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The cake 🎂 was very tasty and delicious. Thank you so much winni company



The delivery person handed over the cake properly. The cake was nice and delicious. Thanks a lot.

Parul mishra


Superb and tasty, on time delivery and good delivery service. Very good support from Winnie.

Jinu, New Delhi


Really the cake was fresh yummy and delight. Thank you for the support. It was a good surprise.

Ravi Manickam


Glad it got delivered the same day n within few hrs of ordering. Was skeptical abt the freshness of the cake n it's taste as it's not made to order. It was good n creamy. The gems alone tasted a bit different. Not sure if Gems these days taste this way. Overall, a satisfied customer. Thank you for your timely service.



Thank you for the delicious cake and excellent service. It was truly enjoyable.

Ansh uppal


Savor the Best of Delicious Birthday Cakes Baked with Love Right at Your Doorstep in Ranchi!!!!!

Ranchi, also fondly known as the city of waterfalls, happens to be the capital city of the Indian state of Jharkhand. Before independence, during the British Rule in India, Ranchi used to be the summer capital of Bihar owing to its amazing climate. Although the city of Ranchi boasts of a hot and humid climate, the surrounding forest ranges bestow it with a very unusual pleasant climate. So, guys what are you waiting for? Have a delicious piece of cake served right at your doorstep amidst you enjoying the lovely climate? Order Birthday cake online in Ranchi and celebrate like never thought.

Enjoy The Birthday Party With The Best Of Cakes From Winni

Birthdays are one of the most awaited occasions in every individual’s life and holds a huge amount of importance irrespective of age, gender, and religion. Birthdays are celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement by everyone on the family alike. Birthday celebrations give us an opportunity to break free from the monotonous life and enjoy some quality time with our loved ones and make some amazing memories. The soul of the birthday celebrations lies in the Cake on the table. Everything from flavor, color to texture is personalized for the celebration. But with the pandemic taking a toll on our lives since the early 2020, has left us with no other option than to choose cakes via online windows. Well, not to worry at all guys! Winni at your rescue. Winni tends to offer a wide variety and exclusive range of birthday cakes to choose from. Enjoy the online birthday cake delivery in Ranchi at your doorstep and without giving a second thought ensure the safety of your loved ones and save them from being infected with the pandemic. In case you are thinking of surprising that special someone in your life you can also send birthday cake online in Ranchi and express your unconditional love for them. Give Winni an opportunity to design your birthday cake, exactly the way you want, we promise to never disappoint our worthy customers. 

Exclusive Range of Birthday Combos by Winni in your own City Ranchi

Birthdays are no longer about having a sumptuous cake on the platter. Birthday celebrations and gifting customs have become extravagant with each passing day. We no longer are living in the ages, when a small cute birthday card along with a delicious cake was enough to be presented to the birthday girl/ boy. The trend of sending in a beautiful and colorful flower bouquet along with delicious and exotic chocolates paired up with a sumptuous cake is the new in-thing in the gifting scene. Winni offers you with a wide variety of fragrant flowers to choose from and gift them along with the cake. With almost larger-than-life celebrations happening in all parts of our country, exclusive Birthday Combos from Winni are an absolute must while presenting someone on their birthdays.  You can choose from the most beautiful of flowers like roses and lilies and most exotic of chocolates like the Belgian truffle that can be paired up the mouth-watering cake. In case you missed out on remembering the birthday of the special people in your life, you can also call out for a same day cake delivery in Ranchi. So, all you people out there in Ranchi, don’t miss on to ordering the most amazing and pocket friendly birthday combos from Winni and leave that ever-lasting impression on the birthday girl/ boy. 

Going Eggless, Choose Winni, Why To Miss Out on the Cakes

Eggs are well-known for adding on an amazing flavor and a spongy texture to the cake. They are the best option when it comes to adding protein content into the cake. However, with evolution we humans are developing allergies to various food items, eggs being the latest addition to the list. And as a result, a lot of people around us do not prefer eggs to be added to their favorite choice of cake. DO not worry about the same, with Winni being around with the best range of eggless cakes to choose from. Order eggless cakes online in Ranchi and enjoy the best of eggless cakes without even thinking twice. Enjoy the best of eggless tea cakes, eggless vanilla cake, eggless pineapple cake, eggless fresh fruit cake, eggless chocolate cake, eggless red velvet cake, eggless plum cake on Christmas eve et cetera. You can also choose to personalize your cake and add the toppings of your choice. Order eggless birthday cake online in Ranchi and savor the best of eggless cakes in your city, straight from the oven of Winni. 

Theme Based Cakes to Rock the Birthday Party

Birthday celebrations in the GenZ generation is not only limited to a delicious cake. These days the birthday celebrations have become a medium of showcasing how creative one can be with extreme planning of making everything appear extremely perfect. From the theme-based décor to the cuisine that would be served, the dress code donned by the guests to the birthday cake, everything is pre-planned much in advance. Theme-based cakes are one of the most sought-after elements of birthday parties. One can choose to personalize the cake for that special someone by engraving an extremely personal but special photograph on the top of the cake. You can also order a sports-based theme cake for that sports-lover in your group or order to make a Chanel bag over the cake for the girl in your group who loves fashion. You can choose to order special cakes for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to make them realize of how much they mean to you. Order Theme Cakes online in Ranchi and choose from the most exclusive range of theme-based cakes in your city. You can also order for a cute friendship day cake for the friend you have lost touch with to remind him/ her of the good old days. 

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