10 Native Flowers In Melbourne That Can Be Gifted On Any Occasion


When people think about freshness then flowers are the first thing that comes to mind. A natural beauty with natural fragrance spreads happiness and positivity while expressing feelings of love and affection. As a symbol of love and care, flowers are always the first choice. Flowers; especially native flowers found in Melbourne enhance the ambiance of any place by their looks and aura. Flowers form the best gift making it easy to express love and emotions towards loved ones. In Melbourne, people celebrate their moments via flowers that fit into their tradition and roots. Every flower has a story to tell that makes it unique. The trend of native flowers in Australia is booming due to the fact that most inhabitants prefer to buy native flowers that they can easily grow at home and when required they can be a gift for someone.

1. Flannel Flower

Like many other flowers, these flowers are a bit tough to grow. Due to their soft wooley feel people called it flannel. This flower plant has a short lifespan but when it blooms it enhances the beauty of the garden with its silver green stem that produces white and pink flowers in spring and summer season. During these seasons, you can easily spot these flowers in many gardens within Melbourne. 

2. Billy Buttons

This flower makes its identity unique by its round structure along with tall stems. As compared to other flowers this flower is easy to grow because its seeds don’t need scarification. In today’s time this flower is in huge demand due to its decorative features that enhance the house’s beauty. If you want this flower, you can check its online availability.There are a plethora of online delivery platforms that provide home delivery. 

3. Rice Flower

In Melbourne, When people think about white flowers for a bouquet, rice flower is their first choice. It is also called sao bush that enhances other flower’s beauty when added to a bouquet. This unique flower blooms on a long stem that resembles rice. In the list of native species of flowers for everyone, rice flower counts as an evergreen flower that is present all around Australia.

4. Kangaroo Paw

The kangaroo paw structure look makes this native flower more famous in Australia. This flower comes in many colors and forms. It can grow up to 2 meters tall. If you grow it by seeds then it takes 6 weeks to emerge. You have to be patient for it but when flowers start to bloom then it gives an amazing view.

5. Everlasting Strawflower

This flower has a paper-like bloom. It comes in many shades: red, pink, purple, orange yellow and many more. Everlasting strawflower blooms in spring and summer is found in abundance. During this season you can easily see this flower in many gardens of australia. It is also famous in the form of dried flowers for decorations. You can gift these flowers to anyone for any occasion. Moreover, If you want flowers in the Melbourne area then you can also take flower delivery in Melbourne at your given address.

6. Waxflower

In the form of beautiful shrubs, wax flowers are famous in Australia. This wildflower species is one of the most commercially grown flowers. This evergreen shrub is easy to grow that has white and pink colors and can grow 3 meters tall. These flowers are used as fillers in bouquets and it comes into the list of flowers for everyone.

7. Banksia

When it comes to long lasting flowers then banksia is the first choice of Australian people. It is mostly used as dried flowers for decoration. It comes in many colors and sizes.Bansika adds extra oomph to flower bouquets and arrangements. Easy to grow features of this plant make it more famous as a native flower.

8. Waratah

This flower is mainly present in southeastern Melbourne. The Waratah is an iconic flower of Australia that is commonly recognised as the NSW state emblem. This flower blooms in late spring and spreads all its beauty in pink color. You can select this flower for everyone on special occasions.

9. Thryptomene

When it comes to winter, this flower grabs all the attention in the form of small shaped flowers on shrubs. This flower is mainly used in decorations and as fillers in flower bouquets. In winters it covers most of the australian gardens with its beauty. This flower is mainly present in the west of Melbourne so if you are far away from this area then you can get online flower delivery of these flowers at your address.

10. Silver Spurflower

This flower adds more beauty to floral arrangements in functions. Especially when people want to add blue white color in decoration then this is the best flower that is used. It mainly grows in the warmer season. It can easily grow in full sun without any damage. You can easily see it at Australia’s HQ.