A Date With Yourself On Valentine’s Day – For All The Singles Out There

A Date With Yourself On Valentine’s Day- For All The Singles Out There
A Date With Yourself On Valentine’s Day- For All The Singles Out There

Who said Valentine’s Day is only for couples? Broadly speaking, being single on Valentine’s Day is no biggie, right? Often, single people are found to be more intellectual & humorous (yes, I was talking about myself). However, watching the couples around you floating in love can get the sadness to creep in. Your co-workers receiving a pretty bouquet via online flower delivery in Mumbai or anywhere right in the office can make you feel like having a hundred bullet wounds. Even any proud and confident single can be shaken by watching their peeks walking around getting all the pampering sessions done right.

However, I have come up with a list containing activities for all the singles, that would make you feel loved and pampered. The activities are surprisingly amazing that even if you are not single, you would want to become one. So, let’s discuss the ways to make you feel all special and loved.

Host A Game Night

My personal favorite thing to do on Valentine’s Day. Arrange for a quick and little get-together with all your closest ones, it could be your friends, colleagues or it could be your parents if they are really cool with the sight of their child having some casual booze. Play some exciting or brain-storming games as the games would stir the excitement in the get-together. Also, I believe, playing games at gatherings are the best thing to do to break the ice (Yes, that awkward ice).

Do Something Special For The Loved Ones

Here, I clearly do not mean your boyfriend or your girlfriend. Make Valentine a lot more special for your parents & siblings because they are the strongest pillar you have got in your life. So something remarkable that your family would never forget. Bake your parent’s favorite cake or just in case you screw up, order cake online. Set the trend of cutting the Valentine cake with family and break all the stereotypes. You can even buy flowers for your parents and siblings just as a sweet gesture since they do not get to see this side of yours often, right?

Baby-Sitting For A Close Friend

Do not leave any chance to seek the blessing of your friends. Yes, that’s right. Being single, you can Babysit for a friend as they would not want to take their kids on their date on Valentine’s Day. Now coming on your part, kids are monstrous angels. Honestly speaking, they might frighten you to your bone; however, the good part is, you would not get the time to realize that you are single on the VDay!

Have A Lazy & Cozy Night For All Yourself

The best thing about Valentine’s Day is, it falls in winters (I see a lot of couples smirking right now). However, singles don’t have to feel left out. It could not get any more relaxed than laying down on your comfy couch doing absolutely nothing. Get yourself your favorite Valentine gift, drink and desserts; you have always been eyeing on, accompanying it with your favorite movie or series. Take my advice for free; this is the best thing you can do on Valentine’s Day.

So, by now, you must have gotten a clear idea that Valentine’s Day is not just about couples. Treat yourself right and get yourself a cute Valentine Gift because you deserve it.