05 Signs That Show Your Relationship Is A Perfect One

05 Signs That Show Your Relationship Is A Perfect One
05 Signs That Show Your Relationship Is A Perfect One

Having fallen for someone is one tricky business. Wanna know how? Well, if you fall for someone your soul has been looking for, it is paradise but if it is the other way round, believe me, it will be an unimaginable misery for you. No, that does not mean that it isn’t love but it is with someone who isn’t made for you.

We sometimes come across people in our life who aren’t supposed to be with us for a lifetime. They just bring along some lessons and memories that would ultimately lead us to the one who is made for us. When we order flowers online, we know the type of flowers we need, even if we get the wrong one delivered, we don’t just throw them out, right? So, if you are wondering, if you are in a perfect relationship, here are 7 signs that will be prominent enough to tell you the same. However, if it does not turn out to be the one, you need not panic. That is just some universe’s plan to make you reach the right place and nope, I am not crazy!

Respect Each Other:

Well, when I say falling in love is all a heavenly experience and paradise, the fights and arguments come along in the package. There is no relationship as perfect as not to have fights. There would be times when you could not stand one another, however, losing respect for the partner in such a situation is not that happens. If you and your partner manage to respect each other even when you are truly mad at each other, you two are just right for each other.

You Don’t Ever Lie:

See, there might get situations in life, when, telling the truth to your partner seems very difficult because of the obvious fear of pissing them off. However, not telling them the truth and comforting them with a lie, I highly recommend you, not to go for this option EVER! If you have the bond strong enough, your partner would understand you even if there is a fight or an argument. If you have something to hide from your partner, you yourself know it is something unethical that you should not be doing. However, if you have ever happened to make this mistake and had the realisation pretty soon, seek an apology and send flowers online to your sweetheart, I believe, they would be able to trust you again with the truth.

Take Decisions Together:

Having found your soulmate does not mean that you two would be getting along in anything and everything. It might happen that your perception does not match for most of the things in life. However, what is important here is to make life decisions together and not being so self centered that you take decisions as per your convenience. Sit together and talk it out, then come up with a decision that would fit perfect for the two of you. 

A Strong Intimacy:

A strong intimacy does not mean it has to be strong in the bed. It is rather a feeling that could be felt in and out of bed. The romance, love and moments that you both share with each other speak volumes about your intimacy level. So, you have to feel it to know the level of your intimacy in your relationship.

A Balanced Relationship:

A perfect relationship is the one where you and your partner know how to balance it in a perfect manner. If your partner picks up the groceries from the store, you get the cooking done, If your partner pays for the meal, you get the desserts arranged. Likewise, there is the concept of balancing emotion wise too. That’s how a balanced relationship looks like. 

Not having a perfect relationship or having one is something that cannot be controlled. It just happens without even trying. So, these are some prominent signs that would indicate about your relationship with your partner.