List Of Unintentional Embarrassing Things All The Mothers Do

List Of Unintentional Embarrassing Things All The Mothers Do
List Of Unintentional Embarrassing Things All The Mothers Do

Didn’t you land up on this article with all the curiosity to relate to all the embarrassing things your mother does to you? You are so looking for relatable embarrassing incidents and want to check if those happen to others as well, right? Well, we all have been there at any point of our lives. Of course, our mothers don’t want to embarrass us in the first place but they really have no idea when they do that like a pro. Also, if you have been embarrassed by things that your mother does, it is totally fine.

We are not judging you and you don’t have to be guilty about feeling so. Since, mother’s day is knocking on your door and you are scrolling the internet to get some amazing mother’s day gifts for your mother, we thought of bringing this stuff up as well. Disclaimer: we are not here to mock all the mothers but to lighten up everyone’s mood! So, let’s check out some of the embarrassing things that once your mother has done and you wished to get swallowed by the land below your feet. So, let’s get started!

The Absurd Bargaining:

How many of you got chills down their spines remembering all those bargaining moments your mother did that you unfortunately witnessed? Well, every mother does that. The fact that I don’t understand here that their absurd bargaining actually works. I mean, what in the name of audacity our mothers have to trade a thing that is for 1000 bucks for mere 150? Honestly, there had been incidents when I acted like I was invisible to others when my mom bargained. 

Personal Paparazzi:

Are our mothers really cool to care about or they just purposely take our pictures in public gatherings? Be it a family function, a formal party or a public place, all a mother needs is a camera and there you are, getting all snapped and asked to make some other poses as well. I really look terrible in all the pictures when my mom makes me do that. However, get your mother some beautiful mother’s day flowers for being your unpaid paparazzi. 

The Carefree Farts:

Well, this is the most embarrassing thing I think any mother would do to her children. I mean, how would you feel when you bring your friends over your place for the first time and the next moment, you hear a loud fart coming from your mother’s room? Wait, there’s more, it’s not just your home your mom feels free to fart, it can be any place anytime. So, don’t feel strange if that happens to you in public.

All She Remembers Is Your Baby Nickname:

No matter how old you grow, your mother would always call you by your baby nickname. I remember getting addressed by my baby nickname in school by all my classmates because my mother would address me with that in all the parents-teacher meetings or the sports meets. 

Your Childhood Memories Are Public Stories:

Is it just my mother or every mother tells the guests about all the embarrassing childhood memories of you? From wetting your pants to getting dressed up as a lady (especially if you are a male), she would tell everything that you did in your childhood. 

So, I am pretty sure, more than half of you are able to relate to these incidents of pure embarrassment. However, the fifty shades of embarrassment our mothers have brought to us are totally unintentional. They don’t do it on purpose. Maybe it is just a motherly thing we would understand when we fill in their shoes. Get mother’s day cake online for your Maa and make the motherhood a very special feeling for her.