake and flowers delivery in Gurgaon is no more a thing to worry. Winni is here to have a count on. With lots of companies population too is increasing and so is the traffic and pollution. This is the main reason people prefer to travel by metro. But getting on to different shops and having the cakes and flowers of your choice and again getting back to metro can be a real task for every normal person. To make this a bit easier for you cake and flowers home delivery in Gurgaon is offered to you by Winni. Just order and you will get the delivery at your doorstep.

Are online cake and flowers delivery is as good as personal gifts?

Winni respects relations and understands the importance of personalized gifts on the special days. We offer you a wide range of online cakes and flowers to choose from. Along with this range, we offer you the option of customization.With customizations, you can add personal messages on the cakes, flowers bouquet. You can get the personalized flower bouquet delivery in Gurgaon just by providing your choice details. What can be the best gift than a personalized one?
Gurgaon is the city of youth. With youth, we can easily guess the variations in tastes and choice. In simple words in a group of four, there will be four different flavors and four different fragrances. If you want to surprise your friends with their favorite flavor cake accompanied with the best aromatic flowers you need to get to the bakery which offers the same but sometimes the flavor is not available sometimes the bakery is not nearby sometimes there is a lack of time and many more reasons. To deal with all these deal breakers just order with Winni choose the flavor of your choice add the personal message in the box and provide the address details and get the cake home delivery in Gurgaon on the desired date. Coming onto flowers, flowers are something which can instantly fill freshness in the surroundings with their splendid looks and boundless fragrance. Since ages flowers are the best partners of all gift items. In today's world youths are so busy in their lives that usually they forget to celebrate this nature's gift. Your friends recently got promotion but were so busy with the work that they hardly get the time to celebrate their achievement. Being a friend is being everything just send them the best flowers in Gurgaon to make them realize their real worth. After getting their favorite flowers delivery to their work they will be amazed at this sweet gesture and will smile for all day.

Online Cake and Flowers Delivery in Gurgaon - Winni

 Occasions Combo Price
Anniversary Pineapple cake + 12 red roses 999 /-
Birthday Red velvet heart-shaped cake + 60 mixed roses 3,099 /-
New Year Pineapple extravaganza cake + 10 red carnations 1,349 /-
Valentine's Day   romantic pink blush strawberry cake + 12 pink gerberas in two layer 1,699 /-
Christmas Day

pineapple cake +8 red roses +  ferrero rocher

2,149 /

Different delivery timings

With this modernization in the atmosphere, working hours are too getting varied. Different world classes IT companies have their set up in Gurgaon and with this, the working hours are too world class i.e. every company works as per the time schedule with their tie ups in the world wide. For example, if a particular company is the United States of America based then, in that case, the working hours for that company will surely be in night hours. If the company is the United Kingdom-based then timings will be little different than Indian timings. Moreover, work doesn't have time condition so the people work day and nights. Now, in this case, it becomes a little difficult to catch up with your people. To solve this issue Winni offers you various time slots. 

Midnight cake and flower delivery in Gurgaon: City of work has no time limits. Similarly, celebrations have no time limits. Our special day starts with the ticking of the clock to 12:00 AM. Order with Winni and get the midnight cake and flower delivery. Not only in Gurgaon you can send happiness to various cities of India and we will deliver it for you. If you are in Gurgaon but your family is in Kolkata and you want to wish your parents a happy wedding anniversary. Since years you were celebrating this then why to stop the ritual. Book cake with Winni and we will do midnight cake delivery in Kolkata for your parents the love of your life.
Immediate birthday cake and flower delivery in Gurgaon: The birthdays are the most special days of one's life. Be it your own birthday or your friends or your sibling or any other family member we never want to miss that cake spilling moment. But what if you forgot to order the cake before. At last moment either you have to get settled with the limited choice or you will regret your memory. But birthday comes once in a year and they should spread happiness not tears.Winni offers an immediate delivery option with which you get your delivery within 3 hours.When it comes to delivery Winni is a Ninja. With Gurgaon, you can send flowers to Pune at the same time. Isn't it good that at the very same time you are spreading love in two different cities and making smiles wider.

Same day cake and flowers delivery in Gurgaon: When you were working in your office and you got the news that your sister got admission in a reputed college in Pune, a new colleague joined in the morning, your friend was blessed with a baby and much more. Life is uncertain you never know what’s going to happen at the very next second. But spreading happiness is you can do. Winni offers same day cake booking in Gurgaon. To all the sudden celebrations use the option of online cake and flowers delivery in Gurgaon and get the home delivery on the very same day. Bless the newborn with best flowers in Gurgaon, send blessings to your sister with online flowers delivery in Pune and wish your colleague a very happy welcome. Winni is there for you in every sudden moment of celebration. For all immediate, same day and midnight deliveries orders are taken till 9:00 PM. For more queries kindly contact our customers care executives.

Why Winni?

In spite of all the facilities, the questions arise why to choose Winni. In this competitive world, there are a number of competitors. Getting the best cake or flower option is in our own hands. Winni is a platform which offers happiness. For us, time and relations are the priority. Delivery should be on time and product should be perfect. Our customer care executives take responsibility and provide you with exact information regarding your order and make your shopping a hustle free moment. Not only this we believe in capturing moments. When your online cake and flower delivery in Pune is done that is your ordered product is reached at its destination then we capture the special moments and send them to you so that you can feel the joy of your loved ones by sitting in Gurgaon.

