10 Things One Must Do With Sibling Before Entering Into College Life

10 Things One Must Do With Sibling Before Entering Into College Life
10 Things One Must Do With Sibling Before Entering Into College Life

If you have just bid goodbye to your school life then, you must be having no idea what life you are about to start. Many things will be changed. They won’t be the same. If you are planning to leave your home for your college, then trust me, your perception of almost everything will change. However, there is this one thing that will not be going to change is the relationship you have with your parents and siblings. Yes, there are a few things that never change, no matter what. Some of them are getting online rakhi delivery in India to surprise them on Raksha Bandhan or speaking with them at night. However, there are these few things that you should definitely do with your siblings. Let’s check them out so that you don’t miss out on them. 

  • Take pictures of your entire home with your sibling. Trust me, once in a blue moon, you will going to feel homesick, no matter how fun your hostel could be. Looking back at these pictures will make you feel so much better. Just by watching the pictures, your soul will definitely feel at home. You can share the pictures with your roommates as well. 
  • Watch horror movies intentionally with your siblings. This is something that you should be doing with your siblings if you have not watched any horror movie with them. Believe me, it would be a funny experience more than the horror one. 
  • Before you leave for college, do talk about your dreams and aspirations with your sibling. He or she must know this ad this is one key factor if you happen to seek support from your family. 
  • Do a wall art with your sibling. Take permission from your parents to paint a wall into something really creative. Once you get permission, do not forget to discuss ideas with your sibling since he or she does have an equal say regarding anything in the family. 
  • Go on a hike or a trek with your sibling. This is something that you should definitely try with your sibling. Or, if you want to recreate something, then you can visit the place you used to visit with your family in your childhood. 
  • If you have not set up a tent in your backyard with your sibling, then are you even siblings? Well, it’s never too late for anything. You can still set up a tent with your sibling and can binge watch favorite movies or hopping on to your favorite snacks as well. 
  • You should definitely visit mountains or beaches with your sibling at least once in your lifetime before you leave for your college. Honestly, visiting such places is such a sigh of relief with siblings. Also, you will be having memories to think about and incidents to talk about with your new friends in your college. The best part about this thing is that you get to try things that you could do with your sibling only. 
  • How about dedicating a whole picnic for your guilty pleasures? Plan out a picnic while you list down all the things that give you guilty pleasures like having a whole big bucket of ice cream or playing tuck and war but in the mud. You will find connecting to your sibling better than before. 
  • Have you ever prepared dinner for your parents? Before stepping out for your college expedition, make your parents a delicious dinner. Also, your parents will be stress-free when they see you cooking. They won’t stress out that you will die starving.
  • Start clicking pictures with your siblings and parents. You can frame pictures with your family members. Once you get settled down in your hostel, you can decorate your room with pictures of your family. Trust me, you won’t miss them since they will be with you already. 

So, this is a list of a few things that you and your sibling can do together. In return, you will be having unforgettable memories. Send rakhi to India if the distance becomes the barrier in your relationship. Distance does not bring any change in your relationship. Learn to prosper your relationship with your siblings since it is one of the strongest relationships we have in our life.


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