How to Profess your Love silently on Rose Day?

How to Profess your Love silently on Rose Day?
How to Profess your Love silently on Rose Day?

“Rose is a falcon that whispers the passion and the dove that breathes love!!!”

Since the era of King Charles II of Sweden to today, roses have been the best friends of a lover. They have expressed the heart of a lover very subtly and gently. People like me often panic, seeing red roses in a guy’s hand. It is because we have it somewhere in the back of our heads that red roses are for proposals of lovers only. Parallelly, these red long-stemmed roses and the entire Valentine week are synonymous with each other. From Romeo to Juliet, Heer to Ranjha, everyone has considered these flowers for expressing love. 

Similarly, the Valentine fever is also getting high day-by-day and is becoming contagious. Everyone is damn excited and have started looking for the perfect Valentine gift around them. But if you are a novice, then firstly you need to confess your feelings to the love of your life. And no day can be better than the Rose Day for speaking your heart out. So, do not sit back, instead, get up and brush up your hands for the special preparations of the Rose Day. 

Decor with Roses

The idea of making a perfect decor for your darling is the most loving idea for a date. Ladies have been going all ‘Awwww’ over this surprise. So, go to the local stores and get kilos of rose petals for decorating the your house. It will surely help you make your partner feel special and give them a happy vibe. Also, make sure that your trail directs her towards the place where you will be expressing your love. 

Plan a Dinner

Dining out has been a trend and a very recurring part of our lives. I do not know about you, but I am bored of these dining out dinners and instead would prefer a yummy plate of delicious food. Coming to the point, I meant why not plan a dinner at home for your partner. Prepare his/her favorite dishes and decorate the table with beautiful flowers.  You can even get your favorite one availing the online flower delivery in Bangalore or anywhere you are residing. Amidst all the scattered flowers, place a bouquet that will help you speak your heart.

Golden Rose 

It is a perfect Rose Day gift, which will be a real surprise for your bebe. Sometimes in life, we make it a point that our things stay as a memory forever. This is why I suggest you give this golden rose to your loved one. Give it to your partner while confessing your feelings to them. I bet they are going to look at it with widened eyes and will be thankful for it. 

Rose Spa

Some might find it too much for confessing their love, but guys hold on to stop your minds there. As you can surely give your heartthrob a coupon of a rose spa for draining the entire day’s stress. They are going to appreciate it and will eventually realize what you have held in your heart. But please do it a bit sensibly, or else there will be a slap right on your face, HaHaHa!!!

Love in Hampers

Yes, this is as it sounds, which means look around on the online portals for Rose day special hampers. Make sure that you go for a hamper which has a Valentine cake in it for sure. You can choose from red velvet, chocolate, truffle cake. But out of all, I will suggest you get a personalized cake and write your three special words ‘I Love You’. Along with this, also order roses online, heart-shaped chocolates, and a sweet little gift for your partner.

So, ladies and gentlemen, these were some oh-so-exciting ideas that you can implement on this Rose day. Express your love with gentility and poise to your lover to make sure that they should feel both happy and comfortable. Happy Rose Day. pals!!! 


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