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The city is famous of variety of regions and considered as good on parameters of Human development index. There are more than 50 places for tourism and has been a place for heritage and cultural importance. This is a well-developed industrial area which deals with diamond cutting policing. Bhavnagar has many areas of industrial importance which has relevance in salt marine chemicals, plastics, shipbuilding, and ship-breaking industries. Developing supporting industries, such as oxygen bottling plants, re-rolling mills, and induction furnaces. Bhavnagar manufactures FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) boats and steel vessels at the ship building facility of Alcock Ashdown (Gujarat) Ltd. The prominent industries located in Bhavnagar are Alcock Ashdown (Government of Gujarat Undertaking), Tamboli Castings Limited, Excel, SteelCast Bhavnagar, Investment & Precision Castings, Elite Chemicals and Sound Build Care Pvt Ltd. Ruvapari Road and Nari Road are areas where most industries are clustered.

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