05 Traits Of Pseudo Feminists! Are You One Of Them?

05 Traits Of Pseudo Feminists! Are You One Of Them?
05 Traits Of Pseudo Feminists! Are You One Of Them?

Feminism was a beautiful concept when it was coined first but now, it has lost its very essence and meaning. It was induced to uplift the exploited women by the oppressive society. Now, it seems like the society has just completely lost the realm of feminism just to sound cool or whatever.

Honestly, I have no intention to offend anyone here. But if you don’t have the courage to look into the mirror, this article is not for you. Women’s day is approaching and we will be getting women’s day gifts for the ladies to appreciate them. However, you must be aware of equality and feminism first in order to celebrate the very essence of this day. So, there is a web of some puedo feminism that has trapped many people in it. Here, I have discussed a few of them and it is your conscience that will decide whether you are one of them or not. So, let’s get going now!

Never Call Women A Bitch, But All Mens Are Dog:

“He cheated on her, he is a dog”. “He broke up with her, he is a dog”. Eventually, everything that a man does, makes him a dog. On the contrary, when a woman leaves a man for not spoiling her, she is a true feminist as she did the right thing? Well, I really don’t believe in this logic. When a woman shouts at her husband, she is brave. When a man does the same, he propagates misogyny. If a man should know the household chores then a woman too needs to be taught to pay for a family. 

You Cannot Body shame A Girl But Isn’t He Is Too Small?

This is a prominent trait of a psuedo-feminist when she cannot stand being called fat. However, at the same time, she would be rejecting boys for not being tall enough as per her bars. Girls, if you don’t want to be called too skinny or fatty, then, stop judging boys also. Stop pestering them for their height, complexion or not having 6 pack abs. 

Getting Pampered In The Name Of Being Treated Right:

Why is it every girl’s dream to be the queen of her man when she doesn’t think of calling her man the King? You want to get spoiled and pampered by your man. But at the same time, you are totally insensitive and inconsiderate towards your man? Moving out of a relationship just because he could not afford to take you to extravagant restaurants. Or give you expensive gifts speaks volume for your pseudo femisnis girl! Getting a diamond ring or just a stem of rose as a women’s day gift should not matter to you at all. The gesture alone should be moving for you sweetheart.

Offering Seats Is What Makes A Man Manly?

I don’t get the concept where a man has to offer his seat to a woman in public to prove his manhood! I mean, when you talk about equality, why do you expect a man to offer you his seat when god has given you the same physical strength as a man has? Offering seats to women, men, or elders in need, is something that we all should look forward to in the name of humanity. 

Child Bearing Is A Blessing Not Feminism:

Women are blessed as they have the body to give birth to a life. However, some women take child bearing as something to boast about and shut men up for having this specialty. Well. it is the human body that allows you to do so sweetheart. Had man the possession of ovaries, they would be giving birth to a child too. 

So, this women’s day, be a true feminist and not just a psuedo one who loves to frag about the concept without actually having firm beliefs in it!