Homecare Tips To Get The Perfect Wedding Glow Before Your D-Day

Homecare Tips To Get The Perfect Wedding Glow Before Your D-Day
Homecare Tips To Get The Perfect Wedding Glow Before Your D-Day

Its finally here! The day you always dreamt about since you were little. Even if you were someone who wasn’t very fond of marriages, and now it is finally happening, so you would like to look good, right? You are the showstopper of the show and all eyes are expected to be on you. You definitely deserve a glowing flawless skin. 

Though the most important thing to do that will reflect on your skin is to stay happy. Happiness will help you with improved complexion. Go get that cake delivery when you crave it, or be a kid again if that makes you happy. Other homecare steps that you can take in consideration for that glow of dreams to make it ready for the wedding day are mentioned below. 

Start with healthy diet

When you want to work on anything related to your body, the first thing you have to work on is the diet. If its losing weight, gaining weight, working on your skin and so on, the major part of all these changes are related to your diet. To make your skin ready for the wedding day and all the makeup that will go on it, you should start focussing on a healthy diet. A healthy diet consisting of fruits and green vegetables will help you have that luscious skin that you dream of. 

Follow skin care routine religiously

Working on your skin definitely means you need to have a routine that involves proper skincare. You don’t need a fancy skincare with tons of expensive products going in your skin. A basic skincare regime can do wonders in improving the quality of your skin. Basic skincare regime includes cleansing, toning and moisturising. Never ever skip these three steps, no matter how busy you are. Make sure that you don’t miss out on following it religiously. Also, no matter how tired you are, always remove your makeup before going to bed. It will help you avoid skin problems like acne, open pores that hinders a glow on your face.   


Well, to all the to-be-brides- will know how important masking is, i mean this point must have already been focused on by your mommies and grandmothers. Homemade face masks are a very common and popular regime for indian brides. All the products used to whisk in natural face masks are selected from the indian kitchen. ‘Ubtan’, it’s the most famous face pack used to get glowing skin. You can try other homemade packs as well, according to your skin type. You can order flowers online as roses, chamomile are commonly used flowers in masks that promote skin glow. 

Plenty of water intake

Always heard, never followed – increase the intake of water. You have to agree with me on this, we all are aware that water gives us luscious plump skin, even then we fail to get that easy glow, because we generally forget to drink water, right? It’s only when we feel dehydrated that we have a sip or two. But, it’s your wedding day and you have to increase the intake of water if it is low. Drink at least 6- 8 glasses of water daily. 

Sun protection 

I know there are tons of tasks on your to do list each day and you are always on your toes. But you know compromising with the basics of skincare will make it dull. So, another important tip for all the brides and grooms is to always protect your skin from the harmful rays of sun. Whenever you step out, which you will do ofet, always apply sunscreen. 

Good quality sleep

You are already getting married to your love, you now you can put down your phone, cut off at night chats and focus on your 8 hours sleep. Plenty of Good quality sleep is really very important for a glowing skin, so never compromise on that especially near your wedding days. 

These are some home care tips for brides and grooms to make their skin ready for the d-day.