Wedding season is most awaited season for all. Wedding cakes are the dessert which is served at the time reception of the wedding couples. Have you ever wondered that why the color of the wedding cake is white? There is the reason for that, wedding cakes are specially meant for the couples and it shows the reflection of the couples. And the white color is for the peace and purity of the couples which they have to maintain for the rest of their life.

Let me tell you one thing that for making is such an amazing cakes for the weddings is not at all an easy task. For making a perfect wedding cake you need patience and lot of efforts. So, tells just get into top 10 best premium wedding cake which is must to have.

1) Golden Jubilee Cake

Buy -> Golden Jubilee Cake

The 2 tier white cake with butterscotch and some golden work on it which is making it more delighted to add in your must to try list. The appearance of this giving it a reason to celebrate your love life.

2) Supreme Vanilla Cake

                                                                       Buy -> Supreme Vanilla Cake

The 2 tier cake made with vanilla cream frosting, decorated with the edible red color roses on it which are making it adorable cake for the wedding and will be the best choice for online cake delivery for your special day.

3) Enchanting Choco Vanilla Cake

Buy ->  Enchanting Choco Vanilla Cake

How about trying a cake which is giving you the look of a strawberry cake but taste like chocolate and vanilla. Sounds interesting! YES, it is and according to me, you have to give it try.

4) Heartfelt delight pineapple cake

Buy -> Heartfelt delight pineapple cake

A pineapple cake which is nicely decorated with the frosted roses which are made with pineapple cream. The cake tempting in the taste as well as in appearance.

5) Vanilla Beauty Cake

Buy -> Vanilla Beauty Cake

Like the name suggested this cake signifies the same with its alluring texture and decoration. The 2 tier cake which is of vanilla flavor and decorated with red and white roses.

6) Heartfelt Rosy Delight Cake

Buy -> Heartfelt Rosy Delight Cake

The 2 tier pure white cake with white color roses on top of it which are made with vanilla cream is perfect for winning many hearts. The whole appearance is enough for ordering it.

7) Yummy Vanilla Cake

Buy -> Yummy Vanilla Cake

3 tier vanilla cake nicely presented with red roses decorated like a little flower pops to make it more attractive. The thing which is making it more attractive is its color contracts.

8) Golden 3 Tier Wedding Cake

Buy -> Golden 3 Tier Wedding Cake

3 tier choco vanilla cake covered with the golden spray which is giving it a nice look and for making it more alluring the edible roses are added.

9) Pink floral Wedding cake

Buy -> Pink floral Wedding cake

2 tier pineapple flavor cake nicely covered with light pink color flowers which are making it perfect for the wedding. Color combination is just amazing and also giving it an elegant look.

10) Beautiful Rose 3 tier wedding cake

Buy -> Beautiful Rose 3 tier wedding cake

Name suggest it all, the 3 tier vanilla cake covered with the white fondant icing and decorated with multi-color roses and on top of the cake a cute couple is placed to make it delectable.

Other than this, there more wedding cakes are available for you to order on this wedding season and I am sure you will definitely going to love these beautiful wedding cakes. And if ordering the cake will be done in just a few steps then why to give it a try.