To Be Bride? Here Are Some Crazy Emotions Every Bride Experiences

When you think of your D-Day, it is all fantasies and it’s charming until the actual D-Day arrives. Well, I don’t intend to scare anyone here, but a wedding day especially for a to be bride brings an array of mixed emotions varying from hyper excitement to planning to runoff from your own wedding. RELAX all the brides out there, feeling such emotions is very common and yes, you are totally normal. From making sure to get the best wedding cake to having an unflinching decoration of the venue, everything just seems to get on your nerves and thus bring an array of mixed emotions just before your D-Day. Let us dive into the article and get more about these mixed emotions.

Just Got Engaged, Wait, What?

Getting engaged to the love of your life is a kick start to your fairy tale, however, just a moment realize, every girl does miss the feeling of being all single. Yes, this happens to mostly every girl just after getting engaged.

I Just Wanna Be Around My Parents:

Just as your D-Day approaches, a to be bride just wanna be around your parents all the time, right? Parents are the foremost thing that you will miss the most and that fact hits you hard. Also, you are just waiting for an exclusive gifts delivery from your parents that will bring so many overwhelming emotions to you. 

Confused AF:

Planning out your marriage is no less than an uphill battle. There is just so much going around. Besides, Indian marriage is a thread of a million rituals and customs, so getting all confused is quite natural.

Easily Irritated:

Ain’t reading this point is a relief in itself to you? I know it is. Well, anyone can get easily irritated when you are hungry, tired, sleepless and brimming with a hell lot of emotions. Every time around you seems to appear a little annoying, like for the heavyweight of your lehenga to your bridal hairstyle that gives you a headache. 

Doubting Makeup, Dress & Everything:

So, just before your D-Day, doubts pertaining to your wedding outfit, your makeup artist and even on your wedding management team start to creep in. Well, it is the most anxious feeling any to be bride could experience as the fear of getting your D-day ruined is a major one. However, the fear is very common to kick in and believe me, nothing ever goes wrong.

So, if your D-Day is approaching real fast, the probability of you experiencing these emotions is high as well. However, these emotions are inevitable but you can get hold onto them by convincing yourself that your big day will be as perfect as you imagined it.