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Awesome cake, fresh, perfect as shown, on time delivery, and solves any query. Satisfied im all areas.

udita ganguly


Impressed with Winni's red velvet cake! The cream cheese frosting was heavenly, and the cake itself was moist and flavorful.



The cake was awesome, we loved it.. The chocolates made the children happy😊 The soft toy was a surprise for me.. My grandchild loved it.. Thank you🙏

Ashwini joshi


Winni's pineapple cake was a tropical delight! Moist layers with a burst of pineapple flavor – simply irresistible,!



Winni's cake exceeded my expectations. Generous layers of chocolate made every bite delightful.



Cake was very daughter was so happy..thank you for the wonderful doremon cake😋



Winni, The Most Trusted Cake Delivery Shop In Haldia

If you are suffering from a bad mood, a sweet dish will help to swing your mood. It stops your bad feelings and changes the way you are thinking about it. Sweetness, soft crust, and flavor of cake have a positive effect on us. It is always good to go for the cake if you are a bit confused. The silkiness and buttery feel of the cake are unique, which is absent in other sweet dishes. If you ask someone to choose between cake or any other dessert, they will definitely choose cake. Cakes are symbolic, and they can also be eaten at the end of the meal. So, what are you waiting for? Order your favorite flavored cake from the Haldia cake delivery shop in Haldia.

Order Cake in Haldia To Sweeten Your Celebrations 

The Sweetness of cake is like a magnet that attracts to each and everyone as a housefly is attracted to the sugar. We are so much mesmerized by it that we never forget to add it to our list for celebration. There is nothing like sharing a piece of delicious hand-crafted cake with family or companions. Gifting a cake will delight everybody and increases the love for you. There are millions of ways that you can design them. Cakes are an encouragement to submit wrongdoing, the blame of which is excessively pleasurable. Consequently, don't be frightened if your spoon drops from your hand the minute you take a sizable chunk of the delightful cake. Making the delectable cake is artistry. Cakes are something that everyone adores. In the ongoing time, another pattern has gotten up to speed with individuals, and that is of web-based shopping. Some time back, e-retail shopping was constrained to only for clothes, decoration, footwear, and so forth. However, at this point, individuals are well informed about the web-based portal like Winni, the renowned cake shop in Haldia. Nowadays you can order cake online in Haldia effectively. Even if you don't want to go outside or can't prepare cakes, you can peruse through the variety of cakes accessible. We prepare the best cake in Haldia like chocolate, strawberry, orange as they taste precise like you used to have them as a kid. When you have settled on a specific cake plan, you should put in a request online. You have to select the details like the size of the cake, amount, date and time of conveyance and it will be delivered at your address anywhere in Haldia. 

Order and Send Cakes in Haldia @ Rs.399/- | Get Online Cake Delivery by Today only by Winni

Shape of Cake Quantity Servings
Conical Cake 500 gm 5-6 Persons
Photo Cake 1 Kg 8-10 Persons
Round Cake 2 Kg 10-15 Persons
Tier Cake 3 Kg 18-25 Persons
Oval Cake 4 Kg 30-40 Persons

Make Your Moments Memorable With Special Cake For Haldia

Cakes are not dependent on a special occasion; moreover, they can make any usual day into extraordinary. The cake is the heart of every celebration. If you want the perfect way to approach to admit tenderness towards loved ones, this sweet pie will never let you down. Love is that feeling one cannot express in the term of words, it is shown only through the emotions. The sentiment is conveyed through actions like surprising your ones with any presents such as cake. These designer cakes not only allow us to greet someone but also show our concern for them. Even if the celebration is small, a cake will remove the worry and stress. The distinctive taste of cake makes them different from other sweet dishes. This lovely taste will please anybody's mood and help to relax you. Cakes online in Haldia allow you to reach in the heart of your friends and family, by just sitting on the couch because now you can send cake anywhere, to your friend and family at their doorstep. With our enticing and uncommon scope of designer cakes, you can improve your festival. Regardless of any occasion if it is a birthday or some other exceptional day, you can arrange and send designer cakes to pass on your desires and favors. The heavenly taste and attractive appearance will leave a significant effect on the beneficiary. So, fill the light of love in your near and dear one's life on special occasions with the softness of the cake. You can also order online cakes in Haldia for immediate cake delivery in Haldia since we deliver cake to Haldia without charging any extra penny. Thus, feel free to submit your request for leading designer cakes.

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