Areas of online cakes and flowers delivery in Gurgaon

Winni covers almost all location across Gurgaon to do online cake and flowers delivery. Few top location where Winni provide the delivery are Dlf Ph-ii, Dlf Ph-iii, Dlf Qe, Wazirabad, Agon , Arjun Nagar, Turkiawas, Ujina, Umra, Unchamajra, Urban Estate, Wazipur, Arjun Nagar, Baded, Badli, Badshahpur, Baghanki, Basai,Basai Road, Ghungola,Gulalta, Gurgaon, Gurgaon Kty.,Gurgaon Village, Gwal Pahari, Haillymandi, Hasanpur, Hirwari Industrial Estate, Jagat, Jaitpur, Jamalgarh, Air Force, Akhera, Rojka Meo, Sakras, Sector -45, Sector-17, Sewari, Shahchokha, Sherpur, Shivaji Nagar, Sidhrawali, Sihri Singhalheri, Sikanderpur, Sikohpur, Sikrawa, Singar, Smaspur, Sohna, Sohna Adda, South City-I, Sultanpur, Sundh, Tain, Tapkan, Tatarpur, Tauru, Teekli, Lala Kherli,Lohinga Kalan, Malab, Mandikhera, Manesar, Maruthi Kunj, Mehchana, Mini Sectt., Mirpur, Mohamadpur Ahir, Moolthan, Nagina, Naheda, Nai, Narhera, Narsinghpur, Baslambi, Baspadamka, Bewan, Bhadas, Bhangrola, Bhirauti, Bhondsi, Bhorakalan, Jamalpur, Janaula, Jant, Jataula, Jatauli, Jawasi, Jhamuwas, Jharsa, Kadipur, Kakoria, Kalwari, Karola, Khalilpur, Khandewia, Khandsa, Khera Khurampur, Kherki Daula, KherlaKiranj, Kurthala, Lakhnaula,  Bichhor, Bilaspur Khurd, Bisru, Budarpur, Budhera, Carterpuri, Chakkarpur, Chapera, Cheelarh, Dlf Qe, Damdama, Daulah,Daultabad, Dhani Chitarsain, Dhankot, Doha, Dulawat, Dundahera, Dungerwas, Farrukh Nagar, Fazilpur, Ferozepur Jhirka, Ferozepur Namak, Galleria Dlf-iv, Garhi Harsaru, Ghamroj, Ghasera,  Nathupur, New Colony, Noorgarh, Nuh, Pahari, Paltra, Pataudi, Patil R.s., Pingwan, Punhana, Railway Road, Raisina, Ramgarh, Rathiwas, Rawli, Rethath, Rewasan, Rithoj, and many more.

Rating & Reviews
Based on 10 Ratings 4.90

It was our first anniversary and i thought of ordering cake and flower for my wife. It was midnight delivery order. The can was super tasty and the flowers were also good looking. You guys made my day. We both like the cake flavor. The cake was very spongy. Thanks winni.

I am really happy with winni cake and flower delivery in Gurgaon. I ordered cake and flower for my brother in law living in Gurgaon on his birthday at office. Thanks a lot winni for making his birthday the best birthday ever. I will be your regular customer now. Best of Luck. Great work done.

It was my mum birthday and she was really angry with me. I saw facebook post of winni and suddenly got idea to order cake and flower for my mother. winni has so much variety of cakes that I got confused but then i decided to order mango maharaja cake and big bunch of gerberra flowers. I order for midnight delivery cake. I was so happy that the delivery person without calling my mother reached the place and delivered the product. It was very happy moment for me that my mother was happy. Thanks

I order cake for my fiance on her birthday. I was totally confused what to order because i was not having idea of her taste. I call up winni customer care to guide me the best cake for birthday. I choose chocolate strawberry cake and one birthday greeting card. I was little scared about the delivery process because i wanted to be a surprise. But i received the order updates on time and it was delivered on time as well. Thank you so much winni for delivering and guiding me the best cake. Thanks

I choose celebration always combo of flower and cake. I find very easy steps for ordering order online from winni. The flower arrangement was very beautiful and I like the quality of the cake. You people made my made. Thanks a lot.

I ordered Rosy romance combo for my fiance. This was my first gift to her on her birthday. I was little scared with the quality but she told me about the quality of cake and flowers was just awesome. She was totally satisfied with the fresh flowers and cake. Thank you winni for making my first order a wonderful experience. Best of luck.

I received Adorable beauty combo of cake and flower. I was heavily raining outside and I was not sure of delivery. But in such a bad weather winni completed their promise and deliver the products. Family was happy with kind of service. Children just love the cake. Thanks a ton. Good luck.

I always see reviews first for any kind of order online. I read positive reviews of winni and order surprising combo of red velvet cake and sunny flowers for our anniversary. I wanted it to be a surprise so I choose midnight delivery. Winni fulfill their promise and deliver highly fresh cake and flowers. The cake was too yummy, sponge the cake was totally fresh. winni made their promise. Thank you winni for making our anniversary special. We will use your services for further orders.

I ordered combo of cake, flower and small teddy for my sister in law on her birthday. My mistake I entered wrong phone number of my sister but customer care was helpful to me. They update the new number and my sister in law got totally fresh and beautiful flowers. Thank you winni I will surely use your services for all our festivals.

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