Make Your Loved One Smile With These 5 Best Birthday Cake


The invention of the cakes is one of the greatest inventions for all the people with sweet-tooth, right? A cake has everything that is required to quench the craving for desserts. Moreover, when we talk about birthday cake, then, believe me, they ought to be special. Whether you receive it or give it, you always hope to pick a lip-smacking cake. And why not? Birthday cakes are meant to make your someone feel super special. The only smart move you got to take is to place an online cake order. You know the birthday person personally, so you must be aware of his/her likes and dislikes. So, keep those points in mind and choose the best one.

Also, here is a list of top 5 perfect cakes that will definitely make a birthday super special. If there is no particular cake on your mind, then this list is for you. Check now!

Pineapple Cake

Pineapple Cake

Well, we all are familiar with this cake, I know right? However, this cake never gets old. If we go by the saying, “oldies but goodies,” this example fits the best. Also, nothing could ever beat a fruity treat. It appears to be heavenly with moist golden layers covered with whipped cream. The pineapple slices are literally the icing to this cake. Moreover, if you wish for a homemade cake, then this is the easiest yet tastiest recipe in that case.

Eggless Chocolate Truffle Cake

You are not a dedicated chocolate lover if you don’t go berserk after this cake. Truffle cake is the one that nobody can ever resist. Those chopped dark chocolate truffle and that gooey ganache can get your soul salvation. Wait, there’s more! This divine cake is absolutely eggless.

Lychee-Mango Cake

Lychee-Mango Cake

Who would have thought of this exotic blend of two lip-smacking flavors? You cannot stop drooling over this delicacy. The ingredients that make this cake irresistible are eggs, cake flour, mango and lychee-syrup, fine chopped mango and lychee, sugar whipped cream, butter, white and dark chocolate strips, etc. This is generally a 3-4 layered cake. With its every layer, get ready for a mango-lychee creamy explosion. If you haven’t tried this deadly combination, order cake online and enjoy the treat.

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

I always wanted to have something which has chocolate and strawberry altogether. It is nothing less than a dream cake for many. This cake is not only the best birthday cake, but it goes with every occasion. Also, this pairing of chocolate and strawberry is made in heaven. Get yourself or your someone special this mind-shattering cake this birthday.

Red Velvet Cake

Addictive, lip-smacking, gorgeous, I believe words would fall short of describing this beautiful and delicious cake. The vibrant color and gooey taste of this cake are enough to MAKE THIS CAKE PERFECT FOR a birthday party. It is simply impossible to resist yourself from relishing this cake.

Fresh Fruit Cake

What is better than a fruit blast? Definitely, nothing, right? This delectable cake is accompanied by seasonal fruits, whipped cream, with fruity toppings. Naturally, it becomes an impeccable choice for a birthday cake. The fresh seasonal fruit and lush whipped cream explode inside the mouth, leaving your taste buds all mesmerized.

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