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Absolutely delicious! Winni's chocolate cake was a hit. Moist, rich, and perfectly balanced sweetness.



Winni's pineapple cake was a tropical delight! Moist layers with a burst of pineapple flavor – simply irresistible,!



Winne's Toothsome Chocolate Cake is really delicious and impressive. I've had it many times with lovely roses. Winne pays a lot of attention to how it tastes and looks, which is great. The chocolate flavor is so rich and smooth, you can't resist it. Plus, the way it's packed and presented makes it even better. Whether it's a big celebration or just a craving for something sweet, this cake is perfect for making your taste buds happy and impressing your friends. I highly recommend it!

Pushpendu Paul


Awesome cake, fresh, perfect as shown, on time delivery, and solves any query. Satisfied im all areas.

udita ganguly


Awesome cake, fresh, perfect as shown, on time delivery, and solves any query. Satisfied im all areas.

udita ganguly


Cake was very daughter was so happy..thank you for the wonderful doremon cake😋



Enjoy Your Celebration With Online Cakes In Habra 

Cakes are the best form of dessert. Every celebration be it a Birthday, Anniversary or other tend to be complete with the sweetness of a cake. It is a unique dessert which people remember for a long time. It’s all about creating memories. The attributes like moist, softness and full of taste make it unique. These fabulous cakes are the best of their sort delicate, damp, and brimming with flavor. Is it a birthday party, a commitment, or a wedding commemoration? Or would you like to praise a dear one on his advancement, another activity, a corporate capacity, or even another expansion to the family? Cakes are an all-time favorite that matches all occasions, and it can’t be replaced.


Order Cake Online in Habra- Sweets Cakes Only for You! 

Everything about cake is enjoyable whether it be design or the taste. It comes in many different forms like chocolate,  butterscotch or it can be a dark forest or white forest cake. Regardless of what structure it takes, the cake is generally the most anticipated and delighted meal of the day.  Whatever event it is, celebrate it with our exciting cakes, all of which accompany the confirmation of same day conveyance. Our extraordinary cakes will keep your family sitting tight energetically for their serving. We make extraordinary cakes in different flavors like white forest cake, red velvet cake black forest cake, strawberry cake, fruit cake and much more. Select and order these cakes, and we will deliver at your address timely. They are enhanced by our expertise especially. Each one of these cakes made by us is beautiful, delightful and exceedingly regarded by the entirety of our clients. Purchase cake online today, and you can meet the desire for yourself! These show-ceasing cakes are baked and formed into shape by our master specialists who bring a cake to magnificence and eventually giving their clients a delicious treat! We also help to send cake midnight at special request to your friends or family member’s address. So, submit your cake request online today and prepare for a taste you will unquestionably savor! Make each snapshot of all the unique days in your life paramount with these exquisite cakes that you can purchase in a couple of snaps on Winni. So, refresh your occasion with the deliciousness of the cake.

Midnight Cake Delivery In Habra @Rs.399/- | Enjoy Delivery at Home by Winni

Shape of Cake Quantity Servings
Conical Cake 500 gm 5-6 Persons
Photo Cake 1 Kg 8-10 Persons
Round Cake 2 Kg 10-15 Persons
Tier Cake 3 Kg 18-25 Persons
Oval Cake 4 Kg 30-40 Persons

Complete Your Day With Mouthwatering Cakes

Celebrations are festivity to recall the event that happened on that specific day. Different individuals of various religions, communities have various celebrations and their motivations to commence them. Occasions are different, but one thing that is common among is the sweet dish we eat at each one of them. To add something on such occasion delicious cake is the best. You will never be bored with cakes their uniqueness and flavor that make them this much special. Cutting the cake also adds happing to the event. In celebration, there would be many things on the table to dine, but the most special among all of them is surely the cake. The cake is the favorite of all individuals. Even on the usual day after meal cake is eaten to compliment different dishes served. Cakes can be customized according to the occasion. For example, for the wedding, a multitier cake is used as the gatherings is large but for the birthday, a cake can be chosen according to the age group of the person. For the loved one’s heart shape cake will suit the best. So, it entirely depends on the choice and occasion which cake will better option the best match. It is very easy to select the best online cake delivery for you with us due to our quality and the discrete types. To boost your ceremony, you can rely on us. We furnish the best cakes in various designs and decorations. So, presently liven up your exceptional events with delicate, delicious, and delectable originator cakes from Winni.

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Online Cakes Delivery in Habra
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