5 Childhood Memories With Siblings That Will Bring An Instant Smile On Your Face

5 Childhood Memories With Siblings That Will Bring An Instant Smile On Your Face
5 Childhood Memories With Siblings That Will Bring An Instant Smile On Your Face

The bond between siblings is unlike any other. From ‘Tu toh adopted hai’ to ‘tere bina mera kya hoga.’ The beauty of this relationship is that it can hardly be expressed in words. Among all the verbal banter and physical fights, there is love that is unparalleled to any other relationship. To commemorate this, we celebrate the holy festival of Rakhi. If you are stuck away from your siblings during this COVID-19 pandemic, you can still celebrate it. Send Rakhi to India and make your siblings feel special. Love is bound by no distance, so express your love with online rakhi gifts deliveries and cherish over your memories with siblings. 

As we grow old, we tend to get distracted by our work and studies, but the bond with siblings will always remain the same. No matter how often or rare you get to meet, it is just always special. I grew up among 3 brothers and 5 sisters, almost belonging to the same age group. I have had some great memories with them that often bring a smile to my face, I am sure you too must have had some. Right? 

Here are some childhood memories with siblings that will take you down to your memory lane. 

  • Weapon in Hand: Blackmail

Blackmail is fun, right? Ofcourse I am talking about the childish blackmail we used to do back in the day. It is like any sibling story is incomplete without an episode of blackmail. Information is the greatest power, that is something I learned quite early in my life. Teasing your siblings after the name of their crushes were always the highlights. Well, to be honest, I do that now also. There are some things that never change. 

  • The Last Piece is Always Mine

Okay, so we all know it is very important that you must have the last piece of the cookie or the chocolate; otherwise, it is just no fun. And the fights that erupted for that last piece are something that I hold very dear to my heart today. I would definitely want to go back in time and experience them all over again. Ah! Don’t worry! I know you are missing your siblings right now. Let them know, make them feel special by giving them online rakhi gifts delivery

  • Shoulder to Cry on

You know you can always count on your siblings to make you feel good in the worst of circumstances. I myself have gone through a lot of break-ups, and they have always been there to help me through it. I know that tells more about me than my siblings, but Yeah, I haven’t been lucky when it comes to love. Anyways, today, I cherish those times where they stood by me and never made me feel lonely. 

  • Bank of Embarrassment

The best memories that I have with my siblings were when we used to embarrass each other. Be it through nicknames or revelations of each other’s secrets, these are some memories that we all hold very close to our hearts. Yes, these nicknames are no jokes, they are so pathetic that they cannot be addressed publicly. Oh! Those were the times. Missing them already? Celebrate the festival by showing your appreciation towards them. 

  • I Want The Window Seat 

This is one relation where nothing is censored. You always want to be on the top. You just can’t let the other win be it anything. As small as who will take the window seat. Even if you don’t want to, there will be a duel to find out who will get to sit there. And boy, weren’t those amazing times. It may sound stupid today, but nothing made more sense to us at that time. Be it parents taking us out or when traveling through a bus or a train. This was customary. Now, when I fly back home, I get glimpses of those days, and that often leaves a smile on my face. 

Those silly fights, mistakes, blackmail, and in the end, getting scolded together actually is what forms the bond so strong. No matter how angry we are at each other, the Pyar ka Bandhan remains as strong as ever. We usually don’t express sibling love towards each other, but certain times I believe we should. At the end, it is all about making more and more memories. 


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