Naked Wedding Cake

Are you celebrating the success of your love story and looking for a wedding cake design or a center of attraction for your anniversary celebration? We know people fall in love in mysterious ways. To celebrate love and its official bond, there’s always a party that includes great food, great people, and a marvelous wedding cake. You know what they say, the bigger the course, the prettiest and larger the cake. Thankfully, unlike before, you don’t have to pick up from the available options in the market. Instead, you can look out for wedding cake designs online. Even better, online wedding cake can ring your bell and you don’t even need to step out. Relaxing, isn’t it? 

With the changing trends, wedding cake designs change too. This time, it’s the Naked wedding cake fever! That means no side frosting, sounds refreshing, right? If you are looking for a unique naked wedding cake design online, here are the best seven. Needless to say, you can mix and match them to make your own wedding cake. 

Melting Forest Wedding Cake Design

If you are a nature or animal lover, this is your perfect pick. A naked wedding cake with plants and deer on top adding on to your big-day celebration. This minimalist cake with caramel pops down to reach the frosting is appealing and foxy at the same time. This nature-inspired online wedding cake design will certainly be different from all the wedding ceremonies you’ve ever attended. To make it even more unique, try avoiding the side frosting make keep it rough.

The Sliding Affair

Flowers make everything pretty, even a naked wedding cake. Although it is already eye-catching. This simple yet attractive wedding cake design includes a naked raw base with multiple layers of bread and creamy fillings inside. At the top, there’s a similar little part sliding toward you. For all the people with a modest pick, this online wedding cake will be a gem for your celebration. At the top, is a flower for the beautiful couple, wishing them a life full of sweetness.

007 Online Wedding Cake

If you are hunting for an elegant, classy, and sober wedding cake design, there are looking for it right away. This naked wedding cake serves all purposes with its creamy fillings guarded by nuts and berries. The cake is easy on the eye and a treat to mouth for every age group. You can put a circle on the top indicating your life engaged together. Give it a twist on this existing online wedding cake by putting up as many flowers as you like ‘cause there’s isn’t a thing like fewer petals.

Summer Special Naked Wedding Cake

Are you planning a perfect summer wedding outdoors? In that case, we have the best option here. This fruity and juicy naked wedding cake design is a beat for summer and a treat for the eyes. Just a mere look is refreshing and energizing so you can walk boldly into the new beginning of life. Unlike this online wedding cake, if you are not an orange person, you can also go for other fruits like strawberries, peaches, mangoes, etc. Otherwise, you know, berries and nuts are never out of fashion.

Asymmetrical Online Wedding Cake

The next in-demand and prettiest online wedding cake design is an asymmetrical wedding cake. As the name suggests, the cake does not have a particular shape. It could be anything you want. For instance, you can go for a circle on a square or diagonally placed squares over each other. This naked wedding cake looks abstract and is eye-catching. You can decorate each layer with different themes as per your preference. Alternatively, go for a similar sober look on all layers. Needless to say, you can make it a 2 or 3-tier naked wedding cake.

Flying Macrons 

If you want the most unusual wedding cake design that becomes the center of your celebration, flying macrons are the right choice for you. Macrons are already our favorite dessert and who wouldn’t love a macron cake? Trending online wedding cake has found the best we can get with this. On the sides, the cake can be outlined with your favorite decoration, flowers are our choice. This naked wedding cake is for everyone who seeks something different from the world for their big day! Also, don’t forget to add as many layers as you want.

3-tier Naked Wedding Cake

No matter how many wedding cake designs come and go, a 3-tier naked wedding cake is forever. The sizeable layered cake increases the aura and charm of a marriage celebration. The online wedding cake design may be appealing and good-looking. But the typical 3-tier wedding cake never loses its charm. So, if you want an elegant and classy naked wedding cake, you know what’s your final choice. 

We hope that we successfully inspired you to finalize a wedding cake design or create your own. Either way, your wedding is going to be an auspicious occasion. Congratulations!