Little Ways To Comfort And Help Your BFF To Deal With A Break Up

Little Ways To Comfort And Help Your BFF To Deal With A Break Up
Little Ways To Comfort And Help Your BFF To Deal With A Break Up

Breakup is a rough patch in the road called life. It is a pathetic time, infact, it would be an understatement to say break up hurts. It is an unbearable feeling that only the person going through can feel and cant be explained in words. When you are in love with someone, everything is like a fairy tale. But sometimes things don’t end up the way you imagined. And, is then that these two people separate their ways. No matter how the two ended things, it always creates a void in the chest. It feels as if someone has ripped your heart off. 

Even if you are lucky enough to never have to go through a break up phase, there is always that one friend in the group who ends up getting his or her heart break. So, you have to be ready with a band aid to fix all the broken pieces of heart. This time, its your BFF who has to deal with a break up, so, you have to be there as a buddy. I have often seen that tv shows glamorise our ways to give advice to our heartbroken friends. There is bitching about ex, a vacation and bam!

Heart is fixed even before the commercial. In real life, it is much different. You may not even know what to say, or you may never even like their ex, you still have to find some ways that can help them heal because trust me, even if they say they are fine, they truly need you. Well, start with a pretty flower delivery to show that he or she does not need anyone to send them flowers and continue with the ways mentioned below. 

Avoid the places that gives them flashbacks

So, your best friend just had a break up, the couple who was icon of couple goals is no longer a couple. Well, it must be hurting her way more than you can even imagine. No matter how carefree she puts up around you, that feeling still resides there in her heart. You have to understand it on your own. You can hand around them more than you used to, but one thing to keep in mind is that avoid the places that can give him or her flashbacks. Places where she and her ex went out is a big no-no. 

Feed comforting food

When you want to cheer up a sad person, you can depend on food. Yes, there are so many comforting foods that actually fill the void that is created during a break up. like a cake delivery, cake is known to make anyone feel better. Take them out for binge eating because a happy tummy is equal to a happy heart. 

Don’t talk about EX

Now you are going to be around them more often and its your duty to keep them busy in conversation so their mind does not get time to think about the heartbreak. While doing so, don’t bring up the topic of their ex. No matter how badly you want to, just don’t. You are there to divert their mind and not remind them. 

Hear them out

When i said dont talk about their ex, this does not mean that you keep dodging when they try to talk about this person. You are their best friend, its only you whom they can share everything with, so, hear them out. Remember, make them comfortable but wont start bashing their ex. It will make them feel even worse. 

These are some ways how you can help your best friend to cope up with a break up.