Sneaky Ways To *Actually* Make Your Crush To Love You Back!
Sneaky Ways To *Actually* Make Your Crush To Love You Back!

Having a crush on someone can actually be one of the most exciting things on the planet. Once you have a crush on someone, everything around the world seems so beautiful, flowers start blooming brighter, desserts taste much sweeter. Everything just becomes perfect, and other people become invisible to you as the center of focus is stuck to the same place all the time. It’s funny how one person comes, and your whole life just changes. We start paying attention to our physical appearance and not to forget that kilos of perfume sprayed to grab their attention. But the heart sinks, and the excitement soon turns into disappointment if they don’t like you back, right? Don’t worry, there are ways to let them know that you have been thinking of names of kids you’ll have together (don’t do it literally, it will definitely scare them off). I know it can be a bit scary to throw hints at first, But hey! Hailey Baldwin did it, so why can’t you? Justin was her mere crush, and now she’s known as Mrs. Bieber. Now, how’s that for motivation. 

First, be sure that you are seriously cruising on this person. Take a small test, if your heart skips a beat when they see them, and their weird laugh seems pretty to you, then buoy, you are gone, Deep! Enough of spying on them through your seat, it’s time to turn this crush into a real thing. 

 Let’s move to the sneaky ways to actually make your crush fall for you. 

  • Make the first move

Obviously, this has to be the first point because your crush isn’t going to have a dream about it or anything. We live in a practical world, so the chance of it happening is merely 1%. So you have to put yourself out there. You cannot simply just depend on telepathy for years to make your crush notice. Ask them out casually for a study date or a movie or send flowers as a good gesture. They need to see that you are interested in. 

  • Be confident

While you are making a move, remember to carry your confidence, because it’s sexy! Some people are not very easy on the eyes, but confidence makes them sexy. I know the fumble follows where your crush goes, and your ‘hey’ may come out as ‘hhh’ but it’s completely normal. It’s probably your heart trying to catch its beats. Just prepare a little before you go and speak to them. 

  • Mimic your crush

Ever heard about the chameleon effect? Oh, stop, dont google it. It is actually a fact that when you mimic anyone’s behaviour, chances are they more positive of you. Like when they smile, you smile. It really works to create a connection. Now, dont just start initiating everything they so, it will definitely creep them out. 

  • Laugh at their jokes

Okay, your crush might not have the best sense of humor, but who cares, he or she is your crush, laughing at their lame jokes won’t hurt you. This way, they will like you more as it is said, “the more we laugh with someone, the more we are attracted to the person.” Share your humor as well, only if you think they understand it. But know the limit when they are joking and when not. 

  • Watch a scary movie with them

You can try this tip as well. You know the adrenaline rush while watching a scary movie can actually work in your favour. Some studies say that adrenaline sometimes is equal to the attraction. 

These are some ways to make your crush like you back. There are many more ways, try these easy ones first.